Feb 7, 2012

American Idol fan here!

I am a big American Idol fan!  I recently learned that Ethan Jones is a member of the Well Hungarians in St. Louis.  When I watched the show, the mentioned they mentioned his Dad helping to found the biggest bands in St. Louis, but not the names of the band(s).  When I read that he was a part of the Well Hungarian, I immediately knew that this band played often in Cape Girardeau, although I had never gone to see them.

Ethan made the cut and is advancing to the Hollywood competition of American Idol.   Now I have someone to root for and that makes it even more fun.  Here's the audition video.

Calling: Pie Girls for SkyPie!

Jodiann's Sky Pie is having a creative team call!  She was the very first person to sell in The Boomerang and I can tell you she is a F-U-N person to hang around!  She's got wonderful things for you to create with too!

Visit her post here for more information.

Feb 6, 2012

25 Rules for Mother's of Sons

Janet passed onto me this great post regarding 25 Rules for Mothers with Sons.

I can say that as I read this list, I thought about whether or not I had done these things with my sons.  I believe I did, but still wonder if I was a good enough mom.

Feb 5, 2012

Cooking for two

Since we have become empty nesters, we have found ourselves trying to eat up the reserves in the house as there is no more reason to stockpile extra food. This is leaving us with items of food that I am having to come up with creative ways to use of the item.

I found a box of orzo and I must have seen it on the shelf at the store and wondered what it was and how to cook it, so I bought it.  I think I'd heard of it on cooking shows.  So I set out Saturday to find a way to make it.

Here are the ingredients I put in the orzo, which I found to be a noodle shaped like rice.  I boiled it for a while and drained it.  Then I added some butter, salt, pepper, garlic, feta cheese, and Parmesan cheese.
We cooked some gourmet meatballs (from the inexpensive grocery store!) and some frozen green beans (which I have to get again -- I'm addicted to them now I think--have to figure out where I bought them and what brand).  It turned out to be a really nice meal. 

It was more food than I usually eat and was stuffed.  Uggg... have to start coking smaller portions -- seriously -- I could have made four meals with that small box of orzo (we used half a box).

The question is "what do I do with the other half of the box of orzo?" 

Throw your heart out and . .

Throw your heart out in front of you. And run ahead to catch it. Unknown

Feb 3, 2012

A Little Romance Cluster and Paper Freebie

Janet has offered for our newsletter freebie this AWESOME cluster and BEAUTIFUL gingham paper sample! Odio-oh! I think I can think of some uses for these in my layouts!
  The samples are from her "A Little Romance" kit -- perfect for not only Valentine's Day layouts, but any time you want to shout out about the love in this world.

This went out in yesterday's newsletter -- so if you want the freebie, please click here to read the newsletter.

You can buy it in the store here --- and it's on sale right now too! I really love this kit myself! Yep! It's true!

You can also see layouts using the kit in the store or you can see more layouts here. If you use this download, PLEASE do use the gallery to upload your layout and post in the special thread to share with us. We want to see what you do with it!

Waiting for others to come to you . . .

You can't stay in your corner of the forest, waiting for others to come to you; you have to go to them sometimes.
Winnie the Pooh

Happy Birthday Elmo! Let's scrap and think primary!

I created a thread for us to celebrate Elmo's birthday today and scrap and think in primary! Join us here. Just upload your layouts to the gallery using any products and share in that thread or just come and banter with us.

This is the newest one on the sesame street channel... maybe we should scrap in primary!

We have a lesson in Course 1, learning digital scrapbooking in Photoshop Elements, on colors and color schemes.  It really brings life to all those things I learned in elementary school about color.

Quote: Engineer means to design and build something!

Who knew that Elmo would teach us today about scrapbooking layouts!

Are you a digi engineer?

Feb 2, 2012

Come hang out with me in person!

Yes! I am still planning on attending this retreat!  I do believe I will be doing one of the classes too, but we are still working on those plans.  I have to get my creative nogg'n working!  Dawn and I are going to be roomies!  Maybe you could come by our room and hang out with us "after hours."

Be sure to bring your camera because I think we are doing a photo walk!  Just don't take and photos of me please!  I think it's time to diet.  Oh my!  I don't trust your camera aim!

You can purchase entry to the retreat here.

Come meet other digital scrappers face to face, learn new tricks of the trade, scrapbook your memories, and earn prizes through challenges, games, and drawings.

Retreat ticket includes:
All Friday and Saturday classes
Friday evening social
Saturday luncheon
Scrapalicious Digi-Retreat Swag Bag
Scrapalicious Digi-Retreat 2012 T-Shirt
Raffle Tickets for door prizes
Freebies through challenges, games and drawings
and more!

Cost of the retreat is $125.  There is a $25 payment plan option. Click HERE for details.

Visit forum HERE for more retreat information/FAQs, chatter, what there is to do in the Chicago area, to find a roomie and to visit our Sponsors. Or visit our website Scrapalicious Digi-Retreat.

Hotel Information: We have a great deal lined up with Comfort Suites. Our room rates are only $79/night (+tax). This price is good for 3 days before and 3 days after the retreat date. Rates are based on both single or double occupancy. So get a roomie and save even more! A credit card is required at the time of booking. Cancellations must be made 30 days before your arrival date.

You must book your reservation by calling (847) 330-0133 and make sure you tell them you are with Stuff To Scrap.

The deadline to book a room at the discounted rate is March 31, 2012. After that date, the rooms are subject to availability.

Hope to see you all there!

Just in case you miss the big game . . .

I blogged about 13 ounces or less, but before before I could send the Frisbee, I came up with another idea more appropriate for the time to send to our soon at bootcamp.
Here is a photo of one side of the plastic water bottle we are sending him with a note that I squeezed inside.  It took longer to drink the water and get the bottle to dry than anything else!  Ah.  Even putting up to a warm fan it took forever to dry.  We made one for our son and our nephew at boot camp, so I was drying two of them.  It reads "Just in case you miss the big game" . . . the the game details.

Here is the other side of the note in the bottle which reads "Here's a little football game you can play yourself!"  As you can see, we then folded up paper into those little footballs that you can set up on a table and flick with your finger. 

The footballs were a little difficult to get back out, but it could be done as we tested it.  I was so excited anticipated his reaction when he gets this in the mail!  I didn't want to send anything that would embarrass him and get him teased, but I thought that any guy would think this was a cool idea.

I printed his address and cut it so there was excess on the strip of paper to wrap around the bottle and then used clear packing tape to secure it.  I left one area of the strip blank and without tape where I put the stamp.

I learned that indeed these can go first class, but since it is not a flat envelope within a certain dimension, there is an extra charge for handling (since it does it not go through the automated sorters and has to be hand sorted).  It cost $1.95 to mail each of them, but it still goes first class which is faster than parcel post. 

I cannot wait to see if these actually arrive and their condition when they arrive and the reaction to it.  I'm going to guess they do not get to watch tv or the game during boot camp.  Maybe they can have a little game of their own for a short few minutes.

Punxsutawney Phil Phoohey! I'll go by my first Spring Robin!

Punxsutawney Phil comes out every groundhog day (February 2) to see if he can see his shadow to predict whether winter will go on another six month.

A shadow has everything to do with the sun!  Is it sunny where you are today?  If so, you can see your shadow.  It is a beautiful bright wonderful sunny day here in Cape Girardeau!  I guess that means I can see my shadow.  Isn't that great!  Oh, wait!  No.... um.... if I can see my shadow, that means six more weeks of winter, right?  And that's What Punx said today too.  Hmmmm.... so why should I feel so bad about a sunny day?

I don't!  I actually opened my window today and say my first Spring robin!  I take more credit in when the birds decide to return than in whether the sun is out on a certain day or not.  This is early to see my first Spring robin too!  (although I understand some robins stay through the winter, but then why don't I see them?) 

Come chat and tell us whether it is sunny where you live in the forum here.

It has been a really mild winter here so far.  I actually do hope for a good winter storm with snow and real cold before Spring is officially here, otherwise the bugs may be bad this year.

Feb 1, 2012

Official Announcement of our First Designers!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to officially announce our first digital scrapbooking designers to The Boomerang here at Hummie's World.  I have been working with these two for some weeks now and I cannot express how much I think of them in words.  They are truly a blessing to work with.  They will be a great addition to Hummie's World in more ways than I can count.

Please leave them a warm welcome in this thread.

P.S. Janet's introduction is a "boomerang" story!  It touched my heart!

Howdy! Jodiann here! When I am not doing DIY projects with my two nearly grown boys and dear husband, Jack, I am found on the internet building digitally. I enjoy creating CU items, but this year I decided to break into kit building. I enjoy anything old, words like vintage, shabby, old world, retro and renaissance come to mind when I think of my design style. I also enjoy animals, we have quite a collection. Gardening, Golf, Yoga, and Blogging catch my attention as well. I also have a "little" thing about Pie!

Love It!

I am a frequent visitor... (see)

Thank you Janet for starting The Pie Thread!


{Jodiann's Sky Pie} {Email} {Twitter} {Facebook} {Pinterest} {Jodiann's Boomerang Store}

My family lives all over the country, and in October 2008, the extended family met in Albuquerque, NM for the Balloon Fiesta, the largest in the world with over 700 hot air balloons! It was a trip from my "bucket list"! So with all the photos, and the cute ones of my two grand daughters, I decided to make a photo book telling the story of the trip from their point of view -- never mind that I don't paper scrap, and I had never done anything digitally either.

I started with freebie pieces that were the right colors (didn't know how to recolor then), found some tutorials (here at Hummies World), finishing and printing the book for Christmas that year. And starting an addiction that continues!

Shortly after that I started to work on several designers' CTs, and as a store CT, and in November 2009 opened my first shop where I had been the store CT. It has been an adventure in learning every day since. I have a fabulous group of ladies on my creative team -- scattered across the U.S., Europe and Australia. Every few months I get to have lunch with a couple of them, and the two in Europe have met and spent time together. We keep talking about invading Australia to visit Jody!

In a way, opening the store here at Hummie's World feels a bit like coming full circle!

JanetB Designs store | Email | Blog | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter

Now why didn't they continue to put this on all cars?

I am imagining doing wheelies around and around!

Oh, the concepts that were great, but never became reality.

Super Bowl 2012/A Guide for Woman

Read last year's post about Football 101 --

Positions in Football
I know I am!  I need a refresher coarse so I can be prepared for this weekend's big game.

New York Giants vs. New England Patriots
Sunday, February 5, 2012
6:30 PM EST
Played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

New England Patriots are NFC team
New York Giants are AFC team

Airing on NCB (and online)

Half-time: Madonna

More info

Giants: 9–7 record during the regular season
Patriots: 13–3 record during the regular season

This is Super Bowl XLVI. The roman number XLVI is 46.

Eli Manning is the quarterback.

 Victor Cruz is the receiver.

Coach Tom Coughlin

The quarterback is Tom Brady

Receiver is Wes Welker

Coach Bill Belichick

Worship Wednesday

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