Jan 31, 2012

Creative Mailings to Send a Smile

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As the readers here know, my son is at boot camp and I have been trying to think of creative mailings to send to him to make him smile. There is just only so much you can say in letters, so some creativity is in the making in my head.

We can send "care packages," no bigger than a shoebox size, but it cannot contain food or clothes.  So what in the world do you send someone at boot camp?  My mind is boggled.  He doesn't have much time as they regiment most of his time, so it has to be something creative that will make him smile, but not get him teased.

This son of mine is extremely frugal.  If he could get his parents to buy him anything, even a haircut, he would do so just to save money.  Oh, the things I could share you about his need to not spend money!  However, there was one weakness that always prevailed and that was the Dairy Queen Blizzard.  He would buy one every day and eat it; oh, not just one, but the largest one available!  So as a fun mailing, I ate (a small size because I cannot get a big one down!) Blizzard, washed out the container, and cut it so it would lay flat.

On the reverse side I wrote "Sniff it!  Imagine the smell.  Imagine the taste.  It's almost like the real thing!"  In my note to him in the letter I told him that anytime he felt discouraged, to pull this out for yet another smile to get him through.

Yes, I'm a mean mom, huh!

I'm trying to think of the next creative thing when I recalled a website for "13 Ounces of Less."  Anything that ways that weighs 13 oz or less (368 grams) can have an address label and stamp applied right to it and it will go first class!  First class costs less than postage for heaver mail, regardless of size.

So I found on the site mentioned that I can send him a Frisbee and the idea immediately clicked!  He loved to play ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee golf with his friends.  So I'm headed out next to buy him an inexpensive Frisbee to see if that works!

Head over to the site for other ideas!  Even a rubber ball was mailed!  I like the idea of putting small items inside a plastic water bottle, but what could I put inside?

There is a Flickr group with ideas also.

Who are you going to make smile for the price of a stamp or two?

Do you have any ideas for me to try?  If I try it, I will certainly share it on my blog.  Leave a comment!  I would love to hear from you.

. . . the best happiness

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Is not making others happy the best happiness?
Henri Frederic Amiel

Get Service

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I really like this video.  It reminds me of the Brandon Heath video and song which I just love and have blogged about before

It is good to always remember that you never know what is going on in someone's life when they rub you the wrong way.  They may be needing you.

Jan 30, 2012

Painting Fabric

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Click on the image source link to see a before and after photo of this chair and to read details on how to paint upholstery. 

I was so surprised that this could be done!  I remember a pink chair of ours that was perfectly fine except the fabric had worn so much and I think a simple painting would have revived it.  It's too late now!

This project requires latex satin paint mixed 1:1 ratio with a fabric medium (Ocean Soul by Valspar) to keep the fabric from becoming too hard.  This is watered down with 1/2 as much water.  A spray bottle of water moistens the fabric even more before starting.  Paint two coats.  Dry and sand.  Mix acrylic craft paint (matches latex) with the same medium and paint generously.

Of course, read that blog post linked above for step by step photos and more details.  But isn't that a cool idea rather than reupholstering? 

When We Share

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When we share laughter,
There's twice the fun;

When we share success,
We surpass what we've done.

When we share problems,
There's half the pain;

When we share tears,
A rainbow follows rain.

When we share dreams,
They become more real;

When we share secrets,
It's our hearts we reveal.

If we share a smile,
Then our love shows;

If we share a hug,
Then our love grows.

If we share with someone
On whom we depend,

That person becomes
Family or friend.

And what draws us closer
And makes us all care,

Is not what we have,
But the things that we share.

Author Unknown

Jan 29, 2012

Printers Tray

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I see printer trays being used all the time in hybrid digital scrapbooking projects and am always drawn to them. I would love to find time to play with one myself.

This one is simple with just photos.  I'm sure on the resource label on this blog you could find other examples with greater detail.

Hubby and I were in an antique store downtown about a month ago and saw this awesome printer tray.  It looked like one of these antique ones on ebay.  We would have loved to buy it.

I have this house on a wall in my kitchen which I probably bought in 1987 or so.  It holds some small trinket gifts various people gave me over the years (mostly before I was married), a few trinkets that used to be my grandma's, and a few other things I bought just to finish filling it up.  It's been painted various colors over the years to match the colors in my kitchen.  I could probably use it differently with all these painter tray ideas on the internet now, but it's got so much meaning the way it is right now that it will probably never be changed again.

I have this drawer in my bathroom which actually came from the old St. Francis hospital here in Cape Girardeau.  I'm afraid to do anything permanent to it as it is a piece of history.

So long ago I picked up a bunch of little wooden pieces with a bathroom theme and propped them on the shelves.  It's not too creative and I wonder if I could change it up at all or if it will just keep being like it's always been.

Maybe someday I'll by a printer's tray at the hobby store just to play with as I'm so drawn to the one that is in the example above.

Do Not Covet Your Ideas

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I've been sharing about the new name of our store "The Boomerang" here at Hummie's World and the meaning.  You can read more in the forum.

I fell in love with the above graphic and writing.  It says SO much and speaks so much truth that I have to keep re-reading it.

It caught my attention at first because through the years it always seems as if I come up with great ideas for the digital scrapbooking world, but rather than sending people to my tutorials and writing and ideas and inspiration, people just take them for their own and re-write them in their own words to share on their own blogs or whatnot. 

I realize that ideas cannot be copyrighted, so I never say anything and just let it rub me the wrong way for a while and then I get over it.

I love what it says about giving away all your ideas and inspiration so that you have to be replenished!  This is sometimes referred to as "mojo" in the digital scrapbooking world.  When we use up all our ideas, we are forced to find new ideas to replenish our mojo!  Isn't that the way it works?  

I never thought of it as "coveting" your own ideas.  That puts a whole new spin on the take.  Of course, the commandments tell us not to cover other people's "things" etc., but I never thought about coveting something of my own, much less something inanimate like an idea.

In the boomerang theory of thinking, if we share our ideas and our inspirations freely (which I think I do try to do), then ideas and inspiration will bounce back to you.  I've said this many times before about inspiration in the digiworld -- how we inspire each other and eventually it comes back full circle and we are inspired by someone -- but I've never thought of it as an "idea" before.

At the same time I found the above image with text, I was doing devotionals and came across this verse:

Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

The opposite of peace is worry. The opposite of peace is turmoil. There is a difference between God's peace and the world's peace. We can have God's peace even if those things in the world are in turmoil. We cannot bring on God's peace by anything that we do. No amount of "positive thinking," although it may help, will bring us God's peace. God's peace is beyond all understanding that man might try to put on it, but rather God's peace is in resting that He is in control of everything and in what He has done for us on the cross to triumph sin. See also John 14:27.

God is in control.  If I freely share my ideas, He is the one that will make things work like a boomerang.  He works all for good, even if it doesn't feel good at first.  Giving freely in all ways and trusting God without worry that it will make it's rounds brings me to peace.

Out of Bounds

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See in gallery here.

I love the way Jules has an OOB coming out of one photo and going into another.  She did this for the Ocean Ripple filter class lesson.

Jan 27, 2012

Video Tips, Stuff to Buy, and Freebie, Oh My!

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Tornado of 1949, Cape Girardeau

Oh, the things I have to share with you that go with this layout!

Five Things!

FIRST, go to this thread to watch a video on how to use brush files and I'm going to hope there are a few tips in this video new that you've not known before.... go see.... let me know!

Second, check out Jodiann's brushes in the store.  They come with a commercial license too!

Third, check out JanetB's Possibilities kit in the store!  I have used it on several layouts and just love it.  The layout above uses three papers from this kit.

Fourth, check out the layer styles in the store which I used in the layout above and mention a tip for use in the video.

Fifth, I made a template #84 out of my layout for you and you can find the download in the forum here.  If you miss it as a freebie, you can get it in the Subscriber Area in the Template Class here.

Dancing in my heart!

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This is how I feel like dancing after finishing a digital scrapbooking page! The broken stuff must be mojo-stoppers broken up and stopped. lol Now if I could only dance how I feel!

Video below....

Jan 26, 2012

know the true value of time . . .

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Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness; no laziness; no procrastination; never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Lord Chesterfield

Hooked on "Touch"

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I watched the Touch pilot on television last night and I must say I'm hooked on it already!

I started a group in the forum for us to discuss the show. Come join me!

I put links and my thoughts in the group, so there is no need to repeat them here.

Click here.

Jan 25, 2012

Getting glimpses

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We received two letters today from our son, but they were form letters again. We learned that his group at boot camp (company) has a Facebook page and I was able to go and see photos and videos from the previous groups that went through his program. Here is one of the videos.

It is nice to be able to see and imagine some of the things he is doing. I wrote him a 4 page typed letter. I sure hope his fellow team members do not tease him for his mom's long letters. I hope he has time to read it!

Freebie -- it's in the newsletter!

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Did you get the latest newsletter in your inbox? <---No, click that link.

It was a long newsletter with many clicks.  There is a freebie linked in the newsletter (hidden in the forum if you remember where to find them).  It's the last of my photo corners. 

I wanted to include some parts of the newsletter for the blog readers (as below).  If you've already read it in the newsletter, please scroll to the next post.


ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE: I have been having a very rough year and am hoping that all the hard things are going to be at the beginning of the year and the rest of the year will be smooth sailing.  Jodiann shared with me a concept about "coming back to center" and you can read about it here as well as the announcement that the destination design was permanently delayed.

We started the year off in the emergency room (blog post with photos) with an uncle.  This began daily hospital visits and numerous telephone calls and steps toward setting up a guardianship.  We had to call 30 cousins and drag information out of them!  Whew.  I'm glad that is over!  He is now in a nursing home and doing much better.  However, this also lead to hubby and I moving all of a brother's belongings out of the uncle's home.  This is much more complicated than I can share on the internet, but it was stressful.

My middle son left for boot camp this month and I blogged about my first telephone conversation with him which lasted all of 30 seconds!  Since then I have had a 3 minute and a 5 minute telephone conversation with him and finally have an address to write him.  If you are a military mom, we can support each other and I started a thread in the forum.

The most significant thing that has been going on in my life is hubby's loss of income.  The situation is stuck between workmen's compensation insurance carrier (work related) and disability insurance carrier (non-work related) both not accepting responsiblitiy and saying it belongs to the other.  Meanwhile, hubby is still considered employed, yet not able to work, so he is not able to get unemployment compensation either.

We have now been over a month without his income and between the doctors, his work, and the insurance companies, along with all the telephone calls regarding relative's issues, have run through all our cell phone minutes.  I've decided cell phone minutes is a sign of things happening in life, whether good or bad.

There has been other things too, but the internet is not a place to share our entire family's problems.  I can just say that other than the employment issues, everything is beginning to stop swinging like a pendulum and come back to center.


This is the spot where I intended on making an official announcement and welcome for our first designers, but alas, it happens to be Computer Complaint Day and both of their computers are complaining ferociously!  So we will save their formal welcome for another day, although everyone who frequents the forum has already met them through their delightful posts.

Meanwhile, you can see Janet B Designs here in the store and Jodiann's Sky Pie here in the store.

We welcome you to visit the new area of the forum for The Boomerang where there will be a matching thread created for each new product that goes into the store.  If you purchase anything in the store and use it in a layout, we invite you to use the gallery to upload.  Thereafter, use the codes underneath your upload to post in the matching thread so we can compile a thread of inspiration for each product.  Remember, the inspiration you give will bounce back to you like a boomerang!

There is also a thread stickied in this area of the forum sharing the meaning behind the name "The Boomerang."

We opened the store on January 18 for "test" sales and invited regulars in the forum to make some purchases.  Chrissy had the honor of being the first person to make a purchase!  We have had quiet a few sales and thank everyone who has made a purchase so we can work out the kinks to make sure everything goes smoothly before the official grand opening.  We appreciate your trust in us knowing that we will quickly work on resolving any problems (and that you will continue to stick around regardless of problems).  The store is a little slow and I am analyzing solutions based on cost vs. sales.  As the store begins to support itself through sales (especially collabs which go to store costs), I should be able to make more improvements.

The Boomerang has no where to go but up and where it will go only time will tell!

I'm so thankful that Janet and Jodiann have taken a risk on Hummie's World and joined us.  I personally love their products and I couldn't ask for better people to work with.  I know you will enjoy them and their products too.  I will continue to take applications for more designers.

I have to leave somthing for my children other than . . .

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Just overheard at the office . . .

I'm making a list and leaving the stuff to do later.

I have to leave something for my children other than my money.
Oh, some wise old fellow knows better than to work all day at the office.  I was laughing out loud.

Learn everything you can . . .

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“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.”
Sarah Caldwell

Worship Wednesday

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Thanks to Dawn for helping me find some worship songs for Worship Wednesday! I'm making some post dated posts so that we can pick this back up! Feel free to leave a comment to your blog posts or songs on youtube.

Jan 24, 2012

The lady reading this...

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Dear God,
The lady reading this
is beautiful, classy & strong
and I love her.
Help her live her life to the fullest.
Please promote her and cause her to
excel above expectations.
Help her to shine in darkest places
and love where it is impossible to love.
Protect her at all times,
lift her up when she needs you the most
and let her know that when
she walks with you;
she will always be safe..

Author Unknown

Twitter Roundup (personal posts)

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This post is a round-up of my personal Twitter posts (no resources here as I'm doing them on individual blog posts now). I always round them up and then delete them from Twitter.


It's a monumental moment! Thank you test shoppers -- the first sales are in. We appreciate you greatly for testing out the store to see if it works. Jan 18

Whoo hoooo! Just got a phone call from our son at boot camp! Treasuring that moment! Jan 18

me!! I'm excited! “@Survivor_Tweet: Browse photos of #Survivor: One World! Who's excited for the premiere on Feb. 15?? Jan 18

I've been hungry a lot in recent weeks. Odd-I'm rarely hungry-Hoping this means I'm loosing some pounds! Maybe stress can be good for health. Jan 18

@SincerelyD: End Piracy, Not Liberty – Google Jan 18

Good morning world! Let's do this! Jan 18

So stoked for American Idol tonight !!!! Jan 18

I'm going to sleep to get some good rest so I can be productive tomorrow. Taking one step at a time. Jan 17

My baby has been married one year today. I'm in that sentimental sappy mom mode. Jan 15

I'm thankful for the sun that is shining and the blue skies so pretty today! Jan 15

I need a break . . . . . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jan 15

The commercial said "best movie of the year" - It's Jan 15 -- can they say that in Dec? Does anyone really believe it? Jan 14

I just paid myself 50 cents for a test product in the store. (found yet more things to tweek -- oh fun!) Getting closer and closer! Jan 11

Yes! It's good to get out of that "zero" boat! Scrapping just makes me feel better. I miss that natural high. Jan 11

How many layouts have you made so far this year? Anyone sitting in "zero" boat with me? Jan 9

more than 25 unread threads since 9 p.m. last night -- either these people don't sleep or they live on the other side of the world! lol Jan 8

It's great talking to family on the phone, but not for 12 hours at a whack (& under these circumstances). I want a day without talking. Jan 7

I just heard someone say "I love pie fight "--- hmmmmm Jan 7 (it was hubby!)

I'm starting to get sentimental sappy sad already -- and my 21 year old baby doesn't leave until Sunday. Jan 6

I understand the Girl Scouts will be taunting me to by thin mint cookies soon here in Cape Girardeau County. Jan 5

Soft water will be a big change @semissourian Cape switch river water to well. http://bit.ly/xReCJ9 Jan 5

I've done nothing but sneeze all afternoon! I thought it was dust from de-decorating, but now I'm thinking head cold coming on. I hope not. Jan 2

It's really hard to watch your baby drive off again and not know how long until he returns. Jan 1

You know-- it feels like 2012 (Jan 1)

I just asked hubby to get me something "out of the sidebar of my purse!" Is this a sign that I spend too much time online? I meant side pocket. Dec 31

Trying really hard not to get down. Dec 28

@JenniferCreekTN No worries, the snow disappeared about as fast as it came. Sigh. Dec 28

SNOWWWWW! on the ground -- right after Christmas! Go figure that! Dec 27

Listening to that repeating music on DVD before you hit play while waiting for everyone to come is like torture. Dec 23

Last night I was at that point past tired into adrenaline taking over -- kept me awake until 3 am! Slept by 6 hr until 9. I'm good. Dec 23

I'm so thankful today!!!!! Dec 22

I worked so hard yesterday that it's going to effect my today! Good thing last day before four day weekend! Dec 22

@lorigg Don't laugh too hard, but I know what I was thinking. Sasquatch surely came from Saskatchewan! rotfl Dec 20

Sending goofy santa ticklish Christmas wishes your way! Dec 20

Stupid Siri doesn't transcribe what right 100% of the time Dec 20

Stupid Bird left a clock right in the middle of my windshield Dec 20

It's raining in Cape Girardeau again! If this were snow we might have a white Christmas Dec 20

They sure did sit out there a long time with her in the ambulance so praying that all is well. Dec 16

Fire and ambulance in front of the house first for the neighbor Dec 16

Dear @twitter Can I have my lists back on my sidebar? It's how I follow a lot of people. So hard to get to now. Dec 16

Good morning Twitter Universe!! I worked too hard yesterday. Can't seem to wake up today. Yeah for work Christmas party tonight. Dec 15

I feel broker than broke. Dec 14

Uh oh. Restarting again. It froze this time. Just have to get through back up to feel better. Dec 14

Uh oh!! Got a message that display driver was crashing. Restarting. Hoping to start and get through back up. Dec 14

Got a headache -- eating too little; sleeping too little; working too hard -- welcoming a night's rest. Dec 13

“@LifeVerse: The enemy would never push us to a place where we need to lean on God. God calls us there. Priscilla Shirer #quote #jonah” Dec 13

Trying! RT @LifeVerse Whatever God has shown you, regardless of fear, take the first step. Once you do, He’ll give you grace. Chip Ingram Dec 12

Uggg! They changed the interface of Twitter. Why must they always go and change things on sites. Dec 11

I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month. Harlan Miller Dec 8

What ever happened to gas stations offering service – we have to even pay for a year for our tires. Dec 8

Selfishness makes Christmas a burden; Love makes it a delight. Dec 7

I see snow *flurries* in Cape Girardeau! Will we have a white Christmas? Dec 7

Dear Santa, I don't want much for Christmas, I just want the person reading this to be happy . Dec 6

Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas. Dale Evans Rogers Dec 6

Using Buttons as Wheels

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DebbieG did this layout for her lesson in Course 2 on a moveable drop shadow and I wanted to share with you her inspiration of adding wheels to the shadow with buttons.  The shadow was made from her photo as is taught in the lesson.

Credits: Digi Deborah - Blossom; Font - Myriad

February Classes Open for Enrollment

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I have revised the page regarding the classes and hope it answers all your questions about classes at Hummie's World.  Subscription are $5.50 per month and you will have access to all classes whether you join one or not.

Registration for the below is open through February 7th.


Are you interested in designing your own kits or just want to gain some skills to make your own elements and papers for your personal scrapping? This class is for you!  This class also includes creating a blog, copyright, and many other topics.

Take a trip with us through some of the more less known gems of the forum... and get to know each other in the process!

This is one of the most popular classes at Hummie's World! You are about to embark on a journey of techniques and discoveries that will have you scrapping for a long time! This is not a class meant to be rushed through!!! Take your time and really absorb the information.

Because of the success of Course 2, many of our "pioneers" wanted to have a refresher course on what they've learned. So, we've taken the lessons, jumbled them up, and are offering them to you once again for a new icon for you to sport in the forum! So-- this course is designed for those who have completed the first 80 lessons in Course 2.

Get inspired to use elements in a different way. You will be encouraged to think outside the box!

The above five classes will always be visible for viewing to subscribers. Once enrolled, you can continue earning credit for lessons as long as you reach the monthly goal set for you. There is no need to enroll again each month.

The below three classes will only be open for viewing during the month of February and will not be available again until August.  Scrap as many layouts as you can in a month and then join us again in six months to pick up where you left off.

Are you in love with color? Join us in the Color Challenge and put your color scrapping skills to use! In this challenge a color palette is offered and then you are off to scrap a layout utilizing only the colors in the palette. If you have never tried scrapping this way, you will love it! You can also practice some of the skills you have learned in other classes such as recoloring paper and elements to match your color palette!

How important is journaling to a scrapbook layout? Often the journaling is the very essence of preserving our memories. Do you struggle to journaling on your pages? The Journal Challenge will rev up your journaling juices! Each challenge offers a new way to journal your thoughts and memories. Some are as simple as journal prompts or sentence starters, but others are challenges to encourage you to think in a creative way with your journaling.  Many scrappers struggle with journaling and these challenges are meant to help you practice and focus on journaling.


You will be amazed at how one small word can inspire you. I know I am!

This challenge originated on my blog on Thursdays. However, since it was moved to the forums, although it retains the name, it does not necessarily occur on Thursdays. Share your layouts any day of the week! The challenges are flexible. Create a layout however that one word inspires you. Think literally or think "outside the box." Just scrap! These challenges are here to encourage and inspire you to JUST SCRAP! Let your creativity inspire others! It's a great big inspiration circle as we inspire each other.


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I just learned about cone-ing .... hilarious... what will they think up next for innocent fun.

Cone-ing is a drive-thre prank whereby you do not pick up the ice cream from the cone, but grab a part of the top.

Be sure to ask that they take the napkin or paper off the cone so that when you eat it upside down, you've got a clean bite.

It's all over youtube. Here's some funny ones I found.

Jan 23, 2012

Some interesting SOPA videos

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I found both of these interesting to watch.
I invite you talk more in this thread in the forum, where you'll find more information.

Zig Zag Lesson for Filter Class

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I made this layout tonight using the ZigZag filter for the filter class.  I wasn't crazy with how it turned out, but hubby seemed to like it a lot.  I guess it's one for the men then!  Oh, to be "guy cool!"

Can you see the filter on the duplicate background photo of the plane's wing?

Credit: Jodiann Sky Pie's Messy Edges (CU & in the store!)
Filter: Zig Zag filter on the photo, invert color, Luminosity Blending mode

While recording the video, I accidentally made this cool shape.  I thought it was really "guy cool" too!  I added Jodiann's Pearl Layer style 2 (CU & in the store)  Now I just have to figure out what to do with my new cool thing in a layout.  Hmmmmm.  I thought about putting it in the UseIt Challenge Class too .... just to see what everyone else could do with it.

Now this is how I like to come up with new content... playing!

The video reviewing the filter is in the Filter Class in the Subscriber Area here.  Subscriptions are $5.50 per month.

Be miserable . . . or . . .

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Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice. Wayne Dyer

Folded Corners Video Tutorial

I have put these two videos in the sample area of the forum here.  Here's wishing you many happy learning moments! The full version of the video can be found in the designer class in the subscriber area.

Originally posted 10/23/07

I have been asked quite a few times to make a tutorial for folded corners in Photoshop Elements.

I am trying to learn how to make videos the best way of my tutorials and, therefore, since this would take me an entire day to do on paper, I thought it best to benefit both of us at the same time--you get the tutorial and I get to practice!

So, if I had a site where you paid monthly to see my videos, would you subscribe?

I am so scared and nervous putting this up online! Oh, will my voice be the same as you imagine it when reading my writing?

The video does not look so bad until it is compressed (by Photoshop Premiere Elements 4) and put on YouTube, so eventually I will have to figure out something better, but this is as good as it gets for now.

You can download the results of this video at Fotki, it includes a paper in complete form with the green showing through, a .png so you can add any background in the corner, and two coordinating pieces so that you may tuck something under the corner if desired.  (Edit:  the download is now in the subscriber area)

This video is 17 min long (I know, I do babble a lot, can't you tell?), so I had to break it into Part 1 and Part 2 (YouTube only allows 10 min videos).

Jan 22, 2012

Exercise Attempt 1

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Since I had to quit the gym, I've been thinking about finding videos on Youtube to exercise to. I took time yesterday to do that when videos I made for classes were processing. I started a playlist.

Here is the video I tried to do yesterday.

I was embarrassed that I only made it about 22 minutes into it. Hubby was doing it with me and his body made a cracking sound and so he stopped and so I stopped and there went my motivation to continue. These are such easy movements and I'm so not happy that I did not do better. But I said to hubby that this would just give an opportunity to do it again and try to get further each time we did it. It is 45 minutes long!

I have a whole slew of videos I want to try now, so now I just need to be disciplined and do them.

I got stuck back in the 80's too. It was hilarious. I really think these 80's exercise videos helped me learn to dance! Isn't that sad -- and funny! I was laughing at all the leotards with the v-shapes up over the hips. Who really ever had the shape to wear those things?

Video - Pearl Style Demo

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Our store has been open for "tester" sales since about Wednesday and it has been exciting to finally see some progress and some sales.  We appreciate everyone who has been testing so we can work out the kinks.

One of the "hummie picks" (as I am going to label them when I get time) is Jodiann's Sky Pie Pearl layer styles.  She has two of them with different colors.  I just love them myself!  You can find set 1 here and set 2 here.

You can find her video in the forum thread where Jodiann shares how to use these styles.  TUTORIAL ALERT!

 The pearl styles are not just for circle shapes!

This video is in CS4 where you have more options to edit the styles, but there is also a "easy for PSE users" PSD file in the download and I have played with it in PSE and it works well in that program too.  There is a video for using the PSD files in this thread.

Here is a layout which I just love of Jodiann's where she used this style.

The styles come with a commercial use license, but I can see using them in personal layouts.

Portrait Photography (sample & long video)

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There is a new lesson in the photography class and this one is a long one and took a while to put together.  I do hope you enjoy it.

There is a SAMPLE of part of the video in this thread.

The full 51 minute lesson can be found in the Subscriber Area here.

Photography Theme - Quilts

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For subscribers, click here to join the newest photography theme. Any subscriber can join us, not just the photography class.

I was trying to think of a theme we could easily do indoors, so hopefully everyone has a quilt they can capture.

Converting Templates - Square to Rectangle


Originally posted 7/7/08.   I have moved the video into the sample area of the forum.

The larger version video is in The Fun Extra's class in the subscriber area.

I have been asked many times how to convert a square template (which is what is most offered in the digiworld) to a rectangle template.

I have finally done a quick video to share with you. You may be surprised how easy this is to accomplish.

These are the newest templates of my digibuddy, Sarah.

Here's the video! I apologize in advance if my coughing hurts your ears.

Jan 21, 2012

Caught as a Victim

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I can only imagine this is going to get worse.

As a digital scrapbooker following the piracy issues, this article on foxnews is of interest.  A file sharing site, Megaupload, has been shut down by the feds one day after the Black Out which I previously blogged about. Of course, I cannot judge without evidence, but if people are guilty of piracy, I support the efforts of the feds.

As the topic seems to be of concern, however, it is whether new laws will hurt the innocent.  It seems today I have been caught as a victim.

Our website went down for many hours today.  It is hosted by Godaddy and I even could not get on their website.  I waited 25 minutes on the phone on hold and never got to speak to anyone.   I was able to see a post by Godaddy on Twitter which let me know that many people were having problems, so I waited. (Some users are experiencing intermittent issues with sites loading. We are aware and working to resolve it.)

Before long, the above comment was found in a search on Twitter for "Godaddy" repeated more times than I could count, row after row.

It seems to me that Godaddy was attacked for switching from supporting SOPA to not supporting SOPA.  I read that many customers left GoDaddy because the supported SOPA, so not they have changed their support.

Whatever happened, I am being strongly urged to switch my domain.  I feel like I am caught up in some political battle as a victim and I am not liking it one bit.  It is putting a pour reflection of the world we live in in my mind.

Picture in Picture lesson course 2

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This is how Barbara got creative with the picture in picture lesson in Course 2.  Isn't it great!  It's a photo of her friend's hands.  Leave her comments here.

To Learn is to Live

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I found this video described me in a way. I am always wanting to learn new things. That is why I am so addicted to digital scrapbooking. There is always something new to learn.

This video puts a whole new perspective on learning. It is what we live for and keeps us motivated and going in the world.

Maybe it was curiosity that drove me to learn how to set up the new store? Curiosity of what could be? Curiosity if I could really do it?

I think curiosity may have to be followed with bravery or gumption. We are all born curious, but do we act on it to make something out of this life?

Jan 19, 2012

We must pass through . . .

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One must pass through the circumference of time before arriving at the center of opportunity.” Baltasar Gracian

Bear off!

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Hubby and I had a text message conversation that I just had to share with you to pass on a smile.
Then hubby fixed up the bottle in our shed and sent this photo.

I think he might have to much time on his hands!!

Creativity is connecting the problem to the solutions

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Click on the image source link to read what the author things about creativity.  Since we as digital scrapbookers are in the hobby of creativity, you may find this an interesting read as I did.

Jan 18, 2012

Inspiration in typography video

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I came across tis on Artful Fancies blog and just had to pass it along.

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

It says a lot about that "lack of mojo" stage that digital scrapbookers sometimes reach and how to push past that dead end.

Mr. Wyld Web Designs to the Rescue!

When I first started to work on the store, I was overwhelmed!  Yes, it wasn't too hard for me to install x-cart itself, but when it came to tweaking the templates, I began to wonder how long it would take me to learn all of the behind-the-scenes admin area. 

I remembered when the forum was first installed and how many months it took me to learn the templates and administration of the v-bulletin software.  It actually took me a good year before I felt I knew enough of all the thousands of things to edit.   I was much younger then.  I do not have as much patience as I did back then to learn such difficult tasks.

I needed someone to help me that wouldn't charge me for every little question I had, but rather I would pay to help with the difficult things and be available for questions as I learned the software.

Then Stephen at Wyld Web Designs was recommended to me.  I contacted him and found his pricing to be reasonable and was very thankful to have his support.  I do not just mean "customer support," but more someone I could lean on to ease this difficult burden of building a website.  Having someone available to ask questions was a huge stress reliever for me and worth more than any payment I made.

To get started, I made a graphic in Photoshop showing him exactly where I wanted everything.  He did the coding and I made the graphics.  He showed me where to upload the graphics I make so I can change them from time to time when I want to give the store a new look.  There always seemed to be something else presenting itself that needed tweaking and, oh, how bad I felt sending him my "lists" of to-do's, but he took it all in stride and was very easy to work with.

Next came the installing of the extra modules I had purchased.  To save money, Steven was willing to work with me and allowed me to attempt to install them on my own.  Oh my goodness!  I've never seen such a set of instructions for making changes to templates and .php files before!  I took a deep breath and a big leap, but Stephen was right there for me when I hit difficult times.

So now is the time where I can tell you that paying Stephen to install the whole module himself is WELL worth the cost.
You can purchase his services at Gingerscraps and you can order module installation services.  Having worked through the installation of x-cart modules myself, I can certainly exclaim that I have a new found insight on advanced web designing and I have no desire to ever open a business doing what Stephen is doing.  Just pay him to do it as he enjoys doing web development!

There were several special things I wanted for the store that I had seen at other sites.  There was absolutely no way I could have figured out any of that myself!  Stephen always had a positive attitude and set out to figure out how to do what I wanted.  (yes, that is what coding a website is, figuring out the code!).  He was always positive that he could accomplish the task and worked until it was just the way I wanted it to be.

So this is where I tell you where you can get Mr. Wyld Web Design's help in a new theme for your site.  He said several times to me, "it is whatever you want," and was ready to make it happen for me.

You can see all the services Mr. Wyld Web Designs has to offer at his store on Gingerscraps.  He will work on many of the products that the common digital scrapbooking site requires, including v-bulliten, Photopost, Simple Machines, x-Cart, Zencart, and Wordpress.

His wife, Charmaine, also sells digital scrapbooking products as Wyld Web Designs at Gingerscraps.

Here is an introduction from Stephen:  I am a Work-at-home father of 3 with an Associates Degree in Web Design and Development.
I try to stay up to date on the latest Technology around the web. I have been doing basic Web Design since 1998. Since then my skills have grown and I'm able to do more complex Web Designs.

Since I was doing the website in parts myself and have been having a lot of personal things going on in my life, I was slower at progressing with the set-up than normal.  Stephen would check in on me ever once in a while to see where I was at and what he could do to help.  I was amazed as it progressed all the things that needed changing that are not on the surface of the store that revealed themselves later.  Stephen never complained about more work and continued to work with me as new edits presented themselves.  I would imagine not all web developers would be so ready to do whatever it took to complete the job to your satisfaction, but would continue to ask for more money for more time spent.

Stephen always had a good attitude about teaching me, rather than keeping his knowledge to himself (so I have to pay him more).  This is exactly the kind of person I want working with me!

I am sometimes hesitant in paying for installation services from all the various companies that sell software for websites, including all the add-on modules sold at various companies. When it comes to giving access to hosting and administrator areas of the site, one should be wary and careful.
I never felt uncomfortable or that I could not trust Stephen.  I like the idea of having one individual that I can pay to do all of the web building installation I need, rather than getting help from many different individuals.  I am certain I will have need for his services again soon.

So, when you visit our new store, please think in your head a word of thanks to Stephen for helping to make it all possible.

Online Piracy Litigation - Why is it important to Digital Scrapbookers?

I have created a thread in the forum to discuss and follow this litigation.  I have provided more links in this forum thread.  I invite you to discuss this very important issue.

Wikipedia is having a protest today against SOPA and PIPA Litigaton with a "black out."

What is SOPA and PIPA, you ask?
SOPA = Stop Online Piracy Act
PIPA = Protect IP Act

Google also is having their own "black out" day of sorts.

What is OPEN and why is it supported?

Online Protection and Digital ENforcement Act

How does this apply to digital scrapbooking sites? Right now, sites do not have to approve every layout uploaded to the gallery. If this would go through, they could be held liable for what they allow you to upload. In addition, they would also have to monitor everything you link (such as to pirated digital scrapbooking download links).

The OPEN Act is the supported alternative "which takes targeted and focused steps to cut off the money supply from foreign pirate sites without making US companies censor the Web." (quoted from Google) 

I AM AGAINST DIGITAL PIRACY! I do my best to encourage crediting on every layout so that I can have knowledge as to whether something is violating copyright.  However, I cannot possibly manage to police everything.

I am happy that our government is taking steps to fight digital piracy!  I do agree, however, that I do not want to be burdened by more laws and risk being sued by having a gallery for people to upload.  I am not the bad guy.  I hope the government can come up with a good way to go after those sharing files illegally and protect those fighting to encourage others to obey the law from being burdened.

These acts may change what we are familiar with in the digital scrapbooking world.

Jan 16, 2012

Standing as close to the edge as I can . .

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“I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can't see from the center.” Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Jan 15, 2012

I didn't want any anyway

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The one time I crave hot chocolate. ..decided I didn't want any.

Hubby left the teapot dirty, so I used microwave. 

He left me a present, so I left him a present.  Bad me.  He has two messes to clean up now.

Jan 13, 2012

When you combine the extremes. . .

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Combine the extremes, and you will have the true center.
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

Jan 12, 2012

My January Take 12

I blogged about the Take 12 2012 project and decided today to use my iPhone for the challenge.

I am going to make it easy and upload them from my phone to Flickr to a Take 12 folder and journal there, tweeting them as I do.

Then I will blog them using Flickr as the hosting.

At the end of the year, I think I can use Blurb (or another service) and it will pull all the photos and journaling from Flickr and I can order a book!  This way I am not burdening myself by finding time to scrap.

I created a thread in the forum where we can share with each other were we post our photos.

Here is mine for January! You can click on any of the photos to see them larger on Flickr.

Take 12 - Jan 1 of 12 photo
In the winter, I can never get the shower to be a comfortable warmth. The entire time I turn the handle a slight bit this way and that and it is either too cold or too hot. Today I magically hit the right setting and enjoyed myself. Our son is gone to boot camp and we are wondering how much money we will save on both our water bill and our gas bill for heating the water since he is no longer taking his hour long showers here.

Take 12 - Jan 2 of 12 Photo

My blowing curling iron is one convenience I am not sure I could live without. I like to take as little time as possible with my hair and this thing finishes off the drying while curling things under in a matter of minutes. I rely on it every day.

Take 12 Jan 3 of 12 photo
This morning we had the first snowfall of 2012! There was just enough to cover the grass, with the grass peaking through. We are baffled that the schools closed for this much snow, but are told that it is the danger on the rural county roads that causes them to close.

Take 12 Jan 3 of 12
Here is a photo of the front yard and a snow plow going down the street. It makes me wonder if this snow plow is a waste of tax payer's money since there is nothing to plow. (oops, I have 2 number 3 photos!)

Take 12 Jan 4 of 12
I run this table top heater all day at work. I switch it constantly from heat to fan. If I get too hot, I switch it to fan. If I get too cold, I switch it to heat. I like the background noise it creates so that I do not hear all the other noise in the office.

Take 12 Jan 5 of 12 photo

For about a month now, ever since the weather has started to change, there seems to be nothing I can do to keep my low tire pressure warning light from coming on. We have had the tires checked and turned the warning light off at least 4 times in the last month. Here it is on again. Should I worry?

Take 12 Jan 6 of 12 photo
I eat one of these convenience baked potatoes for lunch almost every day during the week. I love my potatoes - anyway they come! Sometimes I wonder about myself buying these pre-wrapped potatoes instead of a bag and wrapping them myself. However, they are all about the same size, so there is no picking through a bag for a good size and I do eat them all up before they spoil like this.

Take 12 Jan 7 of 12
We found these convenience muffin just-add-water in a shakeable plastic container and hubby has become a crazy baker! It makes 6, but I think he's eating a few more than me. I really don't need the calories anyway, but they are nice to eat warm and fresh from the oven.

Take 12 Jan 8 of 12
I said today "where is the law to protect the hard working man." I cannot believe I said that, but today the law seems unfair.

Take 12 Jan 9 of 12
We pass this water fountain every time we visit hubby's uncle in the hospital. I have to stop and enjoy it every time. There are a lot of coins in the water, none of which are mine.

Take 12 Jan 10 of 12
We visited hubby's uncle tonigh in the hospital. We are growing wearing of these daily trips. As we tried to leave several times tonight he said "you don't have to be in such a hurry." I felt so bad leaving and not staying longer. Sometimes I sure wish I could use the bathroom right in the room, but we have to walk all the way down the hallway.

Take 12 Jan 11 of 12
It is a constant battle to keep up with the unread threads in the forum every day, but I am always thankful for the activity for it it were not there, I would be worried. I am so thankful for everyone who makes the site a wonderful place to be. I love my Vaio laptop and pray it does not quit on me soon. It's been so reliable.

Take 12 Jan 12 of 12
We got some bad news today. We have so much going on right now hitting us hard that I felt a need to have a glass of wine, put on some foot creme and my soft green fuzzy socks to relax tonight. We are very worry about many things and trying to focus on God and what He will do and does do for us.