Dec 31, 2011

Spring Cleaning in the New Year!

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Jeanette in the forum remembered our Spring cleaning group from last year and we thought it would be a great idea as a new year's resolution or just as inspiration as we take down Christmas decorations.  I know my house always seems so much cleaner after I put Christmas away because I've had to move everything around and then put it back out.

Here's the group to chatter to encourage each other every day.

Here's what we did today (so far).  Some time ago (maybe two months!) I had spilled a drink into my nightstand and we pulled everything from it and set it on the nearby treasure chest.  We never cleaned all the things from within the drawer and put them back away!  I am so emarrassed, but showing you so that you know it is okay to join us as we all do things we don't want to do.

So that is what hubby and I just did.  It took all of 20 minutes to do.  Now why did we let it set there all this time?

And I can even close my nightstand drawer not that we moved things around!

Dec 29, 2011

Heart Exclamation Freebie

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I made this for the UseIt! Challenge class and, as always, I share everything for a short while through my blog.  You can always find it again by joining the class.

The download is in the forum here.

Ben Breedlove's Story

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I am sharing these two stories about Ben Breedlove for those who many have missed it. Ben, 18 years old, died on Christmas Day and this is his story. I think it speaks for itself, in silence.

Here's a tribute video.

Here's a video in voice about Ben by Ben.

Dec 28, 2011

Participation Donation for Design Competition

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We invite you to join us in Destination: Design! This is a designing contest, but I am the judge and will give personal, private feedback. You can read more here.  You can enter today!

I am working to obtain some donations for all who participate.  Here is the first donation I am sharing with you.

Mariscraps has offered these CU bows for all participants (during the week which I give it out).

You can find Marscrap's store at Angels Scrap Shop.

She has offered a coupon for you to!

Take a Digital Scrapbooking Class

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The subscriber area is accessible for only $5.50 per month. You do not pay per class, but rather one fee to view everything available. For more information on how to subscribe, click here.

You can do the lessons as a lurker. However, the classes provide support to help you complete the lessons and challenges, as well as the community experience of doing them with others. It's amazing what earning an icon by your name can do to motivate people!
You can register for the below classes here.

You can review the guide for each class, along with details about the class and a description on the classes tab on the banner at the top of the page. Just scroll down the sidebar to look for the class you are interested in.

Registration is open through January 7th.


This class introduces you to digital scrapbooking and takes you through the basics of learning Photoshop Elements through hands on learning. However, if you are an experienced scrapper, do not underestimate this class as many have excaimed how surprised they were to learn so much.


Take a tour through the filter drop down box in Photoshop Elements. Do you ever wonder what each filter does and how you can utilize it in digital scrapbooking? Each lesson will challenge you to utilize a filter or a group of filters. Push yourself to think outside the box. These lessons might change your scrapbooking style from traditional-layout-realism to artistic.

Do you find yourself staring at a blank workstation when you're trying to figure out how to place photos, papers and elements on your layout? Just don't seem to have any mojo? Never fear, Hummie's Templates are here!
Jump onboard the template course and find whole new worlds opened up to you as you explore all the templates available to you! With over 80 templates in all, and always growing, there is sure to be lots of inspiration for you to get those photos scrapped!


In this new class, you will learn more about the settings on your camera, composition, fun techniques, and fixing photos.  Some of the lessons will require use of a camera and some will require use of Photoshop Elements. Many of the tools in Photoshop Elements for fixing photos will actually enlighten you to the similar settings in the camera.  The comparison between PSE/Photoshop and the camera will bring a whole new understanding to both in a way you cannot get otherwise.

The above four classes will always be visible for viewing to subscribers. Once enrolled, you can continue earning credit for lessons as long as you reach the monthly goal set for you. There is no need to enroll again each month.

The below three classes will only be open for viewing during the month of January and will not be available again until July. It is our hope that by limiting participation to three extra challenges each month that more will participate in each class at a time, rather than being spread out over so many classes. Let's scrap together as a community! Scrap as many layouts as you can in a month and then join us again in six months to pick up where you left off.


Some suggestions for an alphabet book include describing a loved one or yourself, highlighting Bible verses, making a gift book, making an educational book for little ones to study their letters, making a quote book, making an ABC seasonal theme, making an ABC recipe theme, or making an ABC holiday theme. The possibilities are endless!


Do you love FONTS? Are you always looking for new FONTS? Then this is the place for you!! You will be supplied with a link to a FONT to download. Your challenge will be to be creative with the FONT as you create a new layout. Once you've completed your layout, you will post it to the gallery so we can see how briliiantly you used your FONT!! Come join will be fun!


This class is designed simply to help motivate you to get yourself started scrapping? There are always many complaints in the digital scrapbooking world of having "lost my mojo." Often, I sit and stare at the screen and cannot make myself get started!

These challenges are here to help you learn to make personal scrapping goals and stick to them to give yourself a jump start. They are meant to work with any photos you are already intending on scrapping, not to side-track you to new avenues.

Dec 24, 2011

A case of Christmas "real comedy" from the children

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This is a video of my cousin's little boy.  He is the little one, hopping on one leg in the first song and randomly doing the worm in the second song (near the middle).

This is a bad case of "the longer you try to make little children stand there, the more they jiggle).

There are microphones on the floor that they are yelling into.  Apparently it is a big distraction.

And yes, here he is -- he can sing and not just dance! Smile.

Dec 23, 2011

My Barbie Airplane (Barbie's Friend Ship)

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I have many of my dolls from my childhood, but I had three boys!  I'm awaiting a granddaughter.  I recently pulled up my dolls and am trying to take photos and videos of each. It was so crazy to be sitting and "playing" with the dolls to dress them and stage them, just like when I was little.  Oh, the flashback!

Here is the first.  My camcorder has been giving me troubles recently and the color is off, but you get the idea.  The photos are, of course, more true to color.

I called Barbie's friend Trixie, but cannot find that on the internet.  I searched on the internet, including e-bay, for a doll like the one I have, but could not pinpoint one, although some were close.  I'm not sure why that name sticks in my head and whether it is correct or not.

This man shares about the construction and you can see how it opens up in this video.

Dec 22, 2011

Holiday Glow in Layouts

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There's a great tutorial over at Anna Aspens by AnnaTeamer, Chris Asbury for creating a "holiday glow" by taking photos of Christmas lights and blending it into the layout.  Click the source image to read the tutorial and see more images.

This is a similar technique to how I achieved my recent desktop background image.  I laid the holiday beaded branch on a white piece of paper, took the photo, and blended it into textures.

Dec 21, 2011

Digiscrap Freebies - a New Freebie Hunter


There's a new freebie hunter site selecting freebies called DigiScrap Freebies.  I must admit they are doing a wonderful work selecting quality products.  I love the large previews.

Here is a list of the other freebie hunter sites.

Quick Tip - Guides in Photoshop Elements 8 and up

This video was first shared October 31, 2009.  

This video shares a quick tip in using the new guides in Photoshop Elements, as well as a few uses for them.

Click here to view the video.

Dec 20, 2011

What is awaiting us?

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“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.” ~Joseph Campbell

Dec 19, 2011

Brake and Swerve

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I shared this a few months ago and am moving it to my blog.  I should just post on my blog in the first place!

You ever have that sick feeling when you brake and swerve to miss a squirrel, then look in your rear view mirror?

Today's lunch -- do you think I'll poop green tomorrow?

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I originally shared this a few months ago.  I still have to laugh at myself.  I used to not eat broccoli, but something changed as I got older.  Now, I can sit and eat a whole bowl with just a little sprinkled cheese and be perfectly happy.

I used to be able to buy chopped broccoli in bigger bags, but I cannot seem to find it anymore.  Most of the frozen broccoli is in bigger pieces now.  I did find at Schnucks the Birds Eye chopped broccoli in a rectangle box, so I'm happy again just eating away!  A few minutes in the micro and lunch is served!

I used to put it over baked potatoes too, but lately it seems I am able to eat less and less. - social networking for gadget lovers

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I've been checking out and as a person who has techy in her blood (thanks Dad!), I find it interesting.

The site is pronounced "gadget."  It is a social networking site for techy people.  It appears to be a great place to get honest reviews about techy products.  I just hope I can remember to go there again!

Here's my profile:
You can friend me if you want.

Here's a video:

Gift tags using shipping tags and remnants

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I've shared many resources for gift wrapping in the past as it is something that I love receiving, but never seem to have time to do.  There are so many simple idea.  I'm creating a new label on the blog for Gift Wrapping and want to collect the ideas under the label, rather than resources, now.

Click on the image source above for ideas on using shipping tags bought at office supply stores.  Just use left ever wrapping paper (or digital scrapbooking paper!) to cover them and decorate with other remnants.  I love home made things -- just shouts "love."

Dec 18, 2011

Bokeh Video Tutorial (Free!)

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Bokeh is fun! I used to feel that bokeh was a mistake and would retake or delete the photo, but now I realize how artistic bokeh can be. It is all in how you look at it. Bokah is also great for blending into photos and this video shares some examples.

Pllaying with Holiday Bokah

This is the photo I took during the video!  So fun.

Breakfast Bokah

I share with you in the video how I added the bokah taken while video tapping to the an image.

You can watch the video in this thread.

It's much easier to do than it seems!

Destination: Design

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Join us in buiding your design skills!  (tip: an educational video or two each round, this round is up!)

Click here to read the details and join enroll in the contest.

Hummie's World Gift Certificates

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For more information, see this thread.

Dec 17, 2011

Easy Cheesy Bacon Biscuits

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Click on the image source link for more photos and instructions for making these biscuits with bacon and cheese.  I think this is actually something my husband would love and want to try it.  Basically, it is biscuits in a buttered skillet, covered with bacon and cheese, and more cheese and baked.  I'm getting hungry now!

I found the recipe here.

Nativity Download for you from Brenda

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You can find this download in this thread.

Brenda made this to share with you and I encourage you to visit her blog to leave her thanks or leave some thanks here. I see she does have some other goodies for you to download on her blog. Brenda has been a student here in the designer class and I'm so proud of how far she's come and grown in her skills.

Forging my own . . .

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Letting Go: The farther behind I leave the past, the closer I am to forging my own character. Isabelle Eberhardt

Dec 16, 2011

A surprise gift in the mail from a stranger!

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Oh wow! So, we when left Lihue, Hawaii, I had this orange bottle of lotion we forgot to put in our check-in luggage.   Hubby ran back to try to catch the check-in luggage, but missed it.  It was too large for approval during carry-on.

The help desk lady took my name and address and said something about it not costing much to mail and that it would probably go through.  I figured it was better handing it to her than just putting it in the trash.

SO, we never got it and thought it was gone.

We got mail today, four months later, and I just opened it. There was not one, but TWO bottles of lotion and snacks! And it cost $10.95 to mail to us! We are in shock!

So we've gotten now a Christmas gift from a complete total stranger!

There are good people in this world.  There are really good people in this world.

May this Hawaiian spirit be an inspiration for you today.

It's 9 days before Christmas and ...

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It's nine days before Christmas and. ..

They are bringing out the spring things to sell!!

Where are you looking?

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Letting Go:  “When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” Alexander Graham Bell

Does your oven door look like this?

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Does your oven door look like this? I know mine does!  It is actually quite embarrassing.  Click the image source for a written tutorial on how to clean the glass on the inside of the oven.  I really have to try this.  Here's the video too.

Dec 15, 2011

Facebook Timeline

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Click here to activate your Facebook Timeline.

Do you have yours activated?  What are your thoughts?

I'm mostly interested in keeping mine private and nearly empty!  I'm not sure how I feel about Facebook keeping my "scrapbook" of my life.

Make a Pinwheel Bow

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Click the image source for a great tutorial from Kiki Creates and a download for making these fabulous pinwheels.  What a fun idea for a replacement of a bow on a gift.  From her samples, it appears great for both children and adults.

The Unsharp Mask sharpens?

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Click the image source link for a nice tutorial by MCP Actions on the unsharp mask.

I recently shared a video in the photography class which covers many ways for sharpening.  I think the video is a real eye opener as to how many of the sharpening techniques work by first blurring the image.  Subscriptions are only $5.50 per month and you have access to all videos, even if you do not take the whole class.

Dec 14, 2011

Extract Now

This video was first shared on 4/2/09.

Here is a video tutorial on the free software tool called Extract Now. You can find it here.

The video shares what a time saver it is!  I've used this to extract my digital scrapbooking supplies since before I did this video.  It's awesome!

Adding a little eyecandy image to your iPhone

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I found this great ap on the iPhone and I'm having so much fun with it.
I would have never originally downloaded this because of the word "pimp," but I saw it recommended on another site. Pimp Wallpaper has great images to skin your home screen and your lock screen.

When the ap first starts, you have the above choices.  I've mostly been playing in the wallpapers.

I discovered all of these new types of wall papers that have boxes or shelves that actually fit around the iPhone folders.  They are just so cool!  I have to change them up every few days.

When you click on "wallpapers" you are given all of these folders of choices.  Of course, I've mostly been playing in the Christmas folder, but have peaked in several of the others.

This one looks great as the wallpaper for my iPad.

Here is a sample of one of the general wallpapers.

This one is my favorite one for the home screen on both my iPad and iPhone.

It's always good to bring a little color into your day!

What is a Chevron Pattern? How do you make one?


I found this Photoshop Tutorial for making a Chevron Pattern in Photoshop.  Click on the image source link to see photos of this pattern in use. 

I had never heard of the name "Chevron" before, so I looked it up.  It is an inverted v-shape badge or insignia on a uniform.  So, if you put them together, you get a zig-zag pattern.  I would have called it a "zig-zag" pattern.

Give up or . . .

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Letting Go: Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be. - Anonymous.

Dec 11, 2011

The Presence of Christmas

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"Christmas is not just a season,
Christmas is not just a day,
Christmas is more than a reason
For parties, presents and play.

Christmas is truly the essence
Of joy that the Savior brings;
Christmas is surely the presence
Of Jesus, the Kings of Kings!"

William Arthur Ward

Never too old too . . .

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Letting Go:  "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C. S. Lewis

Dec 9, 2011

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We went shopping tonight and had a bit of fun in the store.  Forget the stress of the crowds and have a little fun!

Pay no attention to the man in the elf hat!!

Shopping with"Mrs Elf"! Lol
 We even played hide and seek in the toy isle!
Shhhh, but I think Barbie is gaining weight!  Ken has such a big head!  When did they get bigger?  Are they trying to fix the problem of little girls dreaming of growing up to be so thin?

There were so many odd things for sale in the store.  I wish I would have taken more photos when I saw them.  Here are two.

Really? Would these housebreak a dog any better than pull ups potty train? Isn't immediate reaction what works?  Now how can you tell immediately when your doggie has gone in these training pads?  Do people really buys these? What ever happened to sticking their nose in it and sending them outside?  It always worked for me. 

I will say though that when our Yorkie got to be 15 and was blind and deaf, she could never tell where we were to ask to go out, so she just started going everywhere.  For many months, we actually put a baby diaper on her.  May I share that we had to deal with doggie diaper rash?  Seriously!  He got a bath daily along with powder to avoid the rash.  Goodness, I look back on that and wonder how I made it through it and, even moreso, why I pushed through it all those months.

I need to get out and shop more - do they really think this name is a good marketing technique to get me to drink it? Yep, I'm going to walk around the office with this. Not!

Santa Hat Brownies

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Diane shared these in the forum and I just had to pass them on!  Click the image source link for the recipe and instructions.  

I bought a mini-cupcake maker in January for a wedding shower.  It works wonderful!  I plan on getting it out tomorrow for our tea party for mini-cupcakes, but we made brownies in it too.  I'm going to let the girls decorate their own mini-cupcakes, but maybe next year I'll do this! 

Dec 8, 2011

An image for you.

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I made this with my iPad -- took photos--played with aps.

I love Linen

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I never realized how much I love linen!  Of course, lace is great too.  I think I should go buy a whole bolt of linen and wrap my universe in it!  Click the image source link above for a tutorial on how to make these tree cones.  Simple and elegant.  It looks great against the contrasting green of pine.

Dec 7, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking Designer Call

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I realized that to attract designers to sell at a new store, I needed to sweeten the deal. So I have revised the terms and this call is open until I announce it is closed, so apply at any time.

I am continuing to work to set up the store and it is coming along slowly, but surely. I have spent a lot of money to open the store and am taking a leap of faith! Won't you join me as a pioneer and take the leap with me?

- create really great designs!
- create at your own pace - I know how stress and deadlines can zap your mojo!
- participate in activities as you have time - we all have a busy life and I’m confident you will do your best.
I have a life too and do not have time
to be keep track of your requirements

- 85/15 commission
- no paypal fees
- control over product/sales/coupons with x-cart
- payments via PayPal monthly
- $5 server fee for sales below $30

send the following to
- designer name and a little bit about yourself
- links to current store(s), blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites.
- downloadable sample of your work

Join my Page on Google Plus

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I do not believe I have ever shared my business page on Google Plus here on my blog.  I do have a lot of you following the personal me on Google Plus, but somehow cannot get you to join the business page.  Maybe you are not visiting Google Plus often?

Here's a link to my business page.

I do not want to double post on my personal page and my business page, so please join it.  You are welcome to follow me in both places, but I intend to keep the content separate, so if you like my chatter, follow the personal me.  If you like business related announcements, follow the page.  If you want both, follow both!

I really like Google Plus over Facebook, but until the masses begin using the service, it will be hard to get people to use the service.  Since you are already hooked up with all of your close friends and family on Facebook, I realize it is hard not to visit there to keep up with them.

It's never too late to have a happy . . .

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Letting Go:

“It's never too late to have a happy childhood, but the second one is up to you and no one else." Wayne Dyer

Resource Roundup

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Here's another round up from my posts around the world!

Happy clicking!


Thanks! new iPad user here:  Tips and Tricks (Nov 16) 

 Phone and Device ap by Adobe -- are they thinking into the future?

 Scrapbook and Cards Today is a free magazine

Free December Desktop

Create a Post-It Note in Photoshop

Simple Photo Editing (Cleaning Up Photos with Wacom Tablet and PSE)

Create an Uneven Paper Strip (video)

10 Handmade Christmas Gifts You Can Make Now

Sparkling Gift Tags

Create a Village Advent Calendar

Scrapbook & Cards Today (free magazine to download or read online)

10 Creative Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

Realistic Paint Splashes tutorial

Paper Candy Canes

Get Some Actions(s)!

Neat Ribbon Trick Tutorial

Mixed Edges Tutorial

Magnetic Advent Calendar tutorial

Photo Gift Tags

Snowy Bars tutorial (for candy bars)

Creating custom card tutorial

The art of panning (I want to try this photography technique!)

Snow Drift Candle Holders

Christmas Quotes I tweeted

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. Roy L. Smith

Christmas is weird. What other time of year do you sit in front of a dead tree and eat candy out of your socks? Crabby Road

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air. ~W.T. Ellis

At Christmas, to you get the gettmies, the gotmies, or the guilties?

Christmas is not a date. It is a state of mind. ~Mary Ellen Chase

Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles. - Unknown

Christmas candle is a lovely thing; It makes no noise at all but softly gives itself away; While quite unselfish it grows small-Eva K. Logue

The Four Stages of Man: - He believes in Santa Claus - He doesn't believe in Santa Claus - He is Santa Claus - He looks like Santa Claus

Reply from Hubby to above quote: It's the man stage of Santa! Now go shave. “@oldguycomedy:  hurry come guess what stage this is! Lol”

Keeping Christmas is good, but sharing it with others is even better.

Christmas is the time to remember that we are all in the world together.

People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas & New Year, but should worried about what they eat between New Year & Christmas.

Personal Tweets

Had that funny feeling I was being watched today, but I shrugged it off and finished dancing. (Nov 21)

That's just really sad for me. I hope they don't do it. @KMOXTIAMDoug Close Lone Elk Park? Maybe. Details after CBS at 7 on KMOX (Nov 21)

So excited!! I think I may have found video coding that works!! (Nov 22)

Good morning world! What's your destination: goals for today? (Nov 22)

Wow. The boy is bringing a girl home for the first time!! Daily surprises! Ssh. It's a secret I'm told. Bad mom for tweeting it. (Nov 26)

Whoo hoooo! It's not even December 1st and we have all our gifts bought and wrapped (just need one more add-on for last one). (Nov 27)

I said I was tired of working so much for one day -- and hubby said "send yourself home." rotfl I am at home, working! (Nov 27)

I woke up early every day of 4 day weekend super early - no sleeping in. Now my body wants to sleep in and I have to go back to work. Ugg! (Nov 28)

something's wrong with my monitor - first was pink! Now everything is blue-ish tint after calibrating. Is it trying to tell me something? (Nov 28)

@lisaklipfel rotfl well, I know I'm not pregnant -- my monitor could give birth to --- hmmm -- snow!! (static) (Nov 28)

hallelujah! It finally calibrated right! It only took 20 times; this laptop must be getting old...don't know what was wrong; lost sleep! (Nov 29)

Love your positive spirit! Every countdown post makes me smile. RT @DestinDreamin snow on the ground and 181 on my countdown to "summer". (Nov 29)

Good Tuesday morning world! Ignore the ugly sky and cold temps and think about what a good day it can be! (Nov 30)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh aka sound from my mouth while spinning round and round (Nov 30)

Good morning!! Digi scrappers are the most kind helpful people!! (Dec 1)

I'm trying!! “@JoyceMeyer: Focus on your potential—what God has created you to be—not your limitations.” (Dec 1)

Hallelujah! I think I see me some sunshine in Cape Girardeau! (Dec 1)

@oldguycomedy I love you dear, but you need to stop making so much food for dinner -- I'm getting fatter! (Dec 1)

The smell of sweat is sure to make me loose weight! RT @oldguycomedy tonight I will make only aroma! (Dec 1)

@VisitCape Yes it is! I just want to put my face to the sky and breathe in that sun! (Dec 1)

Whoa . . Youtube changed its interface! Check it out. (Dec 2)

Oh yum! “@simplekitty @famousquotefeed It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes. ~Douglas Adams

Headed to church and it is pouring down raining in Cape Girardeau Missouri (Dec 4)

uggg... not good ... I'm not feeling well ... feverish ... I think it might be an ear infection . . suffering succotash (Dec 4)

It's a reoccurring problem -- I think swimming at the gym brought it on. Trying to push myself to work. (Dec 5)

Just waking up for the first time all day! Took another meclizine -- going to make sure this ear dries up so fever goes away. (Dec 5)

Just thinking -- should I eat? I'm not hungry, but haven't eaten since yesterday . . . or should I go back to sleep. (Dec 5)

You always put a smile on my face! @kfvsweather @kfvsnews RT: Brian, your Christmas planner, wonders if St. Nick might need a boat..... (Dec 6)

From the Archives

We don't know if he did it on purpose or if it was an accident yet. Feel bad for his mom, wife, and children mostly. 5/28/09

Sad news at Hummie's World coming in tonight - hubby's cousin shot himself and died. 5/27/09

I've forgotten to eat dinner again! Anyone up for eating a hamburger in a can with me? 5/27/09

God has always used ordinary people to carry out His extraordinary mission (on my calendar today) 5/26/09

I've worked hard today; my brain is a THUNKED out. 5/26/09

Great little tip on keeping track of digiscrap file info in PS or PSE 5/26/09

Just found the COOLEST tutorial site- new but definitely promising by @chemc loving the layers tut 5/25/09

Watching the Voca People - uh?: 5/23/09

Miss Mint reminds us to Scrappy Spring Clean! Great reminder! I use compressed air. 5/23/09

Cool blog post with graphical people sayings. Think outside the box for #digiscrap inspiration 5/22/09

Love the spotlight and realism of the #digiscrap layout. Where's the journaling though? Might be except for journaling. 5/22/09

100 Tips about All Adobe CS4 Applications - This one is useful 5/22/09

I'm here. Had a great day yesterday; in pain though; feet hurt bad and I took a tumble - palm and leg also hurt. 5/22/09

Headed to Iron County, Missouri today! Elephant Rock State Park, Taum Sauk Mountain, Pilot Knob, Johnson Shut-ins; do internet search 5/21/09

Ah, a BIRD was the cause of the lack of power yesterday! Remember, I was tweeting from the darkside 5/21/09

#idol finale was top notch! Wow! Lional Richie, Cindy Lauper, Queen, Santana, Rod Stewart, Kiss -- this 80's girl loved it! 15/20/09

@starxlr8 He won because he was better (in my opinion); Adam's screaming was too much for mainstream #idol 5/20/09

Watered and enjoyed my garden after work; roses smell wonderful!; making carmalized onion sandwiches; what next? 5/20/09

Nails for you to Download

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I made these from scratch. Nothing. Nada! I tend to like realistic scanned elements, but I'm also trying to stretch myself to make things from nothing. I hope you like them. There's something about them I just could not get right, no matter how many hours I spent on them!

These are in the Element Class (forever), but you can download them for free for a short time on this page in the forum.

Dec 6, 2011

There is a reason they didn't makie it to your future . .

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Letting Go:
“There’s no need to miss someone from your past. There’s a reason they didn’t make it to your future” Unknown

Before and After Digital Scrapbooking Layout

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Kim (Kimm23) agreed to let me share her before and after layouts from Course 1, Learning Digital Scrapbooking with Photoshop Elements.  Near the end of the class, each student submits a layout for me to share suggestions for improvement based upon Design Principles learned in the lesson.  You can read the visual weight .pdf here which outlines the Design Principles.

This was actually a second one that she submitted and I was so happy to see someone utilizing this area of the forum.  She used my Heritage Kit too!



Here are a few of my comments for you to take note (there are more you can read in the subscriber area) which she applied from her before to her after photos above.  I hope it helps you in learning to make better layouts.

1.  My eye goes to the title first rather than the photos, mainly because of its size.  Make the title smaller. (Design Principle: Size)

2.  I loved the way the tag is hanging from the eyelet; that was creative. It helps to bring weight to the bottom. (Design Principle:  Balance)

3.  Bringing the photos down will leave some "white space" at the top to make things feel more pleasant and also ground those two photos. (Design Principle:  Balance & Grounding)

4.  The spiral piece underneath the photos is not realistic; to have the photos over something that feels higher off the page because then the photos should have some sort of bend to them to make them feel like they are humped where the spiral piece is underneath. Bring that spiral piece up on the layers palette and position it so that it is used to hold down the photos on that side of the layout.  (Design Principle: Realism)

5.  There are two leaves; try to always use things in threes.  Add a third leaf to make a visual triangle with them to lead the eye around the layout.  Don't hesitate to make them different sizes for variety. Use them to hold things down, not just float on the page. Tuck them under edges of photos or mats.  (Design Principle:  Rule of Thirds)

Kim did an excellent work in taking everything I shared with her and transforming the layout into something really special!  Of course, big kudos on the journaling!  Thanks for allowing me to share, Kim, so that others may learn.

I know this is the most dreaded part of Course 1 for many, but Kim embraced it.  This is how I learned to become a better scrapbooker.  These things do not come naturally to me. 

Dec 3, 2011

Designer Call! We are looking for talented designers

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Hummie's World Designer Call

We are looking for talented designers to join our Hummie’s World family. Applications from new and established designers are welcome.

- 2 products a month (1 must be exclusive)
- forum/gallery/challenge participation
- must self promote via social media
- 4 collabs a year

Store Details:
- 85/15 commission for exclusive designers (personal store allowed)
- 80/20 commission for non-exclusive designers
- commission calculated after PayPal fees are deducted
- control over product/sales/coupons with x-cart
- payments via PayPal monthly
- $5 server fee for sales below $30

To Apply:
send the following to
- real name, designer name and short bio
- links to current store(s), blog, Facebook, Twitter
- 3 previews of your designs
- downloadable sample of your work containing papers and elements from at least 3 kits

Celebrating Dawn's 2 Year Anniversary with Hummie's World

Yesterday was Dawn's 2 year anniversary here at Hummie's World.  I tried to get this video done yesterday, but I was too productive doing other things.

So, without further ado, here's our greeting!

The Potty Principle

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This is a text conversation I had with my hubby yesterday.  Every time I get up from my desk at work to go to the bathroom, THAT's when someone calls me!  I can sit there for hours without a call, but when I get up, that's when someone calls me.

It's like broadcasting to the entire office, "hey, she's in the bathroom!"

I often joke "I'm not allowed to go to the bathroom."

It's now got a name:  The Potty Principle.

Dec 2, 2011

Glass Photography Theme

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Each week at Hummie's World there is a new photography theme for subscribers. I do send out a notice to the photography class, but this is open to any subscriber to participate. Sometimes I have trouble getting everything onto the blog that I need to!

Holiday at Brazeau Winery

This photo was taken at the Holiday at Hemman Winery in Brazeau, Missouri. I loved the inspiration for decorating with simple use of bottles, bows, and candycanes.  Not every bottle is decorated.  The green bottles and the red decorations coordinate for a holiday theme.

This week's theme is "glass" and you can find the themes in the forum.

Hanging Simple Frames

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Click on the image source link to see more fabulous photos from this wedding, but when I saw this frame idea, I just loved it! 

This is on a stand in the outdoors, but the frames could be hung from any bar.  The bar could be nailed into the ceiling or the ribbons could even be nailed directly into the ceiling.  A bar could also be hung from the ceiling with chains.

I am wondering what this would be like if the ribbons were held to a window sill with tacks and allowed to hang down in front of the window. If this were the case, the photos could be glued together so the photos show on the outside of the house.

Old photos can be used without damaging if they were scanned and reprinted.  Fun fun!