Nov 7, 2011

Thoughts on chaos

When things are chaotic, I wish you inner silence. Hummie

"Chaotic people often have chaotic lives, and I think they create that. But if you try and have an inner peace and a positive attitude, I think you attract that." Imelda Staunton

Photo Corner #2 Freebie

 This is available for download in the forum here.  I made it for the designer class on making photo corners.  I had fun doing the brush work to make it all grungy guy cool.

It is also in the forum for subscribers here (for always).

Nov 6, 2011

Happy DSD!

Here is a newsletter today that I put out which has a freebie for you for DSD.

The freebie is in the forum and, yes, I'm sending you on a little side trip to the newsletter and then to the forum because I want to share with you how you can help spread the newsletter whenever you receive one in your inbox.

At the top of the newsletter in your inbox you will see"view it in your browser."  This is a nice view, especially if your newsletter made all the images out of placement.  Click on that link.

At the top, you will see methods that you can share the newsletter, either on Facebook or Twitter or Google plus.

I'm going to work on adding sharing links to the bottom of the newsletters too for future newsletters, but the above method will always work.

Nov 4, 2011

Admin Call

I'm considering opening a store, but I do not have the time to administer it all by myself.  My forum subscriber area, creating new educational content, administering the forum, and running classes fills my time.

However, I feel a tug to open up a store and the feeling will not go away.

I am considering taking on someone who would help administer the store and as payment receive a percentage of the sales.

I need someone who is trustworthy, responsible, and with initiative to work on their own to provide quick service to designers and customers alike.

My e-mail is

This will not be a light decision.


When things are complicated, I wish you simple beauty. Hummie

"All of my problems are rather complicated - I need an entire novel to deal with them, not a short story or a movie." Manuel Puig

Nov 3, 2011

How to Disable Google Buzz

I discovered that my Google Buzz posts where being indexed on the internet. I did not like this. I never really got into Google Buzz, although I tried it out. My blog posts and other things went there automatically, but I never read it much.

Google Buzz is no longer able to be used as Google + is taking over. However, the information is still "out there." I discovered how to remove this information.

Go to your gmail account and click on settings. Click on the "Buzz" link. At the bottom, you will see an option to disable Google Buzz which deletes all of your content.

I was happy to see that. As most of you know, except here on my blog where I can control what is there, I always delete my content on the internet, including Twitter and Facebook and G+, sometimes shortly after I post.

I just don't like "me" being all over the internet. For business purposes, it is good, but having people link to my blog is good enough for me.

If you ever used Google Buzz, I would suggest disabling the account before you forget it ever existed (like I almost did).

Recent Thoughts

When you are troubled, I wish you peace. Hummie

"Happiness is not being pained in body or troubled in mind." Thomas Jefferson

Photo Corner Download for You

I'm making photo corners for the next lesson in the Designer Class.  As always, I share what I make as a freebie for a short while.  This is the second set I've shared, but I believe I have a total of 7 when I get them all completed.  I have the shape files, made, but I need to fill them now.

This photo corner set is available for download in the forum here.
It is permanently available for paying subscribers, always, in the forum here.

Unique photo display idea

(image source)

This is an example of one good reason to visit flea markets!  Read more on the source image line above.

Nov 2, 2011

You have been married 128.01 Kardashians!

There is so much social hub-a-loo going on right now about Kim Kardashians short marriage.

Visit the calculator and put in your marriage date for this fun result:

You have been married 128.01 Kardashians!

Is this true?  Did she actually make 17 million dollars off her wedding?

I must agree that celebrities should be held to a high standard because of their influence on the youngest generation. 

Photography Theme - Clouds

I keep forgetting to put the weekly photo theme on the blog! This week the theme is clouds and the challenge is open to any subscriber. We pick from the photos to include a few in the newsletter, so get to submitting!

Illinois Wine Trail 075B

Convincing myself that...

Trying to convince myself this ball is my friend. It's not working.

Lunch at the park ...ahhh!

On September 30th, hubby and I had lunch together at the park (and shared on G+, but thought I'd move it to my blog, as always).

We were discussing which park we would have lunch at and I suggested Capaha, but my iPhone changed it to "Vaisya!"  My iphone corrected to Vaisya.   Is that even a word?

So we looked it up and it sure was!

noun 1. member of the Hindu mercantile and professional class, above the Shudras and below the Kshatriyas

Hubby asked:

Do i get to move up in class? Do I get more vigins? What does this mean?!!! Lol 

I replied:

Lol I'll let you move up right below me!

Yes, this is the way many of our conversations go.  If you hang out with us, you never have any idea what you'll be talking about!

Ahh picnic lunch at park with hubby.  It was a beautiful wonderful time!  We really enjoyed it.  The day was perfect.  The fountain was a wonderful background sounds.  The squirrels were fun to watch.

We tried going back again the next day to have the same experience.  It didn't work.  Funny how that works.

Today is canceled! Let's watch Survivor tonight!

Today is canceled due to lack of notice!

No one told me today was coming, I thought it was tomorrow!!!

I am just ready for survivor to start tonight so we can see if Ozzy made a big mistake in purposefully getting booted to Redemption Island.  If he doesn't win the challenge, it will be his second biggest mistake (the first the last time he played). 

There is survivor history in the making tonight!  I'll be holding my breath while I watch and ready to scream!

I loved Ozzy his first season and did not like him at all his second season.  The first part of this season I was back to liking him a lot until his attitude from his second season started peaking in again.  I cannot decide what I think of him anymore!

Shucking Corn in the Microwave (video)

Wow! I have to go get some corn to try this now!
(I first posted this on G+ on October 16, but thought it needed sharing here! -- well, so I can remember it too!)

Video below:

Photoshop Touch

Does Photoshop touch interest you? I think it's available for all tablets, right? Its 9.99 for android and the iOS. (Apple link)

Here's a video:

Tivo voice ?

Apparently since Siri talks, TiVo must have a voice too!

I shared this on G+ on October 20th. I received this e-mail and found it funny. Thought I'd share it here too.  If you go to the homepage of the site, you can hear his voice.  It's marketing I think.

Recent thoughts

When you are down, I wish you joy. Hummie

"The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind." Maya Angelou

Hybrid Thanksgiving Wreath idea

I am loving the inspiration of this wreath!  These are papers and other things from around the house wrapped on a canvas wreath.  I can see printing my own digital scrapbooking papers to wrap this wreath with (as a hybrid project).  Click on the image source to see close up photos and details.

Nov 1, 2011

HDR vs. DRI Photography


I first posted this on 5/19/07 and it still gets many hits today in Google searches, so I thought I would re-post it and edit with additional information with regard to what I have grown in knowledge since that time.

I have a video lesson (tutorial) in my Photography Class on HDR (Exposure bracketing and an introduction to HDR).  However, there are other lessons that lead up to this one, such as exposure compensation, which are skills needed to take the photographs that are processed into HDR.  You can access the videos immediately at a cost of $5.50 per month reoccurring subscription (you may cancel at any time).  I invite you to join the next class which currently begins every other month (don't be a lurker!).

HDR, high dynamic range, is the method of capturing several photos with the "most information" in the digital file.  This information can be considered "pixel colors."  An under-saturated image will have different information than an over-saturated image, as well as a good exposed image.  HDR takes all of this information and combines it into a new "wow" photograph.

In the above mentioned lesson, I review and show in process many free and a few paid programs to process the HDR images.   The main problem I discovered with some of the programs is the ability to line up the images.  Invariably, even with a tripod, the images will not be exactly framed the same. 

Original post

I love learning new things! AnniePooh posted today about HDR Photography and I just HAD to learn what this new-to-me thing is. Thanks AnniePooh! She refers us to Hidyn Gems where I learned that HDR stands for "High Dynamic Range." Okay, but what does that mean? Off to search.

Wikipedia calls it HDRI and adds the word "imaging" to the end, but admits that HDR is now the new popular use of the acronym. Here I learn that the "high dynamic range" means a large range of values between light and dark areas.

HDR is done by taking several photos of the same scene, in ranges of underexposed to overexposed, and thereafter combining and blending them in software.

HDR can be achieved by "tone-mapping" through software. This page and this page and this page and this page are more great read. See some great images here.

This tutorial is an interesting read and shares that there is a "merge to HDR" feature of Photoshop CS2 (and not my PSE, boo-hoo!).

This Flickr group provides me with some new information and shares that HDR can only truly be obtain through these tools specifically marked as "HDR": Photoshop CS2 / Photomatix / Maya / FDRTools/HDR cameras.

Photomatix appears to have a free trial version and is $99 to purchase and their site as some great examples to view to help gain a better understanding of HDR. FDRTools appears to be another software that can be purchased and also has some tutorials. I found that HDR Shop is also $99.

If you get into these pages I am sharing, you will see more links to more pages with plenty of information to read out there!
I believe there is an open source tool you can utilize for Linux which can be found here.

So, who has money to spend on more software? Not me! It could go on a wish list though. I found that an alternative is DRI (Dynamic Range Increase). Here are the DRI tutorials: or (in PSP) or Photoshop Tutorials or here or All Day I Dream about Photography. I do believe that I can achieve some of these techniques in my PSE.
I do believe my camera has the capibility to take photos in an exposure range automatically (Auto-Exposure Bracketing). I will dig out the manual and read again.

There is a DRI plug-in available by DRI Pro for only $8.50 and is compatiable with It is compatible with Photoshop CS or higher. As can be done with some actions, I wonder if this one can be forced to work in PSE.

Bill Richardson appears to have a free action for download.

When you are lonely . .

If you are lonely, I wish for you love. Hummie

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.” Mother Teresa

Simple message on wood

I was drawn to this simple sign.  When I read the tutorial on how to make it, I was surprised that the painting was done before the staining.  Click the image source to read more.