Nov 30, 2011

Advent calendar -- a book a day

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This advent calendar idea is to wrap books for a child to unwrap each day and then read together with the child.  I love this idea and can see it even being used by a teacher or preschool or home daycare.  If you have the funds, new books could be purchased.  However, I can see this with books that have not been read in a while as a way to recycle and make new what you already have.

I can also see this idea as small boxes wrapped that can be reused each year to save money on paper.  You could put books in the boxes or any other idea that you might have.

Wouldn't this be a fun thing to make for your grandchildren?  You could make simple digital scrapbooking layouts with a message and insert them in the box along with a piece of candy or other small gift.

Nov 29, 2011

Sign up for classes to begin December 1!

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The subscriber area is accessible for only $5.50 per month. You do not pay per class, but rather one fee to view everything available. For more information on how to subscribe, click here.

You can do the lessons as a lurker. However, the classes provide support to help you complete the lessons and challenges, as well as the community experience of doing them with others. It's amazing what earning an icon by your name can do to motivate people!
You can register for the below classes here.

You can review the guide for each class, along with details about the class and a description on the tutorials tab on the banner at the top of the page. Just scroll down the sidebar to look for the class you are interested in.

Registration is open through December 7th.


Are you interested in designing your own kits or just want to gain some skills to make your own elements and papers for your personal scrapping? This class is for you!  This class also includes creating a blog, copyright, and many other topics.

Take a trip with us through some of the more less known gems of the forum... and get to know each other in the process!

This is one of the most popular classes at Hummie's World! You are about to embark on a journey of techniques and discoveries that will have you scrapping for a long time! This is not a class meant to be rushed through!!! Take your time and really absorb the information.

Because of the success of Course 2, many of our "pioneers" wanted to have a refresher course on what they've learned. So, we've taken the lessons, jumbled them up, and are offering them to you once again for a new icon for you to sport in the forum! So-- this course is designed for those who have completed the first 80 lessons in Course 2.

Get inspired to use elements in a different way. You will be encouraged to think outside the box!

The above  classes will always be visible for viewing to subscribers. Once enrolled, you can continue earning credit for lessons as long as you reach the monthly goal set for you. There is no need to enroll again each month.

The below three classes will only be open for viewing during the month of December and will not be available again until June. It is our hope that by limiting participation to three extra challenges each month that more will participate in each class at a time, rather than being spread out over so many classes. Let's scrap together as a community! Scrap as many layouts as you can in a month and then join us again in six months to pick up where you left off. 


Each challenge has a download available made by Hummie. Use it in your layout. Get creative and be inspired! Just use it! Use it simply, sophisticated, elegantly, or whacky. Just use it! Use it high or use it low. Just use it! Use it under or over. Just use it! Easy does it, easy doozes it. Just use it! Use it in, use it out, use it round about. Just use it! Use it small or use it big. Just use it! Use it natural or use it recolored. Just use it! Use it straight or use it twisted. Just use it! Use it now or you'll have missed it!



Faithbooking is simply keeping a "book" of your "faith." Faithbooking is intigrating our faith beliefs and faith experiences into scrapbook pages. Faithbooking is leaving a legacy of faith heritage to our children, and our children's children. Faithbooking emphasises our spiritual journal.  Please read more about faithbooking on the guide for this brand new upcoming class.


Are you looking for something to give as a gift? Then hurry to do these lessons and create a book or set of cards!

Are you wanting a new fresh way to organize your own recipes? Choose a new set-up and create layouts with recipes on them. There are many ideas in ways to utilize digital scrapbooking layouts as recipes. You can create a hardbound book at Shutterfly. You can create 6 x 4 cards and print them individually and put them in a box or a binder with that size slots. You can make full page layouts and put them in three ring binders with sleeves. The ideas are endless.

Paper Cone Decoration

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This is so simple and creative.  The right papers were chosen to make this just right too.  Click on the image source link above to download the printable pdf templates. The creator filled each cone with goodies to be used as an advent calendar.

I can see this done with digital scrapbooking papers (as always, don't I always think that way?) to open up a world of possibilities.

Crossing the monkey bars

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Letting Go:

Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward. - Anonymous.

Snow in my yard today! Will it be a bad winter?

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SNOW!  As I left for work, I was greeted with the snow in the yard that fell last night.  I thought it was all sleet that I kept hearing while we watched tv, but it appears that eventually we had some snow while we slept.

I cannot remember the last time I saw a blue sunny sky and it is not even December yet! I have been worried for a while that we are going to have a bad winter. Winter has never set in this early for this long before that I can remember.  I'm already feeling cabin fever like I usually do not feel until mid-January.  We have had snow in November before, but not such a long time without a sunny day, even if cold temperatures.

I've heard rumors that there are forecasts for a bad winter too.  It has something to do with the wet year we had earlier in the year. You may recall all the flooding we had here in Southeast Missouri.

So I googled and found this Huffington Post writing which includes the NOAA, Farmer's Almanac, and The Weather Centre. From the Farmer's Almanac condensed version on this post, I cannot tell which region Missouri would fall, but if we are considered the Midwest, it says "very snowy conditions" and The Weather Centre indicates "Above-average snowfall."

As long as it is snow and not ice, I'll be okay with it.

I found this image here.
So Missouri is in the "average temps very wet" region -- does that mean a lot of wet rain or wet snow?

I found this image here.
This puts Cape Girardeau in the white, so what does that mean?  The "above average snowfall" is above my city on this map.

Only time will tell. Who knows if there is any validity to any of these reports, but the wishful thinking of possibly forecasting long range makes life fun.

I bet the "wooly worm" gives the best forecast.  I need to find one of them, but I've never seen one in the Fall.  Hmmmm.

Tutorial - Making Distressed Sticker

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Here is a nice video tutorial for converting a hand drawn image to a sticker and then distressing it. You can find the download and the original post by Viva Artistry with this video here.  I was unable to find the brush she refers to in the video.

Wooden Photo Gift Idea

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I found this video tutorial below for transferring photos onto a piece of wood. I immediately thought about how anything could be made with digital scrapbooking skills and then transferred onto a piece of wood. Any size can be done too.

It is important to note that the printed image must be done with a laser printer, not an inkjet; however, the print can be done on any paper. Many copy machines are laser print.  In addition, mirror the image before printing.

I am familiar with Modge Podge, as I feel most people are, but I am not familiar with a gel medium. I found it described at ScrapJazz. This appears to be the product at Hobby Lobby.

Wouldn't make a great Christmas gift for grandparents?

Nov 28, 2011

Going to have a tea party!

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I am so excited as I plan a tea party for nieces and great-nieces!  I want to make this an annual thing and so I wanted to find some special teacups to use each year.  Here's a sneak peak at one of the cups I found over the weekend.  There are three colors, pink, yellow, and blue.  They were on clearance.

This idea started from my nephew mentioning all of my barbies and dolls and gear that he remembered me keeping from my childhood.  I must have shared it with him when he was young and he remembered! 

Of course, I had three sons, so all this stuff from my childhood sits in the basement.  I had an idea to have a tea party for just the girls and their moms and to bring up all of my childhood toys to play.  I'm sure when I get it all up, I will be sharing photos on the blog. 

I have makeup, pins, and hair bows for us to start our party with too.  It's going to be SO much fun.  I cannot wait!

House of Fifty Holiday Guide

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This is 186 pages of eye candy!  Just flip the pages and if one topic doesn't inspire you, the next is sure to pique your curiosity. There are even click-able links to resources online.

Build a stand up world with Punched Out Font

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(Image Source - in comments)

Okay, I SERIOUSLY want to find time to try this!     The Punched Out font is available for download at Dafont or Fontstruct.  It looks to be a tedious project, but you can print the font, cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines, and put some glue on the shaded flaps. 

It would be great printed with digital scrapbooking paper, huh?

I can see the letters made with various sizes and placed in frames or setting on shelves.  What words would inspire and move you to have displayed in your home?

Resource Roundup

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Here's a list of some resources that have been shared either recently or from the archives.

Happy clicking!

Gift Wrapping Ideas - love these because they are so simple.

Free Gift Tags

Snowflake doily ornament - would be great on top of a gift package

I need one of these earbud cases. I keep loosing mine. I wonder if there are any at etsy

I remember waiting for people to get to Facebook--then waiting for people to get to Twitter--now waiting on them to get to G+ -- change hard (10/11/11)

Yeah! Facebook sued! So come join me on Google Plus! Where are you all there anyway? (10/11/11)

I have just installed the iOS 5 for my iPhone. It took 48 minutes in total (10 min to download). Is anyone else downloading? (10/12/11)

Yeah for the hashtags on google plus! It brings the best of Twitter to G+! (10/12/11)

hey, pray for us ... to have strength to make it through this difficult time with one of our relatives health -- it's whipping us like cream (10/13/11)

First post from my new iPhone 4gs!! (10/17/11)

Why are two sons concerned about angry birds and whose genes did they get that from. (10/17/11)

iPhone 4S : Invoke Siri, then hit the "i". Then tap on the respective app you want to know how to ask Siri about. Gives you commands. (10/18/11)

Google Plus Users: Look what I found. This is useful! Add yourself! (Oct 21)

I was told tonight I am very light on my feet when I dance; great, now I feel like one of those football players on dancing with the stars. (10/23/11)

The cards did it! #worldseries Whooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Super di duper! (10/21/11)

Whooo hooooooooooooooooooo! It ain't over until it's over! Cards tie it! #cardinals #worldseries (10/27/11)

Good morning world. Today I miss my Dad (on his bday) and it is the final game of #worldseries and it is Friday. Yep. That's today. (10/28/11)

Apparently, David Freese, who hit home run bottom of the 11th to win Game 6, is from my Alumni High School District. Who would have thunk. (10/28/11) 

Dictionary Art

Thirteen Hybrid Gifts to Buy or Make

More Rounded Corners
Photoshop Tutorial

Placing a Frame Within a Photo Area

Felt Magnet Tutorial

Fabric Gift Tag Advent Calendar Tutorial

Photoshop Elements: Use an Alpha Sheet

Tabbed Ornament tutorial

Inked Edges (written tutorial)

Holiday Tag Tutorial (could be ornament or used year round)

Free Christmas Tag Roundup at Mel Stampz

Make your Own Custom Notepads

All Lined Up tutorial

@MoTravelMama: The Missouri Wine app is now available for free download. It provides winery listings, maps & wine

@oldguycomedy: a barrel of fun yeah! Uh is this with or without monkeys?! Lol” You are so funny! (11/3/11)

@oldguycomedy: Disclaimer: not responsible for accidents due to uncontroled out bursts of laughter in ones cubicle!!! Lol!” LIOC!!!! LIOC!! (11/3/11)

@oldguycomedy @digiscrapfun If you don't stop I'll need an Underwear Hero appearance ! (11/3/11)

@oldguycomedy Goodness! What did the doctor give you today? ( for you back) that set off your funny bone ? (11/3/11)

@oldguycomedy @digiscrapfun LIMC!!!!!! (laughing in my cubicle) (11/3/11) I'm studying up on the iPhone/iPad tips -- some are great! Like to click the bar at top to scroll up.

Reminiscing about the beginning of the "Underwear Hero" inside joke. Was it really in 2006? (11/8/11)

and did I seriously ever blog about feminine pads? What was I thinking! (11/8/11)

Cool! Tweets from the Members of Congress! (as if I followed politics, but I still think the list is cool)

I'm remembering last year the give-a-way a day on my blog with patterns as a "nov thanks" & this year I'm thankful I don't have that stress! (11/10/11)

@three13gifts: A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.”

Tomorrow is 11/11/11- I feel a deep sense of oneness. Shall we think peace? Tomorrow is Remembrance Day-pause in silence @ 11:11 a.m. *p.m.?

I cannot record a video because this numbness from the dentist won't wear off. Maybe it is a required not off with tv. (11/10/11)

Loss of power in Cape Girardeau! Fun fun! (11/14/11)

Sitting in dark at home. Now what? Have to go sit in car to charge phone I guess. (11/14/11)

BK is hopping-- everyone with no electricity eating out. Saw gym was open. I guess I go there next. So much for working. (11/14/11)

Good morning world! My son turns 21 years old today! Today is another sappy, sentimental day for me.

I'm in shock! One son actually remembered the others birthday and sent a card to arrive on time! Maybe its a sign they will be ok.

Delicious has a cool new "stack" feature. I kind of like it and can't wait to play

software program to keep your computer synced with the official gov time. (June 2009)

Why is the official US time 5 minutes different than my computer? What about yours? (June 2009)

A reminder from me: How long has it been since you backed up your computer? I just started my backup. (June 2009)

upcoming cookbook from the lady who used her crock pot every day in 2008 6/22/09

My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. Clarence Budinton Kelland 6/21/09

A father sees himself in his child's eyes. Alexander Wood 6/21/09

Alphabeat from the UK reminds me of that good old 80's pop rock music. 6/21/09

The Story of Fathers Day - email it to Dad 6/20/09

Trying out Tremors to see what it does for ap for Twitter.

May God's love guide you through the special plans He has for your life. 6/19/09

Learning that stupid people get Granny Art for free and turn around and sell it. WHAT! More #digiscrap drama. 6/18/09

Photoshop Tip page (not sure I've ever seen this page before.) 6/19/09

Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad 6/18/09

God's Chisel 6/18/09

RT @justjulzz: for those creative souls with iPhone, this looks like a MUST HAVE app "BRUSHES" NOW I need an iPhone 6/18/09

My prayer at the moment: May God bring this country to calmness and peace 6/18/09

How to play chess on Twitter. But don't these twits get annoying to other readers? 6/18/09

I am thanking God right now that I live in America. 6/17/09

For Fathers Day (don't cry) 6/17/09

Facebook FanPage created after May 31, 2009 or had less than 1,000 fans on that day will be eligible to claim usernames on Sun June 28, 2009 6/15/09

This article was helpful to me about what MMS is. 6/15/09
About tethering 6/15/09

This is the day that we are to recommit ourselves to God's service. 6/14/09

God no longer counts my sin; so I no longer count other's sin. 6/14/09

Camxso at Diviant Art has some cool shapes (found via @scrappincop) 6/14/09

Isnt' this a super realistic looking #digiscrap page by Akizo? 6/14/09

What a neat blog called "I am blessed"--awesome quotes, inspiration, and photos. 6/23/09

I must have missed that Ray Boltz is gay somewhere along the way. Still love this song! Praise God! 6/13/09

Color Combinations on your Layouts 6/13/09

Another great article! Finding time for our hobby: 6/13/09

New blog post: 10 ways to save time: leave comments and share your ideass: 6/13/09

Create a realistic puzzle from any digital photo 6/12/09

Simulate a polarizing filter with the gradient tool 6/12/09

Quick Zoom Shortcuts in Photoshop (yeah, PSE has some similar ones, did you know that?..I guess I need a tut!)6/12/09

How about some typography tutorials to use as inspiration for digiscrap layouts. 6/12/09

May flowers of love around thee be 'twined, and the sunshine of peace shed its joy o'er thy mind 6/12/09

I could probably eat and eat and eat @AngiePedersen 's Strawberry Awesome Salad Thing! 6/11/09

MGL Scraps from SBG shares a nice tutorial for extracting a toy truck for a layout. 6/18/09

Man Sings Basket Of Puppies To Sleep!! Cute!! 6/16/09

Very interesting: LCD monitor test images; learn about specific calibrating. 6/15/09

animal dingbat font! Too cool! 6/14/09

Youtube is setting itself up to be the video place for Twitter. I'm glad..don't need another place to keep up with! 6/11/09

Easier-Than-Ever Scrapbooking 2 from Creating Keepsakes - new in 2009! 6/10/09

March/April issue of Scrapbook Business Magazine 6/10/09

CK Media magazine Simple Scrapbooks - former staffers of the magazine launch a new site 6/10/09 4:55 PM Jun 10th, 2009 via TwitterGadget

Stretchy Yoga Baby. Just about adorable! 6/10/09 son just said "mom, what do I do with this?" and I turned around and it was a CAT!..He wants to keep it. Uggg! 6/10/09

Off to the dentist -- regular cleaning -- still don't want to do it; would rather sleep! 6/10/09

If He brings you to it He will bring you through it. 6/10/09

Going to bed early; tired; feet hurt; dentist at 8 a.m.; so when did 10 p.m. become early? That used to be the limit in my earilier days. 6/09/09

Back to TwitterGadget in the browers, only using 23,028 k memory....much better option; back to sticking with it. 6/09/09

Finally trying out the ever popular Tweetdeck; basic setup uses 93,788 K of! See...don't need that; that's why stayed away! 6/9/09

Profound statement of the day (yeah, right): Cashews on an empty stomach make for some really smelly farts. 6/9/09 [/LIST]
Just returned from Wal-mart grocery shopping. Bought lots of main dish stuff with a full cart, but pleasantly surprised at low total cost. 6/8/09
I am LOVING this and may need to do it! Ecological business card - create and buy a stamp! Stamp it anywhere! 6/8/09

Loving how the wet water theme is portrayed in this layout at The LilyPad 6/8/09

Crystal Rae Photography: 1st Ever Tutorial: Make Eyes Pop 6/8/09

God always gives the best to those who leave the choice with Him. 6/8/09

Must have walked through a tick nest today; now I cannot stop imagining them tickling me as they walk; uggg! Maybe bath will help. 6/6/09

I'm headed out to spend night with high school & college friends (& the hot tub and wine). Be gone 24 hours, but may twit from cell phone. 6/5/09

Sitting outside with hubby at Panera weekly date eating strawberry salad and panini 6/5/09

Remember to stay young and have fun! (To a young heart everything is fun. Charles Dickens) 6/5/09

80+ Very inspiring uses of Typography 6/5/09

Got paid; paid bills; no money now; Isn't that the general story of life? 6/5/09

Okay, I cannot keep up with everyone in the Subscriber Area today! Praise God though! 6/4/09

I just PM'd myself; that's pretty bad. Hey self! 6/4/09

A link for all you 80's music fans! 6/4/09

Texting son now: "You did not tell me where you are: punishment? You buy me a Sonic slushee cause I need one" Do you think it will work? 6/3/09

Maybe if I do enough laundry now I can convince myself that I deserve a Sonic slushee. You think? My fav is cherry vanilla or watermelon 6/3/09

Okay. They said "slushee run" at work, then did not go. I've got Sonic Slushee on the brain and now there's no son home to go get me one! 6/3/09

Life is a series of surprises, and would not be worth taking or keeping if it were not. 6/2/09

Wanda's prayer journal post. Just added a tab to my Microsoft OneNote for a prayer journal. 6/2/09

Create a #digiscrap color scheme at ColorRotate. overview here. Go play! 6/2/09

Does anyone ever feel they are always buying mops? Why don't they last long enough? Done vaccuuming...headed out to water garden and weed. 6/1/09

Oh, and my jean shorts now have that natural stone-washed look to them. Sigh. Off to vaccuum. Sigh. How quiet though! I'm alone. 6/1/09
Does anyone else ever feel a need to clean the bathroom naked? I'm soaked! Softscrub bleach works great, but now need a new t-shirt. 6/1/09

Praise God! My son just got a second part-time job to help pay for college; we were worried in this economy. 6/1/09

Someone shared FreeFoto in my gallery; a place to get non-commercial use designs for layouts, blogs, etc. 6/1/09

Headed to funeral (hubby's cousin) hour drive there and back - will make for a long day. 5/31/09

I'm LOVING Microsoft OneNote! I think I'm addicted now. I'm going to be organized! 5/31/09

Watching Kayla (The Legacy Lady) Letterpress Drawer Digital Style video #digiscrap 5/31/09

Love how she did this #digiscrap layout with the omg title and use of black and white 5/30/09

Jen shared an awesome favorites folder tip for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Users #digiscrap #photoshop 5/30/09

Check out photos of our fun food at our weekly dinner date tonight 5/29/09

I like this #digiscrap layout 5/29/09

Cape Girardeau has first confirmed H1N1 virus case. Finally reached us. Sigh. 5/29/09

So, I go to back my vehicle up and am scared by this person in my side view mirror! Oh, wait! It's me! Somebody bumped the mirror! Scary! 5/28/09

How To Create Light Sources from Various Directions in Photoshop 5/28/09

Typekit is a trending topic now; but worth the read for the knowledge:5/28/09

#3wordsaftersex is a trending topic?!!! My answer: "Love ya, honey." 5/28/09

I cannot find my bras, but of course, hubby NEVER does (admits) anything wrong, even when he touches laundry when I tell him he's forbidden 5/28/09

Next Newsletter Freebie

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Here's the next newsletter freebie! If you know from past freebies where to find it in the forum, you can get it now.  If not, be sure to be signed up for the newsletter to get the link in your inbox. There's a sign-up box on the homepage of the forum.  or the blog.

Nov 27, 2011

I'm sharing my December background with you


I loved the fall background I made and shared, but it was time for a change up, so I took this photo today and blended it with some textures for you (and me).

You can download the full size on Flickr, just click on the "actions" drop down and choose "view all sizes." I hope you enjoy it!

Help us make a holiday color book!

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The nature color book was popular and everyone's participation brought me great joy!  I thought we would do another one, but this time have fun taking and sharing photos from the holiday decorations.  I'm anxious to see what's in your corner of the world.

For more details, see the forum here.

This is the first one I made ...I decided later that it was so dark!

Quick Tip #19 - Using Alphabets

Why do alphabets come in two formats? Sometimes they are on the same file and sometimes they are individual .png files? Hopefully, the designers are making both available in each of their files.

How do you separate them to use them when they are on one file?

I first shared this video on 8/13/08.  You can view it in the forum sample video area here.

Blast from the past

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Why oh why did we keep these phones?  Hubby found them in a box in the basement and it was an immediate blast from the past!  I remember when we thought they were SO cool because we were not tied down by a cord.  These were SO expensive and that is maybe why they were saved in the basement.  We haven't had a land line for at least 5 years now, so what good are they to us now?  It just reminds me not to save possessions, but to share them while they are still good to someone.

Letting go of certainties . .

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Letting Go:  Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties. - Gail Sheehy.

Google Friend Connect to go away

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I know a lot of people seem to have Google Friend Connect on their blogs, so I thought I would share this with you because it is going away.  To see what else is going away from Google, click here.  You may want to watch next year (or do it now) and remove the widget from your sidebar.

Nov 25, 2011

Realistic 3D City Models

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Check out this video! Technology just keeps advancing. Where will it go from here?

Using Live Camera Feed to Create Textures

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I saw this video and now I am anxious to get Photoshop Touch! It looks like so much fun to play with. You can use your live camera straight into Photoshop Touch to creat textures using the camera fill! I now you must agree with me that this looks like a lot of fun for us digital scrapbookers, right? My imagination is running!

You can get Photoshop Touch for both Android and Apple tablets for only $9.99.

Nov 24, 2011

Xmarks - my new techy thing!

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Oh, I had so much to do today and instead I am distracted!

Since I got an iPad, I have struggled with the bookmarks in it. I had it set to sync with Internet Explorer through iTunes, but my IE favorites were a mess since I have been mainly using Delicious.  

So I tried finding an ap for Delicious, and even tried two of the free ones, but nothing seemed to work well.

I had previously tried having my most used links in Yahoo Toolbar and Google Toolbars, but it seems keeping up with the compatible versions of each in each browser is a pain, as well as  having to log into the toolbars all the time.

So I continued to look for a solution.  I use both Firefox and Internet Explorer, but my favorites/bookmarks are not the same in either of them.  So, as soon as I began searching the internet for syncing Firefox and Internet Explorer, I came up with more ideas.

I found Xmarks and decided to try it.  It took me a long time playing with it because it did not seem to be working right.   I had a lot of empty folders.  I would delete them, but then they would come back.  I finally figured out, after a long time playing, that because my iPad was plugged in, the empty folders were being put back on when I was syncing through iTunes!

So, I manually fixed up my favorites through Windows folders, then I choose the "advanced" section of the "info" tab in iTunes and clicked bookmarks.  This replaces only from the computer to the iPad (or iPhone), deleting what is on the device.  Now that I had a good sync again, everything began to fall in place.

You will need to install Xmarks on both Firefox and Internet Explorer.  It is also available for Chrome and Safari if you use those browsers.   After installed in Internet Explorer, you can find the settings in two places.  First, as in the image above, you will note the light blue icon at the bottom.  I can click on this to choose options and to make Xmarks manually sync.  It is good to become familiar with the settings, especially if going back and forth between browsers testing.  There is an option to have it sync when you close the browser too.
You can also find these same settings in the tools drop down box in the browser.
In Firefox, these same settings can also be found in the tools drop down box.

Here is what the settings look like.

It sync to a "cloud" online and you can log onto the website at Xmart to see and use your bookmarks from any computer.

Once I had the two syncing between browsers and then did a force push to the iPad, everything seemed to work smoothly!  I have duplicate folders for "favorites bar" and "bookmarks toolbar" so that I can use them in each browser as a bar, since each are called something different.  Now, I can sync favorites/bookmarks between browsers and when I plug in my iPad and iPhone, it also syncs from IE to the devices!

Life is so much easier now!  However, it took me all morning playing to figure it out, but it works!

Here is a video that shares how to use it which was helpful to me.

I see a setting in the xmarks website that allows me to import from, but I'm almost afraid to do that yet as I'm not sure what mess I would have in my browsers. I think I am organized, but I'm not confident in myself!   I wish it synced with it, rather than importing, but maybe some day I will do it.  I have a LOT of bookmarks in Delicious, so I'll put my most used things in my browser and use Delicious for the masses.  :)

Oh, I like it when things are made easier!

When things we have seem few . . .

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"When things we have seem few, I wish you less desires." Hummie

“There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart...pursue those.” Michael Nolan

Nov 22, 2011

Oh joy

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Paper Tree (with digital scrapbooking paper?)


I love this simple idea!  It would even make a nice gift.

As a digital scrapbooker, I am always thinking "hybrid" projects.  I can see making my own digital scrapbooking paper or even using a favorite kit and printing the papers that are scrolled.

You could display this in many ways.  You do not need a frame.  What about an easel?  They are inexpensive in hobby stores.

For more images and a tutorial, see the "image source" link above.

Nov 21, 2011

A weekend get-a-way

I wanted to share with you our weekend get-a-way. It was a gift for the holidays that we received early. It was much needed!

We went to two wineries, a museum and church, a old settler's village, a big rock, and a bed and breakfast.  I do not have time to share it all with you and do hope I can get to it in other posts another time, but here is a few parts.

Wine Country Inn, Frohna
Yep, we hiked up to see the big rock in the middle of the Mississippi River. (Tower Rock). We'd never been to the overlook, but it was straight uphill exercise!  In 2001/2002 the river was so low that we actually walked across to the rock with the boys.  That seems like a long time ago.

We had not eaten all day and had asked some people where to eat.  Apparently, there was only a bar, a pub, and a tavern close by, but all three of them we were told had good food.  So we stopped to get some food at the pub.  Seriously ? We entered the highly recommended tiny smokey pub and there was a wedding reception in there, complete with bride holding a beer and dancing with her bridemaids in cowboy boots.  I'm still baffled!

Frohna Bed and Breakfast

Here is our bed at the bed and breakfast!  This bed is SO big, I couldn't find my husband on the other side! :)

Wine Country Inn, Frohna
We want one of these! We were dreaming that would could convert one of the bedrooms into this. This is at a Bed and Breakfast in Frohna, Missouri.

Wine Country Inn, Frohna
This "rain shower" is big enough for a party! (just kidding) Oh man, there are two fabulous shower heads -- you don't want to get out!

Wine Country Inn, Frohna
We used this small vial of stuff and thought it was doing nothing to add bubbles, but when we turned on the jets, the bubbles overflowed everywhere! It was hilarious fun. (sorry, no real bubbles photo for you, just the bubbles in the glasses).

Wine Country Inn, Frohna
Okay, I liked.  Are you seeing two kinds of bubbles? Here's to going again -- soon!

Wine Country Inn, Frohna
Wine Country Inn, Frohna
We ate dinner and breakfast in the beautiful dining room.  I have photos of the other rooms in the house, but no time to get them together for you.

Wine Country Inn, Frohna
Our hostess started breakfast off with this yummy yogurt. We thought it was enough food for breakfast, but it was just for starters. You really have to go here.

Yes, I take photos of everything. :) Scrumptious breakfast (no need to eat the rest of the day).
Wine Country Inn, Frohna

Template #82

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This is certainly a unique quirky template.  I made this layout Oh, so long ago.  You can download it in the forum here.  It is also in the Subscriber Area, along with the other 81 templates!  You can be busy for a while scrapping!

Thanksgiving and Prayer

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We ought always to thank God for you, brothers, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love every one of you has for each other is increasing. 2 Thessalonians 1:3

Day-to-day doldrums . . .

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"When things seems day-to-day doldrums, I wish you difference." Hummie

“Everyone is different and everyone is good at different things" Puddle from Toot & Puddle The New Friend

Stocking Holders

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I really love the idea of stocking holders and even bought some one year, but I just do not have a good place in my small home to hang them.  So our hang on a door with nails.

I like the idea of building simple ones with pieces of wood.  I can very much see printing out digital scrapbooking paper of my choice and decoupaging it onto the wood.  The photo could be clipped on as in this example and changed every year as the child grew, or it could be decoupaged on too.

Nov 19, 2011

Video Tutorial and Challenge --Repeated Elements in Photoshop Elements

This was first shared on 5/13/08.  I am bringing it forward for you to see the video again.

This is a lesson in Course 2.  If you like it, I invite you to sign up for Course 2 to do over 80 similar videos for your layouts.

Click here to watch the video.

Use your imagination with this technique!

Watch the video to see how easy it is to repeat an element. What elements can you repeat? I did a brick. However, I thought about repeating a face or a gradient dot. What about a button? Look through your photos and your stash until something hits you!

Remember, you can repeat into one line or one area. There is no need to fill the entire background with the repeat. For instance, you can repeat a button to create a border. Keep it straight or offset.

You are only limited by your imagination with this technique!

Credit: Flergs Nana's Garden (and my brick wall)

Nov 18, 2011

When things are not enough . . .

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"When things seem not enough, I wish you grateful spirit." Hummie

I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” Leonardo da Vinci 

Nov 17, 2011

They are like a warm blanket toasting away the stress

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This week has been one crazy week!  What weeks are not crazy for me though.  It seems I never have time to blog anymore about my real life.

This week one of my "babies" turned 21.  I took a vacation day.  We and some family visited a winery.  I just have to show my boys how wonderful wineries are, even if you do not drink.  The views, the food, the places of relaxation, the music, and the nice people make for a great get-a-way, even if for a short while.

I used to coin collect when I was younger.  One day recently, we were cleaning our sons room and I gathered up these coins spread all over his shelves.  I put them safely in a bag, only to find myself in trouble.  Apparently, he had them all organized in piles and I messed them all up.  Only mom was concerned with the dust under the coins.

I had no idea he was into coin collecting, just as I was when I was young.  It gave me an idea for a birthday gift.  We bought coin book for him to put his coins in, as well as a guide book.  I also brought out my old collection and sat reminiscing as I remembered all the containers and collections I had spent hours over when younger.  I gave my son my collection for his 21st birthday.

When we left the vineyard, we decided to take the road my map app was trying to make me drive down, although it seems a private driveway.  Oh goodness!  Was I ever thankful I turned that way.

Fall Trees in Fredericktown, Missouri

I had to stop the car and get out and snap a photo of the beautiful view.  It was even more gorgeous as we drove down the road, which is much longer than this photo portrays, as the trees continued around the bend.  I was all excited over such a silly little thing as this view that I wonder what they thought of me as I tried to share with them why I soaked in these moments.  Maybe some day when I am gone, they will learn to appreciate what I was sharing with them and understand.

The day was very dreary, cold, wet, and rainy.  The long drive there and back was disappointing because if felt like winter was here.  Few trees were still vibrant colors and, in fact, most had lost all their leaves. 

However, I was given the opportunity to snap this photo and hold onto the beauty of this moment in my mind for a while.  It made all the grey skies disappear as I ignored them and relished the beauty in my mind.

Do you ever hold onto little moments like these to get you through an entire week?  They are like a warm blanket toasting away the stress.

Nov 16, 2011

When things seem far away . . .

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When things seem far away, I wish you closeness. Hummie

"He who lives in our mind is near though he may actually be far away; but he who is not in our heart is far though he may really be nearby." Chanakya

Resource Round-up!

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As always, happy clicking!

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Nov 15, 2011

Introducting the new Hummie's World Staff Team!

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Help me welcome our new staff here at Hummie's World!

Please welcome them and ask them questions in this thread in the forum.

Please read more about our staff here.

I am in the process of installing a store and Kelly will be the Store Administrator. First, she will be working to recruit and interview potential designers. She will be working closely with them after they hop onto our world!

Georgia's main job will be as Editor of the newsletter, but she's agreed to be an all around side-kick like Dawn whenever we are in need of help.

Of course, everyone already knows Dawn, but for those who are new here, Dawn is our Class Aide (yes, I gave her a new name) who keeps track of class credits. She has been my side-kick for almost 2 years now and this site would not be possible without all the help she's given during that time. She is selfless with her time and has done way more than her job entails.

Left, right, forward, bounce!

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I shared this on Google Plus at the beginning of October and had a very thought provoking conversation about it.

I love things like this that make you think, especially analogies to life.  There are always choices in life for us to make.  Your life changes as we choose to go right, left, forward, over, or around.  Sometimes these choices lead to dead ends because we made the wrong choice.  It is like a maze and we have to turn around and go back to find the right way to go, the right choice.

I have a common phrase I find myself saying more and more often lately. 

"Today, I feel like I am in a pinball machine."

Yes, it seems to be my new path to bounce around in all sorts of directions striving to move forward, but tackling one task at a time, and bouncing off to another one.  My only hope is that while I'm bouncing back and forth, I am also slowing moving forward in tiny steps.

Nov 14, 2011


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When things seem impossible, I wish you miracles. Hummie

“We can see a thousand miracles around us every day. What is more supernatural than an egg yolk turning into a chicken?” S. Parkes Cadman

Nov 12, 2011

Is Scrapbooking a Waste of Time?

This post was first written June 2, 2009. I thought it would be nice to share it again.

Have you ever thought to yourself whether or not your time spent scrapbooking is a waste of time?

Is scrapbooking a waste of time?

How should we be spending our time? When we are on our death beds looking back at our life, will we be glad we spent some of our precious life's time making scrapbook pages?

What would happen if we lost all of our scrapbook pages in a hard drive failure or house fire? Would all of that time previously spent be considered wasted? Would we regret ever having taken the time to create?

I often think of it like a balancing scale. The best thing that we could spend our time on is quality time with family, friends, and helping strangers. In other words, the best thing we can spend our time on is people. We make the most difference in the world by our time spent with people. However, in our time spent with people, we create memories. People live on past their death through our memories. So then is it not fitting that we try to preserve those memories? However, if we spend too much time preserving memories, we are not spending time creating them any more. To balance the scale between creating the memories and preserving the memories can be tricky for some, especially for those who begin to get addicted to the natural artistic high of a wonderfully completed layout.

"Time is precious; waste it wisely." Unknown

Do we regret not having asked our parents and grandparents about their memories once they are gone? Do we wish that they would have journaled on scrapbook pages? This does reveal a new perspective on whether or not their time scrapbooking would have been a waste.

Do people who create crafts find it to be a waste of time? Scrapbooking could be considered a craft that can be passed down through time, but doesn't the journaling make the craft more valuable for future generations?

Then there is our God which we must consider. Does He not warn us about collecting treasures on earth, but rather to store up treasures in heaven? I often find myself telling others "what a wonderful treasure you have created!" However, these pages are just earthly treasures.

To reflect even deeper, when a page is journaled and scrapped, is it not "spending our time on people?" It is reaching those people in the future. If our focus is sharing our our treasures in heaven with people in the future, is the scrapping a waste of time? If so, I would consider it a wonderful waste of time! Can we make every page a faithbooking page? Can we make every page a message that we want to send to its future readers that would make a difference in their life?

There are SO many things that we do waste our time on. We waste our time in bed. Is that so bad? We waste our time zoning out in front of the television set. Is that so bad? We waste our time relaxing by the poolside soaking up the sun rays. Is that so bad? Is any time, including scrapbooking, spent on things we enjoy doing a waste of time?

Maybe our problem is not that scrapbooking is a waste of time, but rather time management. How much time do we spend shopping for kits? Downloading freebies? Organizing files? Getting distracted on the Internet social networks? What about those that choose to become designers? Do they not complain that they have no time left to actually scrapbook?

I know that I seem to spend a lot of time managing my website here and often wonder if it is not a waste of my time. However, I do feel that I am helping others through the site, so could it be that bad of a waste of time?

We have to prioritize our time, resist addictions to time wasters, and make goals for those things that are a good way to spend our time. Time management is a difficult thing for most people.

After all of this thought (doesn't your brain hurt too?), what would be the definition of "waste of time?" What constitutes a waste of time? Is it different for each person?

In conclusion, how many question marks are in this writing? Does that mean this topic is such a questionable subject matter? Possibly the best way to get across some points are to ask rhetorical questions that make people think.

Okay, self. Time to stop over-analyzing. You are good at that, aren't you?

I invite you to leave a comment with your thoughts on this issue.

Nov 10, 2011

Thoughts on failure

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When things seem a failure, I wish you perseverance. Hummie

"There's no such thing as a failure that keeps trying." Blues Traveler

Some social networking notes . . .

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On October 27, Google Plus added "What's Hot" and Ripples. You can read more about it on the Google Blog.  I rather like the "What's Hot" because I have found some good new things this way.  Sometimes I have seen things I do not appreciate, as a conservative person, and have actually clicked the report button.  I think before something is in the "What's Hot" section, it should be carefully approved by a Google employee.

The Ripples are neat, but you can only see Ripples if someone has shared what you have posted to your stream.  Ripples is a peak at how far your post is reaching with regard to analytics.  This is why I have decided to try  sharing other's posts which I like onto my own stream (with a comment), rather than commenting on the post itself.

Both are good, but I thought commenting was best before, but commenting does not give the other person a "Ripple."  Since there is no pesky "ticker" (like in Facebook which I hate) whereby people see every single thing you comment on, then the only way to help people find other people on Google Plus is to reshare what they post.    Plus, it will allow the original person to see how Ripples works. :)  In addition, the people I follow will see interesting things as I reshare.

The bad part about resharing, and why I was not doing it before, was that if I am following people who reshare the same post, then my stream will be filled with this one post.  I hope that Google finds a way to consolidate the resharing so that in my stream I see that post only once with an indication of who has reshared it.  I think this would be similar to the "What's Hot," but only for my personal stream, not all of Google.

I saw this on Google Plus and had to reshare it.  This is a comparison of the terms of use for photographs on Facebook and Google Plus.  This is why I make it a practice to delete all photos and videos after a short while of uploading them to Facebook.  Of course, if someone has reshared one of my photos, as the above indicates, my photo remains on Facebook.  There's just something creepy about me not having control over my own personal photos.
I received this notice on Twitter yesterday.  There is a new tab for "Activity."  When I click on it, it seems to me similar to the "ticker" on Facebook in that I see a stream of when the people I follow are following someone new so that I too can follow them.

It is supposed to have retweets too, but there are not many of them in my activity list.  As stated above, this is why I like Google Plus as this sort of thing feels an invasion of my privacy.  If I wanted everyone to know immediately when I started liking or following someone or a page, I would tell them myself.  I guess this is a part of social networking that actually benefits me, but I don't like it when people see what I am doing.  It's a case of "having a cake and eating it too."

I am hoping that Google Plus doesn't take this same route, but only time will tell.

 I tested the new Youtube Streaming on G+ and I like it.  I consider it "Pandora for G+"  Basically, you search for an artist and it comes up with a playlist and begins playing it right from your wall.  To find it, look in the upper left hand corner for the Youtube icon.