Oct 3, 2011

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention -- your chance to donate

I had never heard of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention before my friend Sam began her recent venture in a DonorDrive for the organization.

Sam's father died from the cause of suicide and so this is near and dear to her heart.  I have personally heard of many suicides just this year, more than ever before.  It is a huge problem.

Sam has amazed me at the amount of donations she has collected for this cause.

Sam is $240 short of her goal and she asked me if I would help spread the word.  If you cannot donate, maybe you can pass this message on to someone else who can.  Even a small donation in honor of her father would make her day.

The walk is planned for this Saturday, October 8.

You can read more and donate to Sam's drive on this page.

Sam writes:

"Thank you for visiting my fundraising page and for supporting my cause!

        ....remember my Dad.
I love you all,

I know it is difficult to donate for someone you do not know, but if you do donate, please post on the Facebook wall or Google Plus. I'll make sure Sam sees it so she can personally thank you.