Sep 6, 2011

Unexpected fun in the small things

Field Landscape

Yesterday, hubby and I headed out to do a video shoot for the landscape lesson in the photography class.

We drove down country roads until we saw a secluded setting where we could record in private.   I'm not quiet sure where we were (but we did find our way back) and we choose a spot away from houses and where it seemed no traffic.

Not long after we were being eyed by a guy in a pick-up truck.  He even parked down a hill and scooted backwards slowly as if watching to see if we were going to harm something.

We began recording the video and part way into it heard voices.  What? Voices on a country road in the middle of no where?  Soon four women out for a country walk came by.  We explained what we were doing, but they never stopped a step.  Of course, we had to start the video over again.

Next, we could not believe it when a combine came out and started working on the very field we were filming!

We just kept filming.  I wasn't going to spend a long time looking for another perfect field to photograph because there probably is no such thing as a perfect field.

We were so laughing.  Who would have guessed we could find laughs in such small things.

Photo Blocks

With Christmas getting so close, I thought it would be fun to collect some easy Christmas craft gift ideas.

The idea of decoupaging photos and simple squares of digital scrapbooking prints onto blocks for a shelf sounds so easy and yet so special. 

Sep 5, 2011

Template #76

Hawaii Sunday Clouds
This is my layout I made with template #76!  I created the template first, then decided to take time for myself to scrap a page.

If you are a subscriber, you can find the template in the subscriber area here.

HummieTemplate76 Square-Preview


As always, I share it on the blog for a limited time. Thereafter, you can find it in the subscriber area for only $5.50 a month, along with all the other downloads and videos.

Sep 3, 2011

Reminder to self

Reminder to self--never go to walmart to pick up $1 Redbox movie-- you end up with a cart load of food !!

I'm a woman of the 21st century -- blogging on my iPhone while waiting in the check out line. It sure beats making eye contact with the old people standing in front of me who look at me like I'm crazy.

Free Button Flowers for You


I decided to put the download link for this on the Facebook Page. I've been stuck at the same number of people who like the page for some time now and wanted to make sure people saw that I had a page.  I try hard not to do gimmicks to get people to like my page before they download something or do contests, but I think every once in a while, I need to remind people I have a page.

Sep 2, 2011

Jean Day Antics!

At our office, the day before a holiday weekend is designated as Jean Day.
I have decided that Jean Day in warm summer days is less fun than wearing office-like capris!  Where is the benefit in this?

I threw on my jeans and ran out the door today only to sit down in the car finding myself sucking it in!  Ack! 

If only I had sat down inside I might have changed to test another pair. 

Apparently, I have either gained weight, or my jeans have shrunk, or I am just not used to wearing tight clothing.

These jeans are supposed to be stretchable, but they are not stretching fast enough.  Even purposefully squatting and stretching my legs does not help.  Even pulling out at the waist does not help.  Ack!

This is NOT the Comfort Day it was supposed to be.

I've decided that tight jeans also act as a diuretic.  The more they squeeze, the more trips to the bathroom I make. 

I've decided that tight jeans are a DMF.  That would be Diet Motivating Factor.

Sorry hubby, but our weekly date for lunch or dinner . . . well, bring me some shorts!

Sep 1, 2011

Friday Night Scrap and Chat

Hey! I've worked every single day for years since this site has opened. It has become a job and no longer a hobby I enjoy. I never have time to scrap anymore to preserve my own memories. We have talked about setting aside one day a week as a "day off" so staff can scrap.

Hey! The chatbox was so popular and everyone was in the habit of visiting it instead of the forum, so to encourage forum participation, the chatbox was temporarily disabled.

Hey! What a great opportunity to combine two needs in one!

Hey! Every Friday is staff day off! We may be in the forum, but we will not be working! The chatbox will be open Friday night so we can all scrap and chat! Do a lesson or just scrap and share.

Because we are a global community and not everyone has the same evening time, the chatbox will be open for scrap and chat from 1 p.m. EST until 11 p.m. EST (approximately) every Friday. Hopefully everyone can make it some time during that 10 hour period of time.

If you are logged into the forum, you will see the chatbox at the top of the page during those times.

Most Post Pro and Patron Hero Competition

Join us in the forum here!

We are excited about this month's activity here at Hummie's World! We need your help to make the forum a quality forum. We want you to feel HW is your home and that you are a vital part of it.

Come participate in our MOST POST PRO contest and PATRON HERO contest!

Name:  mostpost.jpg
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Can you be the person to make the most posts during the month of September? An active forum is a place where people are anxious to visit each day and you can help make this world a better place by making it alive and friendly.

Name:  patron-hero.jpg
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Can you be the person to receive the most "thanks" and "likes" in September? This is a bit harder of a challenge because it calls for greatness of mind and soul! Can you be helpful with your mind enough to encourage others to "thank" your posts? Can you be a fun soul enough to encourage others to "like" your posts? This one is called a "Patron Hero" because we appreciate your patronage of the site. Everyone who contributes is considered honorable, but we can only crown one Patron Hero.


If you wish to participate, observe your current post count, your current thank count, and your current like count. You can find these in the right-hand side of any post previously made in the forum. Next, post those figures in this thread to declare your starting point figures.

Will you be the one crowned our Most Post Pro and Patron Hero for September?

Of course, a contest wouldn't be a contest without PRIZES!!!! Oh goodness, are these prizes INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!! They are both collaboration MEGA KITS from Ginger Scraps.
Ginger Scraps
We'd really like to extend our sincere appreciation to Ginger and her team for contributing these kits. You can find out more about this awesome site on their Ginger Scraps Facebook Page, Twitter and Ginger Scraps blog. You can see their site here as well.

Ginger Scraps is an active site with lots of encouragement and a friendly forum. Ginger is a really warm, wonderful person too. I think you will like her, so be sure to register in the forum there.

Ginger Scraps
There are two prizes, one for each winner.

Our Most Post Pro will receive this awesome collab kit called Mega Essential Basics.

Radiant Reds and valentine hearts, Outstanding Oranges and summer citrus, Youthful Yellows and stunning sunsets, Gorgeous Greens and lavishing lawns, Beautiful Blues and endless oceans, Passionate Purples and rich majesty- these all make up this pleasing palette of colors in the Basic Essentials Mega Collab.

Whether a beginner looking to build your collection or an expert looking to expand, this kit has all the colors to meet your every need. With 194 elements, 113 papers, 17 solid color alphas, 1 bonus multi colored alpha, and 4 bonus templates you simply MUST HAVE this kit!

Ginger Scraps

Our Patron Hero will receive this incredible collab kit called Mega Neutral Essentials.

The warmth of browns, and the crisp coolness of whites suggest DAWN and DUSK. While GOLDEN SAND and GOOD EARTH leave you feeling calm and relaxed. The mysteriously conservative FULL MOON and sophisticated & savvy NEW MOON, leave you wanting these neutral colors that are the ESSENTIALS to your BASICS collection!

Whether a beginner looking to build your collection or an expert looking to expand – this kit has all the neutral colors to meet your every need with 170 elements, 110 papers and 13 alphas! If you have the Basic Essentials Colors – you MUST HAVE these neutrals to complete your collection!

Ginger Scraps

Now get to posting!!

NOTE: Staff are not eligible to win. Don't even try to cover us with thanks and likes.