Aug 31, 2011

September Collab Downloads

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The September collab downloads called "Falls Preamble" are available in the forum here.  Please

Subscribers at Hummie's World put this together all by themselves without any coordination from me!  I simply send out e-mails when I note that attention to a thread is wanted.  I appreciate everyone who keeps this project going.

Anyone can participate who is a subscriber.  If you would like to receive e-mail notifications, please let us know in this thread.

If you use anything in these downloads in your layouts, we welcome you to upload your layout to the gallery and post it in this thread. That's a great way to give back!

PLEASE NOTE: There is a new thank and like feature underneath each post. If you download, a comment in this thread of thanks is appreciated, but if your time is limited, please at least log in and hit the thank button. It means a lot to those designing to have encouragement.

Book of Captions collab effort is here!

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Previous collective book project included:
Nature Color Palette
Recipe Book

Click above to view our Book of Captions.  Goodness, that was fun!  So many laughs!

In the alternative, you can view it here where you can also get the embed code to put this book on your own blog. I do hope you will share with others.

For information on downloading the .pdf, read this blog post.

I want to take the opportunity again to thank everyone!  I realized that this time we did not include names on the template, but you can see who shared what in the gallery for the Book of Captions here and even leave them comments. 

Aug 30, 2011

Move, Eat, Learn - 3 epic one minute films

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I have always wanted to do something like this, but how would I ever have the time?  Instead, I will just enjoy the below videos.

3 guys from STA Travel Australia (Rick Mereki, Andrew Lees and Tim White) on an amazing journey around the world 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles. See in the videos below the six-week journey crammed into one epic minute.  There are three videos:  MOVE, EAT, LEARN

Designer Shares Gallery (why not join us in sharing!)

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Here are just a few of the downloads that can be found in the Designer Shares Gallery.

Anyone may use this gallery to share things you have created.  Just put the link in the description to where the download is located. 

I am trying to get back on the track of things.  I jumped the track when I went on vacation.  As always, I hope to post everything shared in this gallery on my blog so that others will be reminded to come and visit that gallery from time to time.

You do not need to be in the designer class to utilize this gallery.

I just ask that when you take down the file from your hosting, that you also edit the preview in the gallery to remove it from the Designer Shares Gallery and put it in your members gallery.  The link to edit an image after you upload it is in the upper right hand corner of the gallery entry.

If you are an established designer, you are welcome to use this gallery too.  It is a way to market.  Links to your store are also welcome in the descriptions, but download links must be included in  the description.  Please do not make them go to your blog to get the download.

Thanks to all who contribute to Hummie's World!

P.S.  Please remember that I do not review these files and many people are just learning, so if you find something that needs fixing, please PM the designer.

Highlighted Class - Course 1

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  One of the things I loved best about taking course 1 is it started from the ground up. From what program to use and how to save files up to visual weight, grounding, and hue and saturation etc. The video tutorials are awesome as Hummie takes nothing for granted. She doesn't assume you know how to do something so she explains it step by step.  

     You can watch her doing it in the videos and follow along with a written version of the tutorial. She is concise, thorough and so easy to follow. Its impossible not to learn with Hummie's videos and written tuts. Hummie truly is a gifted teacher that makes learning easy. Also you can ask questions in the forum and Hummie will answers them.  
   The other members offer encouragement and advice as well. All round I learned more from Hummie in Course 1 than I did in the tons of tuts I did from other sites. I came to understand PSE and scrapping. It has been a great experience and I am looking forward to Course 2 as well as the other courses offered here at Hummie's World.

New Newsletter

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newsletter preview

I'm so excited about the new newsletter format. I took a template that was already available and spent more hours than I care to admit tweaking it. It all had to be done in html and I had to edit the graphics a lot and reupload test after test to get it to work.  There was a lot of learning of a new interface in addition.  I should have been spending all this time on the new photography class lessons, but the timing was not mine.  I just take one day at a time!

I have moved over all the e-mails currently subscribed at Constant Contact, so you do not need to resubscribe at Mailchimp if you already receive the newsletters.
Join site newsletter
by clicking the above link or by finding the box in the sidebar of the blog or forum.

I am also working on forming groups at Mailchimp so that I can send messages to the classes through this service rather than from my Outlook.

Also, I am creating a new list for the designer collab separate from the designer class.  You do not need to be in the designer class to participate in creating for the collab.  Any subscriber may participate.  If you would like to receive these newsletters letting you know when there is new activity for your attention, please see the thread in the forum here.

Aug 29, 2011

September Class Sign-ups

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The subscriber area is accessible for only $5.50 per month. You do not pay per class, but rather one fee to view everything available.  For more information on How to subscribe,

You can do the lessons as a lurker. However, the classes provide support to help you complete the lessons and challenges, as well as the community experience of doing them with others. It's amazing what earning an icon by your name can do to motivate people!

You can register for the below classes here.

Photography Class
In this new class, you will learn more about the settings on your camera, composition, fun techniques, and fixing photos.  Some of the lessons will require use of a camera and some will require use of Photoshop Elements.

There are already 50 lessons in my class outline which I have set forth to teach!  I am sure there will be more as the preparation progresses.  I will not have all the lessons prepared at the beginning of the class, but as with all of my new classes, I will continually put out new content over the coming months until the class is finalized.

Many of the tools in Photoshop Elements for fixing photos will actually enlighten you to the similar settings in the camera.  The comparison between PSE/Photoshop and the camera will bring a whole new understanding to both in a way you cannot get otherwise.

If you do not obtain the setting correct in the camera, you can fix the photo for that setting in Photoshop Elements. 

This class will be intentionally written  so that those with point and shoot cameras and those with DSLR's may both participate.

We are excited about this new class at Hummie's World!


Course 1 
This class is not just for the beginner scrapper. Even people who have been scrapping for a while have said that they learned something new in this course. You will not be disappointed!

So many people don't take advantage of the filters that are built into Photoshop Elements. And the main reason they don't is simply because they didn't know they were there! Taking this class, you will not only learn about the over 100 included filters, you will know how to effectively utilize them!

There are currently 20 lessons in this class and Hummie has plans to create 5 new lessons in the coming weeks.  

Templates are so much fun to use! They are also good for starting points to get your layouts done. This class will take you through them, one by one.   You are free to change up the templates however you are inspired to suit your needs, just allow each one to be a kick-off for fast scrapping. 

Hummie will be adding 6 new templates within the next few weeks for a total of 80 available templates.  This class is sure to help you jump start many layouts.  Do you need to catch up on your scrapping?  Then this is the class for you!

You can see small icons of each template on the guide pages.  Click on the links for set 1, set 2, set 3, and set 4.  

The above four classes will always be visible for viewing to subscribers.  Once enrolled, you can continue earning credit for lessons as long as you reach the monthly goal set for you.   There is no need to enroll again each month. 

The below three classes will only be open for viewing during the month of September and will not be available again until March.  It is our hope that by limiting participation to only three extra challenges each month that more will participate in each class at a time, rather than being spread out over so many classes.  Let's scrap together as a community!  It is much more fun and inspiration to work together.  Scrap as many layouts as you can in a month and then join us again in March to pick up where you left off.  It is our hope that by switching up classes each month, you will gain new mojo (aka motivation).

Book of Me/About Me Challenge 
Are you the photographer that is always hiding behind the camera and not in front of it? This class is for you! Based on Angie Pederson's books, this course will have you getting out from behind that camera and making a book-- with you as the star!!

Angie Pederson is the author of many Book of Me publications which you can purchase.  I recommend them to anyone serious about scrapping your own life history.  The inspiration is boundless!  For more information, please read bout Angie on the introduction page to the class guide.

There are currently 40 challenges available in the forum to get you started in the all-important scrapping-about-you!

Quote Challenge
Our normal scrapbooking flow usually begins with the photos and story.  However, occasionally challenges begin with a bit of inspiration and we find ourselves digging for applicable photos. 

It is during these times in which we stretch ourselves to think outside the box that the results often are moving and emotional.  Some of my favorite layouts are those in which I struggled the most with an idea.

This course will begin with 40 quote challenges (each set of 20 earns an icon by your name in the forum). Let that creativity flow!!

Heritage Challenge  
Do you know your lineage? Get to know your ancestors as you learn more about your family. You don't necessarily have to have photos to make a layout. Maybe you can find a census online or have some heirloom memories to preserve.  This class contains 16 challenges which take you through each generation in order to organize your book for you.  See the guide here. Make a book that will be treasured for generations to enjoy!

Site News (from the newsletter)

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PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS.  I am feeling the rush trying to get this photography class ready.  I feel as if I am working so hard and not getting many lessons done and the first of September is coming so quickly.  These lessons are more time consuming than I remember a class being ever before, so I do help that you learn a lot when you take the class. Since I am recording some videos of me with my camera and then incorporating those videos into another video with power points I create, it is very time consuming.

I am learning a lot preparing to teach it!  In fact, preparing this class is partly for me as it is something I have wanted to study deeper for some time now.  I do believe it is coming together, however, in an angle no other photography class out there teaches.  Although the lessons are few, I am very pleased with them.  I am going to continue to work every day to get as many finished before the class launches, but I'm sure, as always, you will catch up with me and be waiting for me to get the next one done.  It will almost be as if we are learning together! 

CHATBOX. I have temporarily turned off the chatbox and you can read more about why I have done so in the chatter area of the forum. The main reason is to encourage more participation in the forum and to encourage students to learn how to use the forum.  I am having withdrawals myself trying to adjust to not stalking the chatbox!

NEW NEWSLETTER SERVICE.  I am considering a new newsletter service and have gotten side-tracked in learning a new interface at other sites as I test them.  I spent many hours yesterday creating a new template at another site.  You can expect to be receiving notifications by e-mail of this change.  I really did not have the time to spend on this right now, but my paid time is about up and I the timing was not my choice!

THANKS, LIKE, AND DISLIKE.  I added a new feature in the forum and removed an old no-longer-supported one.  I'm still trying to get the old thanks stats to move over, if possible.  Why don't you come to the forum and check it out?  It's kind of fun!

Aug 25, 2011

. . . an upside down world

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Upside Down World
This cricket was on my headlight when I came out from a party the other day and made for a fun photographic moment. I couldn't resist adding a caption.

Aug 23, 2011

Fall Television Line-up

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I created a thread in the forum to discuss the new Fall shows or any other television premiere topic. I hope you will join me. I embedded links to the previews of all the new shows I could find (while I watched them). I have to do this for myself every year so I can get my tivo set to record. This little time spend, especially since I do not watch commercials, is well worth it to organize our tv viewing and not have to think of it again.

Here are the new shows this Fall.  Isn't there a lot of them!  Wow!  I wonder which ones will stay and which ones will get hung up on.  Invariably it seems I always choose one that is discontinued after the second episode or so.  I do not understand how they can be so wasteful and not use the shows they paid so much money to create and how they just replace them with something else.

Two Broke Girls (comedy) (Monday)
Unforgettable (Tuesday) September 20
How to Be a Gentleman (comedy) (Thursday)
Person of Interest (Thursday) September 22
A Gifted Man (Friday) September 23

Once Upon a Time (Sunday) October 23
Pan Am (Sunday) September 25
Last Man Standing (Tim Allen) (Tuesday)
Man Up! (comedy) (Tuesday)
Revenge (Wednesday) September 21
Suburgatory (comedy) (Wednesday)
Charlies Angels (Thursday) September 22

The Playboy Club (Monday) September 19
Up All Night (comedy) (Wednesday)
Free Agents (comedy) (Wednesday)
Whitney (comedy) (Thursday)
Prime Suspect (Thursday) September 22
Grimm (Friday) October 21

Allen Gregory (Sunday)
Terra Nova (Monday)
New Girl (comedy) (Tuesday)
The X-factor (Simon Cowell) (Wednesday & Thursday)
I hate my teenage daughter (comedy) (Wednesday)

Good Christian Belles (ABC)
Missing (ABC)
The River (ABC)
Scandal (ABC)
Work It (ABC)
Apartment 23 (ABC)

Smash (NBC)
The Firm (NBC)
Awake (NBC)
Bent (NBC)
Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea (NBC)

Napoleon Dynamite (Fox)
The Finder (Fox)
Alcatraz (Fox)

Here is a list of the premiere dates I intend to catch on my Tivo. I need to get these on my calendar.

September 10 Who Do You Think They Are (Saturday/ NBC)
September 14 Survivor: South Pacific (Wednesday/CBS)
September 19 Hawaii Five-O (Monday/CBS)
September 19 The Sing Off (Monday/NBC)
September 20 NCIS (Tuesday/CBS)
September 20 NCIS: Los Angeles (Tuesday/CBS)
September 20 Unforgettable (Tuesday/CBS)
September 21 CSI (Wednesday/CBS)
September 21 The X-factor (Wednesday & Thursday/FOX)
September 22 Person of Interest (Thursday/CBS)
September 22 Charlies Angels (Thursday/ABC)
September 22 Prime Suspect (Thursday/NBC)
September 23 CSI: New York (Friday/CBS)
September 25 The Good Wife (Sunday/CBS)
September 25 CSI: Miami (Sunday/CBS)
September 26 Amazing Race (Sunday/CBS)
October 3 House (Monday/Fox)
October 11 Last Man Standing (Tuesday/ABC)
February 6, 2012 Smash (Monday/NBC)

Here they are rearranged by the day of the week. It looks like my Tivo will be busy and we will have to be using Friday and Saturdays to catch up viewing!

The Good Wife (Sunday/CBS)
CSI: Miami (Sunday/CBS)
Amazing Race (Sunday/CBS)

Hawaii Five-O (Monday/CBS)
The Sing Off (Monday/NBC)
House (Monday/Fox)
Smash (Monday/NBC)

NCIS (Tuesday/CBS)
NCIS: Los Angeles (Tuesday/CBS)
Unforgettable (Tuesday/CBS)
Last Man Standing (Tuesday/ABC)

Survivor: South Pacific (Wednesday/CBS)
CSI (Wednesday/CBS)
The X-factor (Wednesday & Thursday/FOX)

Person of Interest (Thursday/CBS)
Charlies Angels (Thursday/ABC)
Prime Suspect (Thursday/NBC)
The X-factor (Wednesday & Thursday/FOX)

CSI: New York (Friday/CBS)

Who Do You Think They Are (Saturday/ NBC)

We are also watching Big Brother right now, although I don't know why we keep watching it.
We dropped Undercover Boss and are watching Same Name.  Both seem to have a similar premise where the rich people do something kind for the normal people, but the theme got old quickly with Undercover Boss.  I am liking Same Name.

What will you be watching this Fall?  Do not hesitate to share in the comments or the forum.

Aug 21, 2011

Whose melting your chocolate?

For some time now I've been trying very hard not to post anything negative around the internet.  It has been a growing experience for me.  With the more widely used social media on the internet, it brings on a whole new way of communicating.  I see some people on Facebook continually posting negative comments and never any positive comments.  It seems a reflection of them.  Is it wrong?  Not necessarily because everyone needs someone to listen to them.  I wonder how many suicides Facebook has prevented.  On the other hand, for people who post and get no responses, I wonder how many people have been adversely affected by Facebook.

Of course, I have not only Facebook, but this blog and the forum, and the chatbox, and Twitter, and other means to communicate, as well as text messaging.  This is a whole new world.

I do not want to be a person who is known as always being negative, so I have not been posting my life problems on y blog or anywhere else in a very long time, maybe at least a year.  I have been purposefully trying to post something positive, even when feeling down.  I hide behind the computer screen and pretend to be something I am not.

I am recently reminded how many times I have been able to help other people by being "transparent" on my blog posts.  God works through me when I share my thoughts to reach other people.  By not posting about my troubles, I'm not helping other people either.  Which is the right thing to do?  Do I share and in turn share my testimony or do I pretend the world is fine?

Sometimes by sharing people also help me.  Sometimes in writing I am helped.  Sometimes in sharing people take it all wrong and think I "need help" as in professional help.  Do they not get it that everyone needs someone to just listen to them when down?

I've gotten to the point in my life where I feel so alone in this world. Yes, I have people all around me, I have friends, I have people on the internet that care about me, but I often feel alone. Yes, people can feel alone even in a crowd.

I know people care about me, but when trouble hits, I feel as if I cannot share it with anyone anymore and that I have to go through it on my own.

If I share it with people, then they will just think I am a negative person all the time or think I "need help."

Sometimes when I share, I realize people just do not know what to say or how to help, so it puts them in a difficult position.  Most people do not know how to "just listen."  I think people who do know how to "just listen" have a special gift from God.  How many people in this world just need someone to listen to them, not judge them, and not give advice.  They just need to know someone hears at that moment in order to get through that moment.

Have you ever been around someone who seems to be bombarded with problems who shares them constantly?  It can be hard.  I've been on the receiving end of such and sometimes wonder how their life can have so many problems and if some of those problems were not created by themselves.  I grow weary of listening, yet keep on trying to be the best listener I can be and not be judgmental.

However, I fear that this is the way I come across to people sometimes, so now I feel as if I cannot share any problems with anyone anymore.  I feel alone in this world.

Feeling alone while trying to get through a trial is debilitating.  I become so week emotionally that I cannot function.  All I can do is is sit there and wait for the emotions to pass.  These seems to happen more and more often.  Then I feel even worse because I have wasted time and I have not gotten done what I had intended to get done before the debilitation began.  My time is so wasted that I have not even used it to relax!  That would be time well spent.

The only thing that is getting me through is my faith in God.  What do people do when they have no faith?  I cannot imagine going through life without my faith.

I know that I am not alone in this world because I always have Christ.  He will listen to me. 

Psalm 34:17 The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.
Psalm 34:18 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary,they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you;I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

It is a good exercise to try to always pray to God before you reach out to mankind for a listening ear.  Friends are great, but they are only human and can only help lift your burden so much.  God, however, is all powerful and there is nothing He cannot do.

I realize that sometimes my hormones do put me in an unexplainable down mood.  I recognize those times and have learned to ride through them.  Of course, the older I get, the less often those hormones seem to plague me, which is a good thing I suppose.

I also realize that in general, I am not a negative person.  I wake up each morning with a positive spirit.

Even when life's troubles come my way, I may exclaim out loud, but I do not feel overly stressed.  I take them in stride and move forward one step at a time.

What does get me down is other people.  When other people think bad of me, it gets me down.  Or even when I think other people might be thinking bad of me, it gets me down.  Relationships get me down.

My problem is that I live with someone who is a negative person and that relationship has become overwhelming for me.

Yesterday morning I awoke in a very good mood only to have someone else's negativity drag me down faster than a bolt of lightening.

I wrote in a tweet,  "Sometimes life is a bunch of chocolates, but then someone else's negative heat melts all your joy."

I'm so weary of my joy being melted away by someone else's negative heat that each time it happens, I become debilitated even faster.  I have no stamina against it anymore.  It renders me useless.

I think about how far reaching one person's negativity can be.  I am immediately affected by it and then pass it on to others in my circle of life, including those on the internet.  It is like a domino affect.

I cannot keep living my life this way.  I want to be happy.  I find myself often thinking that I need a new life.  A new life would be one with new people who do not drag down my happiness and with people who care about me and enjoy being around me.  Sometimes, however, I feel as if I need either a new life or no life at all because a new life with new people seems impossible to reach.  This is when I need to reach down into my soul and pull up that anchor which is Christ, my Lord and Savior.  I am alone in this world, not being able to constantly turn for a listening ear in mankind because this problem is so regular and constant.

It is known that depression runs in his family and I can now see why.  He really needs to correct what is in his mind before he can fix anything else.

Unfortunately, I am the brunt of much of his negative thinking.  He is possessive, obsessive, and drama-ish.

It all stems down to his strong need for touch.  He expects too much from me, especially since I have a low need for touch.

The Five Love Languages book I have bound to be always very true.  When I first learned of them, it helped me a lot.  His top love language is touch and my top love language is service.  My bottom love language is touch, which being a polar opposite causes problems.

I remember times when he would do the dishes for me and I could tell he expected "touch" in return.  Of course, he always denied it, but it was so evident to me.

For 22 years I did all the housework and practically raised the children on my own.  I used to say I felt like a single mother with an extra income.  However, he was not at fault.  He was a great father providing for his children, keeping us afloat by working two or three jobs.

For the past three years, however, the tables are switched.  I am working two or three jobs and he is doing more of the housework.  The boys are mostly raised and we find ourselves more and more empty nesters, even if the boys are in the house, they are not really there.

With him gone so much while the boys were growing up, the problems were not so evident and easier to deal with.  Life was focused on the boys, not us.  Looking back, I can see how the problems have always been there, but our being together more is really bringing the problems to the forefront and I am beginning to perceive what the problem roots that exist.

He is so obsessive and possessive of me, and getting worse with time, that I cannot endure it much longer.  He will not allow me to talk to any other male, whether it be our pastor, a 20 year old, a cousin, a gay, husbands of friends, clerks in the store, strangers, or acquaintances at church.  If he is present, he will rudely interrupt the conversation until I end up looking like the bad one in the situation when I speak back to him.  I absolutely hate how he makes me out to be the bad person by his behavior.

He is so in tune to me and my whereabouts and what I am doing at all times, even what I look at, that I feel smothered.  He will not leave me alone so I can work from home, constantly checking in on me and interrupting me.  He needs a hobby!  Unfortunately for me, I am his hobby!

Of course, many wives would think being so in tune would be a good thing and it is, but being overly so is not.  For instance, when we are at a restaurant, he expects me to give my undivided attention to him at all times and is always remarking about what I am looking at around the room.  Even if he is sitting right next to me, I am to be looking at him and no where else.  The things he does when it begins to bother him that I am looking around is embarrassing and difficult to to how to handle.  He even broke my nose over such an instance because the anger that arose (two days before my son's wedding!).  I never went to get medical treatment, so he denies it was broken, but I know it was fractured somehow, even if it was not displaced.  It took six weeks to heal.  The embarrassment of the circle under my right eye upon returning to work and being asked constantly if I were tired wanted to make me cry.  It made the wedding a difficult time for me.

He expects me to give him some sort of physical touch every day, every time we are together and gets jealous of even my computer when I give it more attention than I give him!  Excuse me!  But I'm working here! 

He can be thinking negative about me before we even get out of bed because I'm working at my computer and he thinks I should be snuggling with him. He gets himself so worked about thinking negatively about me that it turns into a drama episode.  I hate drama.  I don't create it, but I live it.

He explodes in anger more days than not because his negative thoughts have taken over and all I want to do is go about my daily activities and be happy.  They say one negative person in a house can make the whole atmosphere of the house uncomfortable and that is the life I live.   I cannot keep living this life.  Yes, the back rubs and the foot rubs are nice.  How he likes to bring me something to drink or eat is nice, but the drama episodes outweigh the good.

The first five months of this year he slept on the couch begging for forgiveness and trying to change, but his problems seem so inborn in him that he does them without thinking.  He continues to try, but meanwhile I am able to withstand them less.  It's like the first time you throw a knife at someone, you can pull out out and heal quickly, but with each successive one, it hurts more and takes longer to heal.  Each time I am taken down and debilitated quicker.

I feel as if no one respects my at home job of working the educational forum as a real job.  No one sees the daily hours I put in on this site as work.   I can easily spend over 14 hours each weekend day on this site preparing new content.  I work when I wake up, at lunch time, and after my day job in the evening.  It takes so much time to prepare all of the teaching lessons and new content and no one is really aware how much time I spend for so little feedback in return.

It makes me want to quit.  The more I work and the less activity on the site in return, the less I am motivated to keep working.  I am close to just quitting, but leaving the subscriber area for assess, without any new content or trying to come up with activities or formal classes.  The only thing keeping me going right now is that I am working on this new photography class and it is something I have wanted to do for some time now, for myself.  I learn so much myself when I have to prepare to teach it to someone else.  I am considering this "me time" whether anyone else benefits from it or not.  Where I go after this class depends on how I feel in the future.

Although I do appreciate all the people devoted to the site who are active, it just seems too much work for me to keep it active.  When I am not there or not reminding people about the site through Facebook, twitter, the blog, and the newsletter, then people stop coming.  No one realizes how much work it is to constantly be "marketing" almost every day.

People tell me the digital scrapbooking community would feel a great loss without me, yet where are these people in the forum?  It seems to me no one really realizes the extent of what I have created at the site and the value which is here.  No one realizes the enormity of time put into creating everything that is available.  The majority of the people just want things for free from me.  I'm certain that the other few educational sites for digital scrapbookers are making much more money than I am for less time.  But it's not about money to me.  It's about people benefiting from the time I've put into everything here.  I do not have the resources other sites do to pull people in.  I'm the "small guy."

I often feel as if I have no family that cares about me, not even my boys who I've poured my heart into for years, no friends I see regularly (only those available by phone), no one I do things with creating happy moments, I'm degraded constantly at work, and all I have left is this guy drama.  What kind of life is this?

I keep going once again, only because of my faith.  Once again I wonder how people live without faith.  I made a promise many years ago to God to love, honor, and cherish this man.  I do not take promises to God lightly.  I keep trying, and trying, and trying.  But I want to quit everything.

They say that life is a choice and happiness is a choice.  Is it really?  Or are we bound by law and gospel instead?

If this post helps anyone in me being "transparent," then let God do so.  Otherwise, maybe just writing it has helped me some.

I'm just at my whit's end at having my chocolate melted by other relationships.

Aug 20, 2011

Yesterday was a difficult day

Sad Day
While other people are posting on Facebook about their children's first day of school on Thursday and all their "firsts" such as first day of kindergarten, first day in jr. high or high school, I was having a very different "first."

It is certainly a new chapter in my life. This bed now is empty for the first time in nineteen and a half years. My youngest "baby" left at midnight Friday to drive over 9 hours out of state to follow the love of his life. He left with a car full of stuff, but no job, no place to stay, and not enrolled in school.

Is he going to make it? I am not worried for his safety. God will take care of him. Even if he sleeps in his car, he will still be fine and unharmed. I'm actually calm. I've blogged before how the big thinks in my life out of my control I seem to handle fine. It is the things in my control that I have to make decisions on that get me stressed. Those out of my control are in God's hands and I sure wish I could face all troubles like this!

For the boy who only gives a courteous grunt to his parents when they talk to him, he did reply to our texts yesterday to let us know his travels were safe. Of course, as he needed me, I was contacted, so I was able to follow his progress yesterday. He met with the school to get the financial aid process started. He met with a roommate and visited apartments to choose one. He told me he had a place to stay (I am assuming with no furniture).

My last contact with him was around 7 p.m. Since he began driving at midnight and had a long day after being awake since about noon the day before, I was imagining he crashed on the floor in an apartment. At least he has his bedding with him from home.

Now we have to buy new bedding for this room and can finally give it a good cleaning.

Aug 19, 2011

Aug 18, 2011

A few souveniers

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I haven't had time to blog about our trip. Overwhelmed to say the least.

I thought I'd share just a few of our souvenirs.

Hubby just had to have a wobbling hula girl for his dashboard. He says it looks just like me and is now calling me his hula girl. I tried. It didn't work.

I"m always so much more practical. I have to be able to use what I get. I am not much into jewelry, but I do have one gold necklace which I purchased for myself finally in January (wanted it for more years than I can say!), so I got a charm to go on it. I got one with the plumeria flower which seems to be the theme of the island. They were everywhere! I got one with a gold edge to match my necklace.

Aug 16, 2011

Did you know you can journal right into the properties of your photos?

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We just learned how to view the properties of our photos, but I am here to encourage you to journal on these photos also!

I feel journaling is very important, otherwise the photos are no better than a bunch of photos in a box of old whereby you wonder where, when, and what the photo is about.

You can journal right into the properties with Windows Live Photo Gallery, Bridge, Picasa, and other programs, as well as the folder properties itself.

Here's a bonus to journaling right into the property of photos. What do you think of this?

Here's a photo for you to enjoy. Hey! This is for the photography class and everyone here enjoys photos, right? Breathe in deep and relax!

Kauaii Sunrise

Aug 15, 2011

What settings did I use when I took that photo?

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This video was created for the new photography class here at Hummie's World! Consider it a sneak peak of what is to come. I do hope you sign up for the class. I'm excited about it!

The best way to learn manual settings on your camera is to test the various settings. Before digital cameras, one had to carry along a notebook and note the settings as each photo was taken. This is no longer necessary with digital!

You will see how to view the settings in Windows Live Photo Gallery, Picasa, and Bridge, as well as your folders!

Oh, and this photo . . . it is f/11, 1/320 secs., ISO 400, 28 mm.
Yes, we will learn what these mean!

Honopu Arch

iPhone magic tricks -- cool video!

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Check out this video of a guy doing magic tricks with iPhones. It's really cool and a new concept!

Aug 14, 2011

Use cloth remants as a frame/mini book

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I saw this and absolutely loved it!  I can see it pinned up on my bulletin board at my desk at work.  It looks so easy to create too!  Click on the above image credit link to see more images and details.

Tempate #75

Template 75 Square
Available in square

Template Number 75 Rectangle
Available in rectangle

Download (for a limited them, and then along with the other 74 templates, available in the subscriber area for $5.50 per month)

Aug 12, 2011

Twitter Roundup

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It's been a while since I posted a Twitter Round up, so this is a long one!  I do appreciate everyone who takes the time to thank me for these so that I know they are being utilized.  The readers here are awesome!

Happy clicking!
She packed up her troubles in a really cute bag. Wish I could really do this! (July 16)

RT @DigiShopTalk Strategies for combating scrappers block #DigiScrap (July 16)

Photograph food tips (July 16)

Paper piecing with digiscrap doodles (July 16)

A pull treat! #hybrid #digiscrap What a great gift idea! (July 16)

I love you because gift idea -- heartwarming idea! (July 16)

Can you care too much? I wonder if do that sometime. My friend has an answer. (July 16)

Oh yeah! I've got a +1 link on my blog posts now! (July 14)

@FindJacqueWalle Triplet's Mother Missing, Parents Speak with 'GMA' (July 14)

Currently detoxifying my body/----also known as sweating while working on the garden. (July 10)

Just saw someone using this service to distribute to facebook, twitter, etc. Interesting. (July 17)

Google cloud printing Set up one computer to print and then share that computer -- this may solve our problems! (July 17)

I am SO scraplifting this after I take my own Hawaii photos! (July 20)

RT @JoyceMeyer What others say about you is not nearly as important as what God says. He says you’re valuable, loved and accepted! –Joyce Meyer (July 20)

@oldguycomedy Happy birthday dear husband! You are now old guy older! (July 20)

Use your digital scrapbooking skills to create your own speakers! (July 19)

This layout really put a smile on my face! This is scrapping real life! (July 18)

My Facebook chatbox just changed. It now is a scrollbar to the right. I'm not sure what to think of it taking up more space. (July 18) 

tutorial -- make a rope bowl -- now why am I always attracted to the ruggedness of rope? (July 21)

Tutorial - blending photos into background (July 21)

Tutorial - grouping layers in Photoshop (July 21)

ackkk...left my cell phone at home when I went home for lunch. I even thought twice before I took it from purse. I hate it when I do that! (July 21)

Tutorial -- adding textures to the backgrounds of photos. (July 21)

Trap your friends in a jar with Photoshop (ah! I want to do this!) (July 21)

Don't say cheese! 5 tips for natural smiles (July 21)

recoloring embellishments tutorial (July 21)

tutorial at ScrapMatters for making ribbon into circle (July 21)

Check this video out -- Digital Scrapbook Tutorial -- Coloring Text to Match Your Layout

There is no such thing as an automatic door; only gentlemen ninjas. (giggle)(July 21)

Simple, cute gift for grandparents using scrapbooking paper (#hybrid, print own!) (July 21)

These book labels are a simple idea. I can see them making a friend/girl smile. (July 21)

Make these cute boxes from paint swatches! (July 21)

My desktop has been japonized! Simple repeating tile creator. (July 21)

Vibrance vs. Saturation (did you know you can find vibrance slider in Photoshop Elements?) (July 21)

#quote “The world is crammed with messages. We’ll never have time to read them all.” ― Janette Turner Hospital (July 21)

a rope mirror or picture frame would make a great scout activity! (July 21)

battery-operated candle? - make this simple container w/digital scrapbooking supplies. (Juy 21)

Create a #hybrid mug with digital scrapbooking papers as gift container! (July 21) 

Beat the heat with homemade ice cream sandwiches

You can never cross the ocean unless you loose have the courage to loose site of the shore. (July 24)

Do It Yourself S'mores kit -- would make cute gift!

salad in a jar? I like this concept! Would be great for lunches

lots of new google+ icons out there for download

What brings U joy
? printable--hang it up!

Thrifty! Shoebox wall art-use with digital scrapbooking? 

Reviews on the Toshiba Thrive seem good.

A glimpse of Google+ brand pages

If you had a "happy jar," would it be filled to the brim with positive comments? (July 25)

I can see lots of fun photos to scrap w/these photo booth printable

Man, is it HOT out there! Especially while your at a pool party in dress clothes! (July 25)

I found this video comparing the iPad 2 and HP Touchpad interesting

I hate Facebook; it's just a breeding ground for snooping and gossiping. (July 25)

I can hardly watch Big Brother--it's the Rachel/veterans show. I would have rather it be all newbies. How do you feel? (July 24)

We cannot always control of what goes on outside. But we can always control what goes on inside. (July 24)  

God sends blessings in unexpected ways; gave nephew crash course on his digital camera; really helped me to organize for the class I'm preparing (July 29)

Find out what's new on Google+

Ever had a conversations where your mouth runs off without your verbal editor about the time you discover your tact-o-meter is on the fritz? (July 28)
#hybrid scrapbooking print papers and make a pinwheel cupcake topper

July 28th is National Milk Chocolate Day! Freebie

Tropical Storm Don may be messing with US weather soon: See path (July 28)

@geilec Feeling tired today after staying up late last night to read a book on healthy sleep habits.

Check this video out -- Keep a One-Sentence Journal.

@oldguycomedy Insert sad face here; I did not get any Hawaii surprise in my car today? booo hoooo! (July 27)

f-stop should be called focal stop --- errrrr....I mean final stop! (July 26)

Use your digital scrapbooking skills to make these party ideas

@kfvsnews The U.S. Postal Service released of list of 3,700 offices that could be shut down -save money.

I need to play with this to see how it works in PSE (found @gingerscraps)

God will give you no more than you can handle -- he knows your breaking point. [just wrote that to a friend-felt someone here might need to read it today] (July 26)

....>why we scrap: “Travel is ninety per cent anticipation and ten per cent recollection.” Edward Streeter (July 25) 

If you had 2 children that were acting like the 2 houses of congress you would paddle their behinds and tell them to straighten up. (July 30)

FYI for followers who may not know; the Jacque Waller missing person case that has gone national is located here where I live. (July 29)

Clay Waller arrested = stealing by deceit in connection with a construction project & threatening to kill someone & showing up at door. (July 29)

Sweet treats candy topper (download printable) - or make your own! (July 29) 

The wall paintings would be great in kitchen or bathroom too (Aug 4)

Believe you can and you're halfway there! Free printable. (Aug 3)

Ah! Creative paint a few petals on fresh cut flowers! (Aug 3)

Tutorial: Using the Undo History (Aug 2)

Create a sun bleached look with Photoshop curves. (Aug 2)

Those that bring sunshine -- free printable -- frame it! hang-it! (Aug 2)

Create rusty metal effect in Photoshop. (Aug 1)

It's kind of FUN to do the impossible! Download printable (Aug 1)

Flexible gift wrapping paper I can see this in #hybrid digi ! (Aug 1)

Make these cute felt bookmarks for back to school fun (July 31) New restaurant in Cape -- seems like it might be a great place for lunch- have to go there soon. (Aug 8)

Check out Celebrity Playlists of favs on Youtube. (Aug 8)

@oldguycomedy I'm sorry you do not feel well today, but kind of glad it did not hit during our vacation, but still stinks on last day off. (Aug 8)

It's raining in Cape Girardeau! It seems to me it must have followed us from Kauai because that's all it did there! (Aug 8)

Did you miss me? (Aug 7)

Yeah! I love Missouri!!! (Aug 7)

If you hate sitting and waiting in airports with no sleep--raise your hand!! Lol (Aug 7)

Some day I will remember to stick flowers in boots - too cute! (Aug 6)

Can see this butterfly wall art made w/printed digi-scrapbooking paper (Aug 5)

You too! Great way to start the day thinking. @SimplyKellyD Good morning! Have a wonderfully productive day! (Aug 10)

E-crafting magazines (the art journaling looks interesting) (Aug 10)

Identify the rioters -- great idea! (Aug 10)

Smile, Breathe, and Go Slowly (scrapbooking title idea!) (Aug 10)

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing (scrapbooking title idea!) (Aug 10)

Bursting with big, brilliant memorable moments (Scrapbooking title idea!) (Aug 10)

Recipe for Adventure and Romance (hmmm...I think that might make a great scrapbook title for my book!) (Aug 10)

Not all who wander are lost. Where have you wandered today? (use as title for layout?) (Aug 9)

I crave regularity (Aug 9)

(Image Credits - Ready,Set,Create) I love this book idea with the page circles cut in half. (Aug 9)

I married this goofy guy 25 years ago today! Getting more silver ever day. (Aug 9)

love is the greatest adventure of all (scrapbooking title idea!) (Aug 10)

I want to go on adventures with you (vacation scrapbooking title idea!) (Aug 10)

Breathtaking, Amazing Adventure, Spectacular Moments (vacation scrapbooking title idea!) (Aug 10)

You are the author of your own experience (scrapbooking title idea!) (Aug 10)

Breathe in the ocean breeze and put those brain cells to sleep (Ah! I just came up with that scrapbooking title idea -- gotta use it!) (Aug 10)

Aug 11, 2011

Putting God First

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Dawn and I have decided to make a re-commitment to "put God first," give the website back to Him once again as we refocus, seek Him daily, and be in His will for ourselves as well as for the site.

To begin with, we have decided to both do the Life Application Study Bible Devotional one year reading plan.

You can find me at Youversion here and Dawn is here. With a free account, you can follow us. I plan to make notes and there is an ability to tweet them, facebook them, or just "like" them.

You can access the reading plan via the internet or your iPhone or Android phone applications.

Leave a comment with a link to your account and we will follow you back.

Aug 10, 2011

Kauai Day One - Sunday

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We watched South Pacific the night before our trip began on my laptop, but were not much into the musical and were not as impressed with the scenery as we were with the movie Seven Days, Six Nights. We also watched Elvis in Blue Hawaii and were curious how we would find the boardwalk at Hanalei Bay so many years later, as well as whether we could see Bali Hai today.

Because I was taking the laptop, at the end of the movie I began a backup to an EHD. It failed several times as we half-slept checking on its progress from time to time. We were so excited about our trip that we could not really sleep anyway. I only slept about three hours, which was not a good way to start out our long journey.

We left the house around 9:00 a.m. for the drive to St. Louis. We arrived at Pam's house around 10:45, after a stop at McDonald's for a bacon, sausage, egg biscuit. We arrived at the St. Louis Lambert Airport around 11:30 a.m. Pam drove our car home for us to "babysit" it for us.

We went through the luggage check-in fairly quickly as I waved good-bye to our suitcase (and of course, tried to snap a photo of with my iPhone as it went down the conveyor belt).
Traveling to Kauai

My first time through a security check was interesting. We had to empty our water bottles because no liquid is allowed. The laptop and netbook had to be placed in a tub by themselves. Every person took off their shoes and placed them in for scanning. I wondered about how many yucky germs I was standing on in my bare feet.

We found our gate D2 fairly quickly and sat down for a short bit. When the couple we were chatting with got up, we decided to find the restroom. We had been marveling at all the boarded up windows due to the tornado earlier this year when we discovered that the restrooms were designated as a tornado shelter. That was interesting! It was a fair distance from our gate too and I could not imagine everyone being able to fit into the restrooms.
Traveling to Kauai

We passed by the arrival/departure boards (my first time to see one in person!) and quickly determined that our flight was the only one marked for delay. Instead of leaving at 1:40, it was marked to leave at 2:05. It would be our luck to be on the one plane set for delay. As we waited and chatted with people, the delay was put back even more to 2:15 p.m.

Travel to Kauai

I began to understand all the stress people go through with plane delays. Of course, we calculated to make sure this delay would not affect our next flight. That would not be good to miss a flight from Los Angeles to Kauai as I can imagine it is the less flown route.

There was a lot of loud-speaker commotion regarding our flight. We wondered why they kept calling people up to the desk for a re-check. Apparently, there were many people on stand-by. Next, it was announced that the plane had been overbooked and they were looking for people to volunteer to take a later flight for a $300 air credit. This was followed by pleas for people to volunteer to check in their carry-ons because they had determined that there was not enough room in the overheads for them. The people near us were complaining because they had arrived at the airport an hour and a half early for a 9:45 a.m. flight, but because the check-in was so slow, they had missed their flight and were trying to get on this one. It seemed to us a whole lot of drama for my very first flight!
Travel to Kauai

There were further delays and the departure time was now 2:15 p.m.
Travel to Kauai

The boarding went quickly. We found our seats and of course I had to take photos of us on my very first flight. After taxing down the runway, my first take-off was smooth and I was amazed at how quickly the plane got up so high in the air.
Travel to Kauai

I enjoyed taking photos out the window and found that the landscape changed often throughout our flight. I remarked at how the view out the window looked just like a "google map" view. Of course, the clouds were in all their splendor and it was so cool to be flying above some of them and below some of them. There was a little turbulence, but it was not bad.

It took me a little bit of playing around to figure out how to direct my personal air conditioning flow above my head.
Travel to Kauai

I quickly learned about watching the seat belt on warning light which was turned off and on often during the entire trip. Of course, when it was off, I was able to take my first trip to the bathroom on a plane high in the air. Hey, every "first" is exciting!
Travel to Kauai

First we viewed the St. Louis area and followed the Missouri River.
Travel to Kauai

Eventually, we had a view of farmland. We wondered what part of the country we flying over when we spotted these odd circles random over miles and miles. The circles were inside squares and appeared to be some sort of farming technique. Not every square had one of these circles and sometimes the circles had a cut in them like a pie slice. There was a dot in the middle of the circle (dirt-like) with a line coming to the circumference. Was it a road? Was it some sort of irrigation system?
Travel to Kauai

I loved taking photographs of the clouds.
Travel to Kauai
Travel to Kauai
Travel to Kauai

Next we flew over mountains and were exclaiming at their marvel out loud. The mountains looked like they had black soot on them, so I wondered if that was left from their creation during volcanic activity.
Travel to Kauai

Next we flew of barren dry dessert-like country. I wondered why any would ever want to live in such a location with nothing but dry land for miles and miles. We talked about what it must have been like for the pioneers as they were crossing the country for the first time.
Travel to Kauai

As we entered California, we were surprised to see how mountainous and brown and dry it also appeared. It was cool to imagine the houses in the mountains, however, and what it must be like to live there.
Travel to Kauai

We had free drinks provided for us. Twice during the trip the cart was pushed down the isle stopping at every row.
Traveling to Kauai

As we entered Los Angeles, we exclaimed over the rows and rows of suburbia for miles on end. Why would anyone want to live like this either? It really makes us appreciate where we do live and love it even more.
Travel to Kauai

In the LAX, we were presented with yet another delay notification. We arrived around 4:09 p.m. PST (3 hours, 11 minutes was our flight). Our next flight was to begin at 6:00, but it was delayed until 6:25. We found there was a shortage of electrical outlets and people were quickly vying for them. We managed to get two outlets and sat down to wait as we charged our cell phones and netbook.
Travel to Kauai

The boarding was uneventful, thankfully after the first boarding drama. The plane was much larger than the first one and quickly took off over the Pacific Ocean.
Travel to Kauai
Traveling to Kauai

We found the ocean view to be less exciting than we had imagined and grew quickly board with it. Our pilot told us that this was a 5.5 hour flight.
Travel to Kauai

As we let that settle into our minds to gear up for the long trip, we kept climbing until we were far about all the clouds. In fact, eventually, we could not see the ocean any longer as it was entirely covered with clouds below us. We found this an unexpected surprise.
Travel to Kauai

Running on only 3 hours sleep, and knowing it would be 2 a.m. CST when we arrived, we tried to sleep to pass the time, but found it difficult. Our bodies were getting stiff and our lower backs were beginning to ache. There really is no good way to sleep on an airplane. First he laid on my shoulder as I laid on the window, but the cramp in my hip caused a shift so that I was now laying on him.

We were on the wrong side of the airplane to see the sun set very well, but it did cast a rainbow-like sprawl along the horizon.
Travel to Kauai

We had read to sit on the left side of the plane so that you could see Kauai as the plane came into the airport. Since it was so dark, all we saw were some boring lights.
Travel to Kauai

When we landed and turned on our cell phones, a photo and message from Stacy and Logan popped up on my phone and it was the perfect greeting to begin a wonderful time.
Traveling to Kauai

We rode a shuttle to the Budget car rental where we quickly got into our 2012 silver Mustang convertible. When we arrived at Wal-mart to buy supplies to stock our condo, we found exotic tropical oddly-named foods as we traversed the isles.
Traveling to Kauai
Traveling to Kauai
Traveling to Kauai
Travel to Kauai

They are huge believers in conversation here, so there are few lights on the roads late at night. When night falls, it really does. Being as it felt like 2 a.m. to us (in CST time), and the difficult long airplane trip, the long drive to the north shore was a hard one to make. We arrived around midnight (Hawaii time) and were in aw of the quality of the condo. We could hear the ocean, but could not see it. We quickly went to bed. It was 12:30 a.m. Hawaii time and 5:30 a.m. Missouri time. We were laughing that we were going to bed as people were already getting up back home. In fact, Pam texted me because she was headed to work.
Travel to Kauai