Mar 7, 2011

Twitter Round-up

Here's a twitter round up!

I know some of you like clicking and surfing and reading!

Happy clicking!

Digital painting video -- I wish I had this natural talent. Do you...

Something Blue Studios tutorial for children - with name made in photoshop! Making a digital sticker tutorials from "my digital stash"

Bunny posted Trash to Treasure – Spice Rack

Creativesuite quick #PStip using #photoshop's Pass Through mode tutorial

Got me some mojo's!

Eclipse, the new Journey album, will be released on May 24 -- Do you think it will be the same without Steve Perry? Any other 80's fans here that might feel a twinge of excitement and wonder?

Create a Realistic Vintage Ticket Stub in Photoshop

Little Dreamer Designs is closing...Michelle Coleman will be missed!! (thanks for passing that on Malinda) (posted Feb 21, 2011)

Morning all. The bedroom window is open and I'm waking to the sound of birds chriping!

Have you ever finished a layout only to realize what felt like a burden was really a blessing?

I think I found my inspiration for a Christmas card! The checkmark will be "Do Christmas card.! Cracking up here! (posted 12/15/09)

This thread at DST for large photo layouts totally rocks!

Anyone making their own Christmas cards? Another video by Designer Digitals -- awesome site!

What's up with all the digital scrapbooking sites sending out a countdown to Christmas daily e-mails? My inbox is is flooded (posted 12/12/09).

Deb (scrappen cop) recorded a video...and then gave me kudos for teaching on my blog....yep...she can keep designing as she's better than me!

Awesome looking #digiscrap tags by @scrappincop!

Making the season bright with Ella ezine! Check it out. (posted 12/9/2009)

Were you uncool before it was cool to be uncool? And if your children think you are uncool, does that mean you're really cool?

10 Polaroid Holiday Decor Ideas from A Beautiful Mess.

Katie! What great inspiration! Why not scrap a page about how Christmas makes you feel. Share how you feel in this Facebook post too.

Digital Scrapbooking Magazine In Your Pants ....naaay...doesn't work, but I'm seeing some other funnies on my bookshelf! How about you?
Great post of hybrid gift s to inspire you.

Hubby is SO funny, "I guess I'll just sit around here and watch myself get middle-aged."

Be inspired to use Teal in your digiscrap layouts!

How to Organize Layers into Folders.

Mar 5, 2011

Kind of like drippy rained-on grass

When I was thinking of a name for this alpha I made, I was thinking of how it looked so much like drippy, rained-on grass. I think that I'm really wanting Spring to get here full force! It's effecting my thoughts even!

I have a strange urge to roll around in some drippy, rained-on grass - - - green grass - - -

- - - - - - - while the rain is coming down on me.

Download (limited time on my blog, always in subscriber area)

I made this for the elements class challenging them to use alphabets in a unique way. As with all elements challenges, I try to offer them a free item to work with, but they can use any item that fits the theme.

Spring Desktop Background

I still had snow on my desktop! I decided I needed to bring on a little Spring! Here's my new desktop and you are welcome to grab the full size copy and use it yourself!
It's in this Flickr folder. Be sure to click on the "actions" drop down menu and then choose "view all sizes."

Mar 4, 2011

Welcome Chrissy!

I want to take this opportunity to welcome Chrissy to the staff here at Hummie's World. She will be offering her services as Editor of the newsletter, as well as some other tasks.

We have needed help around here for a long time as it has just been so overwhelming for two people to run. I think back and remember when I did all of this as one person. There was no way I could continue without help and now we have three!

I have been training Chrissy this week and she helped to put out her first newsletter and did a fabulous work. To sign up for our site newsletter, click here.

Learn Digital Scrapbooking

Here is Dawn's layout using the free kit that Connie Prince is offering to all those who sign up for Course 1. (in gallery).

You can still sign up for the class through March 7th. You can read more about Connie and see the kit preview on this blog post.

The students have been so excited and they are almost all going through the course so fast that they have kept us hopping! It's grand!

Mar 2, 2011

Designer Collab

The designer class has put together for you a wonderful Apple Blossom collab!
You can find the download links in this thread in the forum.

You may leave them thanks directly in the thread (if you are signed in you can click the "thanks" button below each person's post too!), but I encourage you to give back even more by visiting their blogs and leaving them a little warm fuzzies. Many of them are new to designing and their blogs are lonely and it would really make their day to have you comment on their blog.

If you make something with anything, feel free to use the gallery to upload your layout and then post it right in this same thread. That's the best way to give back for their hard work!

Have fun!

This is something new we are trying and we are already beginning to plan next months kit! Any subscriber can participate in contributing, although the focus is on the designer class.