Jan 6, 2011

Party Cookies and Milk, anyone?

Wedding Shower 008B
I think it is fun to try to use simple foods as part of the party decorations. If you think outside of the box for a simple way to display food, there is no need for many table decorations

Wedding Shower 013B

These little plastic cups were called "shot glasses," but we hoped no one would recognize them as the same! We found them at the the local Cape Girardeau Factory Card and Party Outlet.

I thought about using smaller plastic cups without lids so that the cookies were bigger than the tops of the cup and would rest on the cup, but then one couldn't very easily dip their cookie in the milk.

We simply filled the cups with milk and used the tops that came with the cups and put double stuffed Oreo cookies on top.

Jan 5, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Hummie's World!

Here is the 1st birthday wishes post from 2009 with stats in it. You can read a bit about the history of Hummie's World on that post.

Here is the 2nd birthday wishes post from 2010 with stats in it. You can see a silly video of hubby and I celebrating in this post.

On January 1, 2011, Hummie's World was officially 3 years old. Here it is the 5th of the month and I'm just now getting up a blog post. With the wedding shower and upcoming wedding, I've been running behind on everything. I wanted to do something special, but just could not pull it off. I created a thread here where you can leave a message.

The stats January 1, 2009, were:
188 videos
125 downloadable files
754 readers subscribed to blog
2,623 registered users in the forum

The stats January 1, 2010, are:
243 videos
186 downloadable files
1,252 readers subscribed to blog
3,463 registered users in the forum (Threads: 3,405, Posts: 56,184,)
Facebook Fanpage was new in 2009 with 630 members.
Twitter was new in 2009 with 1019 followers.
in 2009, we began offering official classes and keeping credits for assignments:
34 students finished Course 1
8 students finished 20 lessons in Course 2
6 students finished 40 lessons in Course 2
3 students finished 60 lessons in Course 2
~~17 total
2 students finished 20 templates
4 students finished 40 templates
3 students finished 60 templates
~~~9 total
6 students finished 20 Themed Thursday Challenges
1 student finished 40 Themed Thursday Challenges
~~~7 total
9 students finished 20 Variety Challenges
1 student finished 40 Variety Challenges
~~~10 total
32 students enrolled in the first designer class, but it is still new and undergoing.
11 students are enrolled in the Book of Me class, but it is new and undergoing.
7 students are enrolled in the Heritage Challenges, but it is new and undergoing
16 students are actively participating in the scrapping goals challenges

Here are the stats for January 1, 2011:
303 videos
229 downloadable files
1336 readers subscribed to blog
(registered users were pruned, and will continue to be pruned, number no longer useful)
Threads: 3,373 (but I combine to archive them); posts: 83,444
1156 Facebook Fanpage members
1413 Twitter followers
963 Newsletter subscribers (first newsletter mailed 10/12/10)
62 students finished Course 1
18 students finished 20 lessons in Course 2
11 students finished 40 lessons in Course 2
10 students finished 60 lessons in Course 2
7 students finished 80 lessons in Course 2
~~~46 total
8 students finished 20 templates
4 students finished 40 templates
8 students finished 60 templates
~~~20 total
11 students finished 20 Themed Thursday Challenges
4 students finished 40 Themed Thursday Challenges
4 students finished 60 Themed Thurday Challenges
~~~19 total
7 students finished 20 Variety Challenges
4 students finished 40 Variety Challenges
2 students finished 60 Variety Challenges
~~~13 total
7 students finished 20 lessons in designer class
7 students finished 40 lessons in designer class
~~~14 total
0 students finished Book of Me class
0 students finished heritage class (except me!)
9 students finished 20 lessons in scrapping goal class
6 students are enrolled in the new element class began in 2010
17 students are enrolled in the new filter class began in 2010
1 student finished 40 lessons in the new recipe class began in 2010 and 6 are enrolled
6 students finished 20 lessons in the new fun extras class began in 2010
12 students finished 40 lessons in the new fun extras class began in 2010
18 students are enrolled in the new ABC challenge class began in 2010
The "scrapping & healing" program began in 2010.

For classes with more than 1 category finished (ie. 20/40/60/80) each student is only listed once in one of the categories.

There are now 14 regular classes here at Hummie's World, 7 for paid subscribers and 7 for all scrappers, each opened for enrollment every other month.

I have several more ideas for classes that I hope to initiate in 2011.

I was reflecting a few days ago once again about how I started this site as a "ministry" and that I needed to keep that focus and give myself an attitude adjustment once again. Sometimes I get so side-tracked with all the work that this site entails that I forget what it is here for in the first place.

I remembered that I did not create this site. God created it. He just used me to do it. So I ask that you join me in thanking God for what he has done through this website and this community. Praise God!

I can never know what an impact it has had on people. These are numbers I will never be able to give as a statistic. Only God knows and that is all that matters. For instance, any visitor to my blog who has been changed by reading something, yet never registered in the forum, is someone I will never know was impacted by this site. The relationships that exist between members outside of my knowledge is something that I will never know was impacted by this site.

God is not looking at the statistics here as I have done above. I rarely watch the statistics either, but it is just interesting to see where the site has grown. God is looking at the heart. He wants to know where my heart is and where it is with this site.

I often feel like I fail a lot. The site requires so much of me and it is hard to keep up.

I often worry about what people are thinking of me and whether I have unintentionally offended anyone. Everyone takes things so differently and it is often different than it was meant. I feel I will continue to grow in the social aspect of this site.

I feel like such a mess sometimes, but I am reminded that I can be a greater ministry when I am a mess and when I share my failings and open up my life to people than if everything here were perfect. It is hard to open up on the internet in such a public way, but I force myself to do it sometimes. I may not be qualified for this work, but God uses me anyway.

Last year I thanked all the people who have been active here at Hummie's World. I still thank them, but also thank them for allowing God to work through them to make a difference in others as they participate here at Hummie's World. It's not just me that God is using through this website.

As we move into the 4th year, only God knows where this site will go and who he will lead here and how it will help people through their daily walk.

Can I find it within me to keep going strong? Will God give me the strength and time I need? When will I reach that breaking point and where will that brokeness take me if and when it happens? Will God fill me overflowing with energy and time, bringing many people to this website, blessing everyone? How much can I handle? God knows my limits and is protecting me and guiding me. May I keep my focus on Him and follow Him through 2011.

My Blackberry is Not Working; Neither is my Apple!

Simple Party Drink Covers

Many of the active people in the forum, and most especially the chatbox, know that we were busy planning a wedding shower for my son and his fiance for January 1st. They drove down from Minnesota and we had a wonderful time with them while they were here. The wedding is only 10 days away and I'm getting so excited!

I want to share some blog posts with you of some of the things I created for the shower.

Here are the drinks for the shower. It was quick and easy and yet seemed to be so nice.

Wedding Shower 003B

Wedding Shower 004B

Wedding Shower 002B
I merely took brown lunch bags and cut across the bottom of them, measuring the size of the area on the bottles of fruit juices and soda, and leaving a round, open piece of paper.

The paper easily fit over the container. I pulled a piece of jute through the bag before I folded over the extra paper bag and taped it down in the back. Then I tied the jute in a little bow and wrote on the bag the contents of the container.

I wanted to do the cups the same way and allow everyone to write their names on the cups, but we did not purchase big enough cups and I ran out of time to prepare.

Jan 4, 2011

January Design Color Challenge

Join us in the forum here for the January 2001 color challenge.
This palette is perfect for both summer and winter themes, so it will work for both sides of the hemisphere!

Make as little or as much as you want with these colors and then share a link to your download in the challenge thread.

What you make is always shared on Hummie's blog so others will know that you have added something to the challenge, so if you are already a designer, this is a great way to get a little exposure. If you are not a designer already, this is a great way to practice and learn.

January Earn a Kit (7 challenges) Meet Nicole!

This month, we are excited to announce that our designer partner is Nicole Parker, also known as Digi Designs by Nicole. Hummie had the opportunity to meet Nicole at the St. Louis Digi Gathering in 2009 (photo).


I started designing in July 2008 when I stumbled across a CD of digital scrapbooking products and thought I could probably do the same thing. I have been addicted ever since then.

It wasn't until I realized that I could make money off of doing something I loved that I decided to open up my store Stuff To Scrap. I had a handful of digital scrapbooking friends I had met online and invited them to sell with me in the store. It has now grown into something more than I could have ever imagined, but I am loving it!

I also sell there myself under my designer name, Digi-designs by Nicole. Feel free to stop by my blog and store and see what goodies I offer and follow me on Twitter or Facebook for additional savings.


Nicole has her kit, Eskimo Kisses, available for you to earn by doing a set of challenges at Hummie's World.

With the new year upon us, the theme of "time" seemed appropriate for this collection of challenges.

1. Font Challenge: The new year is all about "time" and so is the name of this font!

2. Scraplift Challenge: Time goes by fast, so string up those snapshot moments!

3. Title Challenge: One moment in time.

4. Quote Challenge: You can fool some of the people some of the time, but . .

5. UseIt! Challenge: Yes, this month's theme is time! As always, the UseIt! Challenges come with a free download.

6. Photography Challenge - Interval of Time

7. Journal Challenge - All the time!

Upload your layout to the gallery and then use the links under the photos to post the layout in the challenge thread. Also, create your own thread in the Earn a Kit Credit Area of the forum and post it there so we can know when you are finished with the challenges.

Drop by the forum chatter thread and talk with Nicole.

4-Bagger, Door-opener, and a Happy New Year

We had a great New Year's Eve at the bowling alley.

New Year's Eve 109B
We had been there before some years ago and it was a great time then too, but the smoke was almost unbearable. This time, the smoke from smokers was more tolerable.

One son had to work, so we were with two sons and a future daughter-in-law.

I learned that one of my sons is actually a great bowler with a unique bowling style. There was some dispute as to whether his style was commonly used by professional bowlers or one of his own. I couldn't resist taking a video with my iPhone, but I'm not sure how well you can see.

He actually holds the ball in the palm of his hand and then flips is wrist over so the palm is facing down as he bowls. I couldn't even keep the ball in my little hand if I would try that, much less flip it!

New Years' Eve 105B
At the end of one game, on the last frame when you are allowed to keep bowling if you get a strike or a spare, he bowled 4 strikes in a row! We had no idea that was called a "4-bagger."

New Year's Even 143Internet Safe
We saw many people we knew at the bowling alley and that was fun. My son's friends were a few lanes over and it was nice of him to hang with his parents and family rather than heading over with his friends during the night. Some of his friends came over shortly after midnight and gave him a big bear hug, picking him up off the floor. That was a fun moment. One of his friends later came up and randomly hugged me and told me to tell my son he should hug me more. That made me smile!

New Year's Eve 146B
Here is hubby and I ringing in the new year!

New Year's Eve 148B
Here is an intimate moment of my son and his fiance which I caught on camera and thought was adorable.

When we got home, we had a few moments around the candle reflecting on all the blessings of 2010 and then a round of prayer for 2011.

New Year's Eve 151B
In the forum here at Hummie's World, Ehkho shared about a tradition in her family where she lives in England. She wrote:

"I will spend Hogmanay (which is what us Scottish people call New Year's Eve) running about like a headless chicken making sure everything is clean. I'm sure this tiny little task will take me most of the day and evening to accomplish because my children like to follow me and make a mess where I've just cleaned LOL. When I've finished I will have a sit down with my feet up and a Baileys in hand while cuddled into my DH on the sofa. Just before midnight I need to go and let this year out of the house by opening the back door and leaving it for 5 minutes and then letting 2011 in the front door...it's a strange tradition but it's been passed down through the women in my family"

I thought it was such a great idea that I did the same. I opened the back door for a while to symbolize "letting go" of 2010 and cleaning out the house.

New Year's Eve 152B
And I opened the front door for a little while to let in 2011 and all that it will bring for us! I think everyone else thought I was crazy, but it was fun for me. I like that kind of stuff.

Jan 3, 2011

Downloading PDF from Issuu

Some people were struggling with downloading the free Recipe Book (which was found on this post) from Issuu, so Dawn was kind enough to create some images for us.

Instructions from Dawn:
When you first click on the link to the book, you won't have access to it yet until you log in. But you'll need to create an account first. But first things first, let me show you where the download button is:

When you click on that, you'll be taken to a log in screen (shown in image below) you can either click on sign up, or you can connect via your facebook account.

After I connected my account, it took me to a page where I could fill in additional info. When I clicked on "save", it didn't take me anywhere, and when I went back to the download page, clicking download didn't do anything for me but tell me to log in again (even though it showed at the top that I was logged in"
SO- I decided to subscribe to Hummie's issuu account. Here's an image showing you where you can do that:

After I did that, I totally closed out of the window I was in. Then went back to www.issuu.com and then, at the top on the blue bar, clicked on the arrow next to people, then clicked on "my subscriptions". Here's an image showing you where that's at:

Then, you will see Hummie listed there. Just click on her name:

Then you will see all the books on her account. In this case, there are 2 right now. Click on the one shown in the image below:

Then you'll be back to where you started, and will now be able to click download (first image above)
Now, a pop up will come up, with the download button (shown below) at this point, you will have the option to open or save the PDF file.

Desktop Background Challenge

A special image for your desktop is a popular theme in the digital scrapbooking world.

Many people add a calendar to one corner of the image, but you can do whatever you want for your desktop.

I often just set one of my layouts as my desktop, but many digital scrapbookers create special layouts to fit their desktop.

If you are a square scrapper, and you have a wide screen, then your layouts may not work well as a desktop background.

Common sizes for a desktop file are 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 1024, but for the best fit, just observe your own desktop settings.

Here is a screen shot of my resolution settings in Windows 7. The size of my screen on my laptop is 1200 x 800, but I could choose a variety of settings.

To find your settings in Windows 7, follow this path: Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution.

Another trick is to capture a screen shot using "print screen" (on my laptop, I have to hold down the "Fn" key while hitting "PrtSC") and utilizng the "image from clipboard" under "file" and "new" in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop to create a file exactly the size of your desktop. Thereafter, merely remove the screen shot layer and add your own elements and papers to the file to begin creating.

You can get as elaborate as a simple photo collage or detailed layout or a fantasy scene, to as simple as one of your recent beautiful photos in a frame.

Picasa is a great program for making a collage for your desktop.

There are many designers who share free "desktop calendars" in the digital scrapbooking world which are similar to "quick pages" which can be personalized as a quick change every month.

Consider utilizing any template and downsizing it to create a desktop image.

Consider leaving a lot of blank space on your desktop background if you leave many files on your desktop so that you have a place to move them to that is not distracting from the image.

Once your image is created, it is easy to set it as your background.

On a Windows computer, just right-click and choose "set desktop as background."

Join us in the forum to share your desktop each month

Feel free to upload to a file sharing site if the desktop is applicable to be used on anyone's desktop and put the link in this thread. I will be sure to share it on my blog so people know it is here.

Old Clock Freebie

I made this for a new "UseIt!" challenge in the forum!

If you use this clock, please do share with me by uploading in the gallery and posting in the thread with the download.

More with Less - on Purpose/Letting go of the Stuff

With the start of the new year, many people are reflecting on starting anew. I found this great blog called Be More with Less/Life on Purpose focused on living a minimalist life.

She has a popular "Project 333" which encourages you to make a list of 33 items of clothing to be the only clothing you wear for a 3 month period of time. After you make your list, then clean out your closet and actually live it for 3 months! What an interesting idea.

This got me thinking about how I could apply this approach in other areas of my life.

Could I choose just a certain amount of digital scrapbooking kits in my stash and use them for a period of 3 months without buying anything new?

Could I create more minimalistic scrapbooking layouts and not strive to make the newest, most creative layout I've ever made. What is wrong with just being satisfied with having preserved a memory and not trying to make that page that gives me that "artistic high?"

By simplifying my life, I could do more with less.

Just consider how time consuming it is to organize all that "stuff" on our hard drives, as well as in our closets. All that time spent organizing and tagging could be spent actually scrapping and making pages.

What can you get rid of in your digital scrapbooking stash that you don't need? Clean it out just like you would your own closet! Read my blog post from August 11, 2007, entitled "Delete, Delete, Delete" again. Go ahead, hit that delete button! Do more with less!

The less stuff you have to pilfer through to find a perfect element for your page, the quicker you will find what you need. It's a great there really, isn't it?

I always tend to overdue everything I do trying to make it the best, such as when I prepare for a party. Do I really need to go all out like I do or would the party be just as great without all the little details?

You may recall my theme for 2001 is "keep letting go." I want to start out this new year organizing and letting go of stuff I do not really need in my life. Less can be more!

Craft if Forward

I love this idea from Scrapbooks, Etc. to "Craft it Forward." I have heard of "pay it forward" before and this is a spinoff of that idea.

Just make a craft and share it with a charity. Why not get a group of people to sit down together for one evening and make something together to donate. You would be blessed by the fellowship while creating and the recipients would be blessed as well.

To participate with Scrapbooks, Etc., just visit their site each month for a new download and a list of charity recipients ideas. Make their project or one of your own and donate, then upload your creation to the gallery for a chance to win $500 in cash and a $500 donation to a charity—plus a chance to see your story featured in Scrapbooks etc. magazine and online.

January is being kicked off with donating unsigned cards to a homeless or emergency youth shelter to use for their residents.

I think it would be a cool idea to have people at Hummie's World mail me their cards and then I could deliver them to a local shelter here, but I'm not sure I have the time to promote such an idea. If anyone wants to take the idea and go with it, I'd be happy to deliver them!