Oct 10, 2010

NEW! - Designer Partner Program

Designer partner copy

Are you a designer, and need help with marketing? We have designed a new program where it will be a win-win for both you and for Hummie’s World!

Here’s how it works: Each month, we will feature a designer. The designer will provide a kit that will be given to members of Hummie’s World that complete a set of new challenges in the forum. (We are willing to host the kit or you can provide hosting.) Hummie will be preparing the set of new challenges.

The designer will be featured in the newsletter (give a small freebie for subscribers to the newsletter) and on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. The designer will be expected to provide a write-up about themselves and their designs, including all links, for the blog post. Of course, sharing a mini-tutorial or helpful article would be welcomed as learning is what Hummie's World is all about!

Designers are welcome to utilize the challenge area of the forum at Hummie's World to create and sponsor their own special challenge.

In turn, we ask that the designer promote Hummie's World via blogging, Facebook, and Twitter.

It’s what we like to call “mutual marketing for free."

If you are interested in being a featured designer, you can contact Dawn (at dawn@digiscrapfun.com) for more detailed information.

We are searching for our first designer partner to be kicked off on November 1, 2010.

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Roberta T said...

Hmmm I design for another site. Are you looking for designers to sell from here or just to contribute a kit for people to use? Not quite sure lol. I'm interested, I think it would be a win win if we can direct people to our store. It is only worthwhile to me to sell at one store as I've found I make more that way. Maybe you can blog an answer?