Jan 31, 2009

Manly Valentine & Card Template

Tina started a great challenge in the forum to create a "manly" Valentines Day card! Yep, we all need to do something for the men in our lives, so why not all get together, create cards, share, and inspire each other?

I love the idea!

You can find the challenge in the forum here.

Here is my card for hubby! Shhh...don't let him know it is here. We wouldn't want to spoil the fun!

I asked him what he thought was "manly man" and we had quiet an interesting discussion (between the sexes) of our view of what was manly. We ended up settling together on his work clothes (because he feels so manly when he works so hard). So, I took a bunch of photos of his clothes and boots. I may share more later as I have time to get them fixed up for you. There is one freebie paper for you that I used in my card in the download.

So, I had to make a card template before I could make the card too! I am going to share that with you in the download below also. I actually have several more card templates I am working on to come out in the next few days.

Have I always said that digi-scrapping is so much fun because we always have things to learn? Here's what I learned today. I played with my new CS4 to learn the guides and realized that when I brought them into PSE, you could see them! Whooo hoooo! Now I have yet another way to give back to the world for winning CS4 from Pioneer Woman.

When you use the template, you will see the guides so as to know where to place your stuff within the guides, but they will not appear when you save as a .jpg. Isn't that cool?

You cannot move them, but you can turn them off. Under the View drop down menu, uncheck the "guide presets" to turn them off.

Download here.

Gallery Calendar

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I changed the gallery home page up a bit to add a calendar. Now you can see which layouts were uploaded on which days. I am hopeful that this will be a great tool for others to keep track of what they have commented on and what they have not commented on.

We all know that everyone just wants a little love! What a great way to give to someone else by commenting on their layouts and encouraging them. (Oh, and MamaB has quietly been keeping up for a long time--she's an amazing person!)

A Reminder from me to Back up Today


Project 365 - Jan 28
Originally uploaded by Hummie~
Some of you may have noticed my lack of posts in the past few days. I've been under a bit of stress. I was so sick over it I could not eat for the longest time.

My very first computer that I got about 1998 crashed on Wednesday. I knew it was going to do it sometime soon and was prepared for it. We had decided not to replace it and had gotten laptops for everyone at Christmas (the only thing we got for Christmas and the boys helped pay for their own).

I had my nightly backup running too, so I was all prepared, or so I thought.

To my dismay, we found that someone had unplugged the EHD on November 8th and so I have lost all of the files I put on that desktop for the last three months, including all of those hours I spent scanning old photos...at least 30 hours worth. I'm not sure what else was lost as I cannot remember. I guess in time I will learn. I know it was a few layouts and maybe a few photos, as well as recent kit purchases and a few tutorials. It wasn't much more than that as the harddrive was full and I had been trying to make room for scanning and not putting much onto it.

Anyway, it did make me sick with stress in my stomach and I could not sleep for an entire night.

I paid my computer repair guy to look into it and he reported back that the hard drive was deader than dead.

So, now I am trying to move forward. I have to set up a new system as now I don't have a network. I have to mesh my personal e-mails with my business e-mails. I have to get my phone syncing with my calendar again. I have to set up a new system for a family calendar. I have to figure out how to make my printer be wireless (I've tried and been unsuccessful so far). I have to create all those Outlook rules to sort the zillions of genealogy e-mails that come in from Rootsweb lists. I have to install software on my laptop that was only on my desktop. I got more RAM to handle all of this and installed it. I have to figure out how to make my old camcorder work with Vista.

I wasn't ready for all of this, but I guess it is all in God's timing.

I laid there all night long the other night talking to God, asking Him what he was trying to teach me through all this. I felt I got some thoughts that might be answers. He may be teaching me that all these old photos I want to scan really are not that important. He may be teaching me about my relationship with my Mom. He may be teaching me that He is protecting me as it could have been a much longer time before I noticed the EHD unplugged and He could have saved me from further loss by having this happen so soon.

I'm sure all of the readers here have gone through similar computer stress at one time or another...or even its horrible related stress of car problems.

It's time to pick myself back up, get reset up, and move on.

Oh, but everyone should go make sure their backup system is working NOW!

Jan 28, 2009

Hassle Yourself!

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Jessica shared this in the forums as a suggestion to remind ourselves of health and fitness goals. It sure gave me a good laugh!

What do you need to be hassled about? Send yourself hassle e-mails! (here)

Winter Wonderland!

I have seen many good samaritans in the past two days. I've also done my fair of pushing (including the vehicle in this photo) too. I am just thankful that I was never stuck. It is just such a pleasant site to see so many good people doing good things when the need arises.
Note: I rarely wear a coat, even in the snow! I was out for hours and was just fine. Gloves? Um.

Here we were--a family--stuck at home due to a winter storm, and the boys would not go out and have some fun! That did not stop us old parents! We did not let the fact that we had no children with us stop us from having a little sledding fun! Enjoy the video below!

Here is a video of the Mississippi River. I was disappointed that you could not hear the ice clumps crashing together on the video. The serenity of the quiteness broken by the crashing was quite a moment to experience.

I enjoyed time photographing the winter storm. Here are a few of the photos I took. Thanks for looking!










The Weather Has me Nervous

The weather has me nervous, but I am glad it is past us now. I did not want a repeat of last February 08. So far, no "tree missles," so I think we are doing good!

Here are some blog posts from last year.

Here (best photos)
Here (tree in brother in laws house)
Here (the first photos)
Here (the clean up videos ..truck loading)

My windshield yesterday before the drive home from work. And this was clear only 3 hours earlier.

Winter Storm 09 - Windshield


This is the first time I have seen this video. I was pulled in immediately and held my breath.

Jan 27, 2009

Better Than American Idol Tryouts

This little girl is FAR better than the majority of the American Idol Tryouts. Watch and be amazed!...and I have no idea why she is singing in Japan.

Quick Tip: Image/Crop Tool

For digital scrapbookers, did you know that there is another crop tool that serves a few great purposes?

Watch the video!

Don't you just love Photoshop Elements!

.......A great way to prepare a file for saving as a .png digital scrapbooking layout element.

.......A great way to cut down on the size of your file.

Jan 26, 2009

I'm Watching You Dad (or Mom)

This video speaks for itself.

What a Small Change Can Do!

Dreamer in Denim shared this layout in the Subscriber Area and I thought it a perfect example of how to share that ONE small change can make a big difference!

Above is the before and after (I left them together so you could see better). Here is what I wrote to her:
Regarding visual weight on your WONDERFUL layout, try enlisting your family to tell you what the first thing they see when you hold up a layout is. My men do it for me all the time. I appreciate their support. After I look at a layout for SO long, I don't "see" it any more. I need a fresh look.
For me, as your fresh look, I see the skates first when I look at the layout. I see the photos second.
What are the principles working here? The size of your photos certainly gives them visual weight and that is the size principle working.
However, the white of the skates is such a large area, that the color design principle is actually working to grab more weight than the size of the photos. Try grabbing the off-white/grey color from her skates in the photo and filling the skate element in with it to see what a big difference such a small thing can make in a layout.
Otherwise...that's ane awesome layout! Great balance.

Jan 25, 2009

Watching a Layout Change -- We all Learn!

There is an area of the Subscriber Area for layout suggestions. I am always surprised that not more people are brave enough to use it.

Everyone learns when we see layouts transform, whether it is something small or large. Even small changes can make big difference!

Doreen decided to take on the challenge of working with my suggestions and I thought I would share it with you so that you can see an example of what the area is all about! I try to stick to the design principles in the Design Principle tutorial.

Here is Doreen's original layout. She agreed that I could share these with you.

Here are my suggestions:

Awesome journaling! It makes everyone who reads it smile! I see one type in "proud."

I think it is a pretty sound layout and could remain as it is.

However, here are some things I note. Remember, these are just suggestions, but there are no right or wrong answers. So try some or all of them. If you don't like it, put it back the way it was. That is why this program makes us artistic! We can play with things until they look just right.

1. I like the black and white photo with the supporting color photo. However, if you wanted to make the black and white photo pop off the page more, you could convert it using the gradient map technique as in tutorial 2F on this page.

2. The drop shadows seem too high to me. However, the do not seem wrong either. Being as high as they are lends to an effect that they are higher than the journaling and almost as if you have given them a custom drop shadow to make the bottom of the photos pop off the page as if they are flatter to the page at the top and off the page at the bottom. Realistically as to paper scrapbooking, they would not be so high. You might want the shadow of the one in the frame and on top of the other one to be just a little bit higher than the other one. If you really want true custom drop shadows, see lesson 2M.

3. The text seems just a little too large for me. Remember that it has to be readable as you print it out, not as people would need to read it in the gallery. I found that when I make my text bigger when people complained they could not read it when I was sharing it online, it seemed too big when I printed it out. I realize that you made the text larger probably to fill the spot so there was balance. However, remember that white space can also be a good thing. White space serves purposes, mostly to push the eye down towards the photos. Your layout has very little white space.

4. Title. A title would top off this layout. It would also give the reader something to smile about and make them want to continue . I like to use words right out of my own journaling for a title. I often do this. Just read through your own journaling and look for a small set of words that encompasses the main point of the layout. In your layout I see the words "Just like Grandpa Lyke." What I am seeing here is an opportunity to utilize the text right in your journaling as the title and to create a simple artistic flair to the layout. Separate your journaling (since it could be smaller anyway) into three layers. Put the words before "Just Like Grandpa Lyke" on one layer, the words on their own layer, and the words after on its own layer. Change the font, color, size, etc...whatever works...on the words "Just Like Grandpa Lyke" to make it more like a title. Now, rearrange the other two sets of text so that they flow in the ...so that the reader begins ...continues with the title..and then continues . Keeping the title in all lower case will help with its flow. I really do like simple layouts and doing something simple like this will give your layout just enough of something special without taking away from its simplisticness. It also gives you an opportunity to make the journaling a tad smaller.

5. Grounding. You are grounded okay. Grounding is where everything in the layout touches something that touches the edge. It could only be only one thing on the edge and everything else touches that one thing. Your photos themselves (frame) nearly touch the edge. The little doodle is actually placed well as it touches the edge and then it touches the frame...it serves to ground. I bet you did not realize that was what it was doing!

6. Focal point. The focal point is currently on the photos and if you get nothing else right, this and the journaling is the bottom line of all that matters.....kudos to you!

7. Bottom weighted is better -- yep, your layout is bottom weighted! Kudso!

8. The design principle of contrast. I have a bit of a trouble the black text on top of the darker part of the background where the text begins. I like the black text as it is not grabbing any focal weight. Just adding a piece of vellum (a white mat with a lower opacity) under the text is often all that is needed to increase the contrast just enough to make it more readable without increasing the focal weight. When lowering the opacity to the vellum, watch for these things...observing when the white mat grabs focal weight (the eye goes to it first) and then as you reduce the opacity it moves from the focal weight and yet still helps to make the contrast between the text and it so the text is more readable.

9. Remember that what touches the edges is sometimes cut off in printing. Touching the edges serves as grounding, which is good, but if you choose to move them away from the edges, you have to use mats that do touch the edges to ground the layout again. It doesn't matter if mats get cut off when printing. Also remember that having space between the edges and the photos gives them "white space" which is helpful. Not anything you really need to do here as your layout is okay, just some thoughts I am throwing out there for you. You will often find that when you go for fixing one thing, it causes you to add or move other things to make it work again.

10. There are always more than one way to achieve an artistic principle. Rather than the vellum mat (which is always a first easy attempt for beginners to fix the problem), you could make your text white and then change the blending mode to the text. This is actually very effective when your text is on paper such as yours where it is darker in one area and lighter in another. The actually blending of the text into the background adjusts the differences.

Well, those are my thoughts! Take or leave any of them. If you do a redo, please do upload it to share so we can all learn from what you decided to do with the layout.

The above is her redo and here are my additional suggestions below.

Oh, wow....does that black and white photo look better or what!

I like it better. Don't you?

As I do with my own layouts, when I change one thing, it seems I always see something else that needs changing because of the first thing I changed.

Now that the black and white is much brighter, it makes the color photo look dull. May I suggest that you check the levels on that photo now? With the photo layer as the active layer, Click Control L to bring up the levels box. On the top portion where you see the graph, move the RIGHT slider to the left until it reaches the point where the mountain on the graph begins to rise.

You can see more about exposures and levels in this tutorial. Wow...you learned about the gradient map today and now this! See, taking me up on layout suggestions is a great way to learn new things. It's how I learned...really.

Just two more small corrections I see. First, the title portion of the text goes off the mat just slightly (it always takes someone else to see this, even in my layouts!)

Second, lower the text and vellum mat so it is closer to the photos. Having the "white space" in the middle of the layout is always awkward. You see the "white space" between the photo and the text. Having the "white space" at the top actually words to push the eye down to the text and photos and, in addition, keeps the layout bottom heavy.

In addition, study how your eye flows about a page. It usually sees one thing first and then travels about the layout. Having white space out in the middle usually confuses the eye and it does not flow around the page well.

Don't be afraid to allow the vellum box to go behind the frame or photo (or both) as it creates depth.

If you would do another redo...I would love to share this on my blog with your permission so others can see what this area is all about.

Here is her final layout! Small changes with a big difference, huh!

And the best thing is that everyone learns by someone being brave enough to share the before and after versions!

This is why my pinky nail is always messed up

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So, the reminder for my daily mugshot came up today right after I took my shower (note the wet head) and as I had my pinky in my mouth. I thought, hey, what better thing than to capture me in the natural state, so I snapped it.
This is why I cannot ever grow my fingernail on my left pinky. The more nervous I am, the shorter it gets. The rest of my nails remain nice though.

The New Arial Font

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I do read all of the comments and do wish I could get to answering them sooner and that I could answer them all. I know it has taken me a while to get to answering these few questions regarding my Project 365 template, but it is better late than never!

I appreciate those that are uploading their layouts made with the template into the gallery (here). I also found this one at DST (here). These wonderful layouts show how the template looks with papers and colors.

Here is my Week 3 layout. Keep it simple, make it fun!

You will note that the days of the week are written in the Segeo Script font. Someone asked me where I got this font. I did some research and it appears it is "the new Arial" font for Vista! It also comes with Microsoft Office 2007. You can read more on Wikipedia.

I really like Arial for my jouraling on my layouts as it has just the right amount of space and clean lines between the letters for readability.

I can really see myself using Segeo just as much. How about you? All three are clean and easy to read, but with a little character.
Someone else asked if I had tested my template with Shutterfly. I uploaded my pages today and here is the preview shot of the book pages. As far as I can tell, it appears that it would print okay, but I am not making any guarantees! There is a white blank area that should cushion any bends in the inner part of the book.

Digi Scrap Finder -- new site!

We have had some great places to search for kits by topic, such as Digi Scrap Reviews and Digi Shop Talk Product Gallery. To search for a themed kit, one must know how to search galleries. Now, there is a new place in the digiworld that makes it easier!

Heidi who works with ACDSee at Digiscrap Info has launched a new site for finding digital scrapbooking kits by category called Digi Scrap Finder. It is free to use . I do see banner ads that are supporting the cost of the site, so be sure to click on them!

Be careful not to get lost in the cool banner at the site. I kept trying to click on the magnifying glasses. I suggest you avoid yourself the embarrassment and just play with it for a bit, moving it back and forth.

What a great contribution to this community! This is just what our community needs. How many times do people ask in forums for kits of a certain topic? I even have a special area in my forum to make collections such as this.

Digi Scrap Finder is unique and it takes a bit to get used to it. When you find a kit preview that interests you, click on it to open up a larger preview. On this larger preview, at the bottom, is a link that takes you to the shop. It's so smoooooooth!

Now, get out of here and go over there and have some fun! Don't spend too much money!

Jan 24, 2009

Layout Tips #5 (and Use It! Challenge #5)

I played a little more with my CS4 last night and learned a bit about the warp tool. In doing so, I made this frame and decided to use it on my layout today.

You can download the frame and frame mat here for a limited time and then it will be permanently in the Subscriber Area. If you use these elements, please do share in the Use It! Challenge. It's one way to not only inspire each other in how elements can be used, but also in giving back to me in such a small way for the freebie.

The full size of this video and the permanent location of the freebie are in the Subscriber Area here. See the YouTube video below! (I think many readers are not seeing the videos in their e-mails or RSS readers....be sure not to miss all of them!)

Still waiting....

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I'm still waiting and watching for more people to share their layouts made with things grabbed on this blog.

Won't you join us in the Use It! Challenges?

I'm refreshing my forum page now!

What is Winter CHA?

Twice a year we read all over digiland about CHA.

The Winter CHA is going on now as I keep seeing it on Twitter.

Is this really for the everyday person or just those stores who want to see the new products that they are able to put on their shelves? How can people afford this? Is it only $150 membership, plus hotel room, or are there other costs?

Have you ever wondered what the acoynm stands for? CHA stands for the Craft and Hobby Association and you can find the site at hobby.org.

The summer 2009 convention will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, July 28 - 30, 2009.

Jan 23, 2009

Layout Tips 4

Dawn asked in the forum now to create the circle in her layout. You can see her original blog post here.

You can read more about other's suggestions and leave your own suggestions on how you would achieve this circle in the forum thread here.
Once again, the crazy thing about digital scrapbooking is that other people always manage to inspire me! It's like a great big circle of inspiration. What we do always seems to come back to us.

I made a video sharing how I made my layout. It has two tips on it, including making the circle and fading the text in the background. It was too long for YouTube, so the full version is in the Subscriber Area.

(temporarily here and then in the Subscriber Area)

Jan 22, 2009

I appreciate your comments

This is just a simple post to let you know that I truly appreciate and really do read each and every comment that is posted here. I remember the days when I yearned for comments, so please don't stop! Goodness, I don't want to return to those days when I wondered if anyone at all was every reading this blog.

I still remain committed to returning comments the best I can. I'm just a tad bit behind.

Yep, I do save each and every e-mail notification of comments and currently have 323 to go through. I do read them right away, but then save them for return commenting as I have time.

I've had trouble finding the time recently to return comments. I am going to start today with a goal of returning about 5 comments a day until I catch up. Of course, if you've posted here more than once, I may only leave one comment on your blog, especially until I catch up!

I do want to know what is going on in your life too. This is a two way street here and I never want to be such that people think that I am not one of them. I am one of you. Just a small po-dunk regular person living in a small po-dunk house going crazy every day with managing these 4 men.

Jan 21, 2009

Layout Tips 3 & Fence Freebie & Use It! Challenge

Anita has been doing the Template a Day Challenge. She created this layout using one of my templates, but changed it up in such a way that it totally inspired my layout!

This is what I like about digital scrapbooking and the community as I am always getting little sparks of inspiration in the oddest ways from other people.

You can leave Anita warm fuzzies in the gallery here.

Here is my layout inspired by her layout!

I also created a video (Layout Tips 3). In this video, I share how I made the fence realistic through the use of drop shadows and burning, as well as a little insight as to how to choose the distance of drop shadows.

The video can be found in the Subscriber Area.

Download the fence elements for a limited time on 4shared (and permanently in the Subscriber Area) which I utilized on this layout.

Join us for the challenge in the gallery here. The more people who join, the more we can be inspired by each other!

Jan 20, 2009

Still Learning Twitter

I am still learning about Twitter and am changing my ways. I want to share with you so that you do not walk down the same path that I do.

I have blogged before how I felt that an even balance between followers and those I follow is perceived to be a good thing by people checking out your Twitter profile.

I found this really cool site called Socialtoo. It is a "gadget" for Twitter which will automatically set your account to follow anyone who follows you. In addition, you can set it to unfollow anyone who follows you. Also, you can set it up with a personal direct reply to every knew follower. Pretty cool, huh? A great way to keep your account balanced, right?
Here is my account stats a few days ago. That is, the day I made a choice to change my ways!

I had decided that I could no longer REALLY read all the Twitters of 564 people. There' s absolutely no way! It was ridiculous! And anyone who tells you that they are really following thousands of people are crazy!

There are SO many people using Twitter just as a marketing tool. I must wonder if it is really working or if it is eventually going to backfire as it did for me.

So, I began the daunting task of unfollowing people. Going through my list I was SHOCKED at how many profiles called themselves "marketers" or "social" this or that. Of course, that was clue #1 of who was chosen to be unfollowed.

I continue to look at profiles as people post. If the profile refers to digital scrapbooking, I leave it alone, of course.

I am now down to just over 200 and it feels readable again. I am seeing people I have not seen post in a long time! I would suggest to not go much over 200 unless you want to spend every half hour reading!

I fixed my SocialToo settings so that they no longer automatically follow everyone that follows me. I'm back to the manual way. I did leave the setting for the daily e-mail statistics.

Apparently, 59 other people also use SocialToo as I was automatically unfollowed by that many people!

Yes, it apparently is all a marketing gimmick at Twitter and I fell for it.

Please learn from my experience and do not fall for it. Just follow those people you really have a common interest in or know in the internet world or real world.

If I have unfollowed you and you are a true reader here, please just twit me so I can refollow you. My task is daunting!

I did find that Twitter Grader was a neat gadget. It suggests people with similar bios to you.

I have worked with Mr. Tweet too. This gadget (if that's what you call these tools) is very interesting too. It doesn't hurt to get the reading and learn, but I suggest that you do not start adding everyone he suggests for you!

Well....back to life. Be careful what you waste your time on.

Spinning Wheels

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Do you ever feel like you are spinning wheels and going nowhere? I seem to be working constantly, but not getting done anything I want to get done.

First I had the ASDR challenge to do and then I got stuck on all the commenting of all the layouts. Okay, that behind me, now I can just do whatever I enjoy doing. Right? Nope!

I needed to get that Digi-Gathering ad done. I don't like doing ads and marketing. Took me all day Saturday.

Over the weekend I decided that I needed to finish the ONE layout I have left to do for 2006. The only problem is that I have been procrastinating it because of the journaling. The journaling is actually on a Hi8 camcorder tape!

So, I set out on Saturday night, with hubby's help, to go through unmarked Hi8 tapes. We originally had 8 unlabeled tapes. I got excited because I thought we had found it, only to realize it was the very small ending that was on a tape of its own.

We had just given up looking for the tape when I told hubby to just put them away with the rest of the labeled tapes and, lo and behold, there in the box were 11 more unlabeled tapes!

We were up all night watching the videos and waiting for them to rewind and fast forward, but eventually I found the tape I was looking for!

No wonder I was procrastinating this layout!

So, now, this is a genealogy layout and many people have been waiting since 2006 for me to put this tape online. Sigh. Sunday, I was at church until 4 p.m. and then spent 3 hours transferring the tape to the computer! Well, there went that day! Yep...spinning wheels!

I got the one hour 20 minute video online Monday, but then had yet another meeting at church in the evening! Ugggg! More spinning wheels!

Now, today, Tuesday, I wake up ALL motivated with ideas of what I'm going to do that is fun, only to realize I HAVE to make myself do yet another ad for the DST banner ad I paid for! Did I mention spinning wheels yet? Have I told you how much I hate doing ads and marketing? I've never done a banner ad before and this thing is due today and ...and...and...what to do!

So, an idea came to me to have hubby take a photo of me on the floor before he left for work and this is the banner ad I made this morning before going to work.

Do you like it? I'm not sure it's great, but at least it's done. I see things I might have changed.

So, if you see it at DST in March, let me know. I've only purchased so many views (100,000 impressions) and the way that place hops over there...it's likely to hit its max very fast and I'm likely to miss it!

The sad thing is that I think about all the time and money I put into that ad and it could not do be ANY good at all. I figured I'd never know until I try.

Oh...and now I've got an itch to put that photo of me in a new banner on my site...lol....like I need to spin more wheels and make MORE distractions and to-do's for myself! I'm good at that. Ideas pop in my head and I just HAVE to do them. Why do I always create more work for myself?

PS. I still do not have my 2006 layout done yet!

Jan 19, 2009

Twitter Round-up

It's been a while since I've put up a Twitter Round up (December 30th). Hold on for a post full of links!

Someone asked me the last time if I did it manually or if there was an application. Well, I looked for an application and could not find one, so if you know of one, let me know please!

You can follow me on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/HummieIsMe .

My Twitter is synced with my Facebook, so you can also follow me by becoming my friend on Facebook.

Today's Twitter Roundup

Did you know Blogger now has a backup and restore feature? I used it last week and liked it!!!!

Kido'z is a safe browser for children --- previews are awesome!

Interesting skin tone tutorial in PS

Awesome collection of OOBS - Inspiration abounds!

Two OOB tutorials!

http://www.inthegym.net/ - Did someone say workout music?

Checking out the Twitter Toolbar http://mytwittertoolbar.com/

Cool site! http://openzap.com/

For the serious Twitterer: How to get followers

Every type of screw; ideas for digiscrap designers and guy kits!

Heidi shares unzipping programs

50 Coolest Websites Thanks digiscrapmagazine

50 Best Websites 2008 Thanks digiscrapmagazine

Photoshop Tutorials at Howcast.com

Anyone use ScribeFire to blog?

new site Digiscrap Discounts

spotted Genuine Praise blog

very interesting new blog.

SBB is now on Twitter

Facebook group by April Anderton re Mad Skillz Photo Challenges

Cool photo sharing site--great inspiration! http://pixdaus.com/

Photo Manipulation Contest Site http://www.worth1000.com/

Why not play with uploading your photo to Pho Ho HoHo

I've seen a Phoon, but never knew what it was! Now I want to do my first one! http://www.phoons.com/

Phoon's Flickr group: http://www.phoons.com/

NCIS Official TV Soundtrack http://ncismusic.com/ What? lol...check out Cole De Pablo's sultry video

http://thedailydigi.com/ -- Awesome new digital scrapbooking site! By Janet Phillips; Catch Digi Files

http://twitterholic.com/ Twitterholic may be a way to find good people to follow.

http://www.bubbletweet.com/id/f30a4 What next? I can only imagine!

Why capture in RAW? Something I need to do.

Dodge, Burn, & Sponge in CS4

Do you like the CS4 tabs? I wish PSE had them rather than the bin.

I have old PDA plastic covers; may put them on my camera screen

Burnt Paper Textures

Collection of grunge links

Pioneer Woman photo fixing in PSE

50 Must Have Photo Brushes by Smashing

Going on a Scrappn Cop downloading spree! About the only downloading I do nowadays!

Dreamer Paula's new tutorial blog.

Crawling Poem by Thena

ScrapMatters Template Challenge

I SO remember making snowflakes with my boys.

A Year in Photographs 93 different ways

The Jackson 5 -- All Michael!

Deb the Scrapp'n Cop shared this on her blog and I just had to pass it along!

I confess. I like Michael Jackson. I'm an 80's girl! (Can you guess who else I like?) I don't like all the late hype about him, but I'll always be a fan of the original stuff.

So, I watched this entire thing!

The guy in the middle is real and the rest are mannequins.

Jan 17, 2009

St. Louis Digi-Gathering -- Spread the word!

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I want to thank Amy Edwards from Scrapbook-Bytes for offering us a free ad in the SBB Newsletter! How generous is that! I spent the morning making the above ad and you are welcome to use it to spread the word about the gathering.

Did you know that in the digi-history, SBB was the very first digital scrapbooking site? (unless I've got that wrong, but I think I've got that right!) Visit them here. I have made plenty of purchases there over the years and the community is awesome. If I had more time, I'd be there more often.

We now have 10 registered for the gathering and 50 spots open. I am anxious for more registrations to come in.

Also, I just added a donation button to the registration page so that you may now send in your regisration electronically.

Jan 16, 2009

Free Color IQ Test

Elaine shared in the forums a Free Color IQ Test located here. I think it is a wonderful challenge for digital scrapbookers!

Here's my results above. My score was 16, but I did do it fairly quickly and my eyes were going google-eyed! It's like when you stare at dots long enough you begin seeing more dots! I did not know if it was timed or not, so I wanted to hurry. Sometimes these things are timed, but this one did not seem to be after I saw the results. I think I mixed up just a few of the blues, but got everything else right. Yeah!

Then you can continue the scoring to see how you compare to others your age. I'm on the top part of the bar! Yeah! I guess I see color okay. With a little more time, and a bit of looking away from the computer, I might have gotten a perfect score.

Please share if you do this challenge...either in the forum to discuss it or as a comment.

Themed Thursdays Challenge! Open to everyone!

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Welcome to Themed Thursdays for Scrappers!

Everyone is invited to join in the fun.

The Themed Thursdays started out as a blog meme in early 2007, but when moved to the forum and gallery, it is just inspiration. Feel free to dig up any theme and do it at any time.

Or, you can following the guided e-mails which are weekly (but not necessarily on Thursday). The guides point back to the corresponding threads.

This is open to all, even non-subscribers!

You can sign up for the guided e-mail reminders here.

Or you can follow them on the blogs! (check the sidebar of the blog)

Themed Thursday 1 - 20

Themed Thursday 21 - 40 (coming next!)

You will be amazed at what one little word can do to inspire your layout. Get creative with it and think outside of the box.

Make a commitment to yourself to do each and every one each week, no matter the topic.

On a roll? Want to do more than one a week? Just follow the guides on the blog.

JUST SCRAP! I just want to get everyone scrapping. Stop downloading. Stop organizing. Stop shopping. Use your stuff!

What distracts you from scrapping? What are your unproductive pitfalls? You can share in this forum thread. Get over them and JUST scrap!

That's my bit of encouragement for you today. Happy scrapp'n!