Jan 6, 2009

Layout Tips #2

Here's a photo of my crazy son. He's found this great place in Minnesota with all this graffiti under a bridge. As a poor college student, he could not afford to buy much as Christmas gifts, but he did surprise me with a very thoughtful gift. He made a cd of photos he took of the graffiti as layout backgrounds! It did not cost him anything, but the thoughtfulness meant a lot.

So, I finally was able to use one of the photos in a layout! Here's the layout. Isn't it guy cool?

Plus, I can share the background for you to use in your layouts!

Download Graffiti Paper

Join me in the Use This! Challenge in the forums! Use this in a layout, upload it to the gallery, and share it in that thread. I think I am going to have fun with these new Use This! Challenges, as long as people participate.

I also made a video for you! I had to break it into two parts for YouTube purposes, but these videos share some techniques I used in making this layout, including ripping the photo and applying a custom drop shadow, placing the highlight under the bottom right-hand corner photos, and how I made the mat.

Please note that this layout uses no digital kits. Yes, you can scrap inexpensively!

I am so happy to be finally just scrapping and sharing techniques and ideas and trying to inspire now that I am keeping my New Year's resolution. I went a bit crazy last night with the two layouts, two freebies, and two videos. I was up until 2:00 a.m.! I just could not stop fulfilling my scrapping withdrawal!

I just want to encourage people to scrap and to experience the contagiousness of how people inspire each other. I am already seeing it spark in the forums and it makes me feel good.

Here are some tip techniques I gathered for ripping photos which were inspired by the ASDR layouts done for the challenge here at Hummie's World.

1. When paper is ripped, the white torn part generally only shows on one-half of the rip, so only apply it to one of the two pieces.

2. Use color isolation. Make one of the ripped pieces in color an the rest in black and white or tinted.

3. Try ripping in shapes.

4. Bind the ripped pieces back together with staples, tape, bows, twine, stitching or ribbons.

5. Rip off the part of the photo that has a blank area or just texture on it and journal in that part of the photo.

6. Frame the torn photos or mat them for realism.

7. Use custom drop shadows to life the torn pieces off the layout.

8. Mat the photo and make the tear through all layers.

9. Tuck ripped pieces into an envelope.

10. Turn an stack the torn pieces or scatter them.

11. Use other elements to hold down the pieces, placing them under and over the torn pieces.

Project 365

So far, I have been able to keep up with the Project 365, but it is only January 7th.

What I am actually finding more difficult is choosing just one photo idea.  I find my brain is working overtime and I am thinking of lots of photo ideas.  I find myself saying, "you can save that idea for another day, but not this one, so take this photo."

I have decided that I am not going to take photos of any people.  I am going to take photos of things and my surroundings so that the book will be about life around me.  "Life Around Me" might even make a good title!

I joined Flickr and the digi-Project 365 group.  I am finding that it is working out really well.  I feel a closeness to others doing the project, rather than doing a lot of blog hopping to find others.  When I upload my photo, I can just comment on a few other's photos as they are all in one place.

I am finding the Flickr uploader very easy and useful.  I am able to just put my journaling in the description area and upload quickly.  In this way, it is preserved and tucked away each day until such time as I find time to put book pages together for each week.

I still have not decided how I am to do the book.  I need templates that have room for my photos and journaling.  I am going to be checking out what the digi-world has to offer soon.  I also am looking at just using the Blurb.com book software.  It sure would make it less complicated.  However, I might miss having the .jpg's to save for future generations in this way.

Maybe I will end up making templates and sharing if I do not find anything I like, but I will certainly pass on what I decide to utilize when I make the decision.

My daily photos are now in the sidebar of my blog.  Rather than blogging every day, you can just peek at my life in the sidebar.

I have decided to pull out my old camera as it is small and tuck it in my purse so I can have it ready where ever I am.  I think I should have done that a long time ago.


Jan 5, 2009

Layout Tips & Freebie

Well, I am trying to keep true to my New Year's resolution. THIS is what I enjoy doing and need to stick to. I created this layout, make a freebie right on it, and then recorded a video with it. I am so much happier sharing with you in this way than making a commitment with another group of people with a deadline....I just don't like designing, but I do like making things I know I will use in my layouts and sharing them with you.

This just felt good. I am happy tonight.

This layout is full of warm fuzzies!

Warm fuzzies to Jessica for sharing the filmstrip! You can get it here.

Giving back to Theresa at NDISB as the Paper, button, Heart, and Postcard are from the Cozy Kit she gave as a freebie during the ASDR kick off chat. I want to encourage you to always give back to designers when they share freebies by sharing the layout you make with their stuff.

Warm fuzzies to Candy for creating an awesome quote challenge. I love so many of these quotes! Um...KathyJ gets warm fuzzies for the prize in this challenge too.

Warm fuzzies to all of you too because HERE is the second old paper freebie I promised!

NOW DON'T JUST GRAB IT!.....make a layout with it and upload it to the gallery and then share it in this thread. This is the first "Use it! Challenge." Watcj for more!

Here is a video I created after I made this tutorial sharing some layout tips in how it was created. I do hope that this video is helpful in some small way to you.

The tips include filling in the holes in the filmstrip, ripping the edge of the photo to match the ripped edge of the filmstrip, making the quote have less visual weight, and a reason to use the lower opacity in the clone tool.

Full size version available in the Subscriber Area.

Favorite Actions

Just in case you missed it, I wanted to point out BriAnna's generosity again! For the ASDR challenge, she was gracious enough to put up the basic tear action. You can find it here, but just for this week.

Just in case you missed it, there is a tutorial in the forum here sharing how to use this action! Installing actions tutorials are on this page.

BriAnna has other tear actions too! Check them out here. They are all awesome and I recommend them all.

For me, I have no desire to rip anything manually when I can use her action. There's no thinking twice.

I also find myself using the cutout action a lot to make stickers and recommend it.

I have never gotten an action I was not happy with, so do not hesitate to try them out. (small print--I am not affiliated with her in any way!)

I must be honest, though (sorry BriAnna). Although her stitching actions work well and for non-particular people are just fine on a layout, I do own a different stitching action which I would recommend more highly.

I am loving Terry Maruca's stitching action. It does cost a lot more money and if you do not have the funds (as I did not for a long time), AC's stitching actions work well and you can just buy one. However, Terry's are very realistic. The purchase comes with 5 or 6 types of stitching, which makes the cost comparable to AC's which are purchased individually rather than a set.

Sewing Machine Applique - Personal

Sewing Machine Applique - Pro

Sewing Machine & Stitch Maker - Personal

Sewing Machine & Stitch Maker - Pro

So, there you have it! My most used actions are the tears by AC, the cutout action by AC, and the stitching by Terry.

Jan 3, 2009

I spotted The Amazing Digital Scrapbooking Racers! Did you?

I saw them, I saw them! Wow. It's just as exciting as seeing the television contestants run by! Wanna seem the? Go here.


This is the 4th season of The Amazing Digital Scrapbooking Race. I want to take this time to put in the spotlight the hard workers of this season.

First, Theresa Hernandez and her husband Ernie are the owners of Natural Designs in Scrapbooking (NDISB). Their time and efforts made a difference in hundreds of racers over the years and contributed to the inspiration of thousands of layouts. It is amazing what two people can do for a community.

So, please head over to Theresa's blog and Ernie's blog and take a moment to thank them, please. Just leave a comment on any post. Theresa shares that her husband has been invaluable during all of this.

There are many volunteers who help to check laout off during the race. All of this could not be possible without them!

Christy (ChristyHC) - blog
Amy (AmySueWho)
Beckie (BGDesmet)
Maggie (Sandersmr) - blog
Ailsa (little dragon) - blog
Karen (fortlady)

Dawn (gurlonthesun) - blog
Nadine (Nadine) ALTERNATE
Sayo (bunnynose)
Sabine (Sabdesbois) ALTERNATE -blog
Bernadette (Scrapdragon)
- blog
Susan (Susan -s3js)

Maria (Scraplikecrazy) - blog
Kat (Mummakat)


The challenge and prize are open to everyone, not just racers. There is a separate thread in the forums to share your layouts if you are not a racer in order to earn the prize.

What's the prize? Really, there's so much stuff in the threads, you just have to head on over to see yourself!

The challenge is to rip photos. I have created quite a few tutorials of different methods in the forum for you to choose.

And, BriAnna at Atomic Cupcake has agreed to offer an action for free!

Here is the last tutorial that I whipped together late tonight. There are so many ways to rip photos in Photoshop Elements that I think I could be stuck forever recording videos!

A Layout a Day with Templates -- for how many days?

I am so excited to have finally finished setting up the Layout A Day with Templates! I am anxious for scrappers to begin as I love watching what you can create.

There are currently two guided e-mails to pace you with 20 templates in each. That is 40 templates in 40 days! The third guided e-mail is half done, so by the time you finish the first 40, I will have 20 more for you to do!

The templates are only available in the Subscriber Area. However, a subscription is only $5.50 a month. Therefore, the cost of a two month subscription is only $11.00. That is $11 for 60 templates!

Read the instructions here for subscribing.

Then sign up for the guide on this page.

I just want to encourage ladies to scrap. Get those memories preserved before your memory fades! I know my memory fades faster and faster.

Templates are meant to be modified. Just use them as a starting point for your layout and transform it into your own treasure.

You can use any products from anywhere.

You can start the guided e-mails at any time. Everyone will be working on their own schedule.

This is only a small part of what is in the Subscriber Area.

I hope to see you there!

Quote Challenge - Hobbies

My face was caught smiling when I opened the thread for the newest quote challenge (here). Without my knowledge, Candy and KathyJ planned this challenge behind the scenes and surprised me! It was so thoughtful of them.

Won't you join us? Candy has found some great quote suggestions to help us scrap about our hobby and KathyJ has made this wonderful kit called "A Bit Funky" as a prize. The deadline is the end of the month.

Please help me thank these ladies for the wonderful efforts to contribute to this community by participating in the challenge.


Apparently, Jennifer REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wants to go on a date with me.

Sorry, I could not resist. I want to do something crazy, like scream at my computer screen, if I see this just one more time in my junk mail box. However, that would only make my dog lift her head and look at me funny and make my men say "what!" So, I'll just shake my head again and blog about it.

Jan 1, 2009

The Amazing Digital Scrapbooking Race CHAT

This season, the Amazing Digital Scrapbooking Race, Season 4, will be stopping by Hummie's World!

The kickoff chat is Friday, January 2 at 10:00 PM EST. I will be there! Won't you join us? Come to the Digital Scrapbook Artisian Chatroom (sister site of Natural Designs in Scrapbooking who coordinates this awesome race!).

For more information on the race, watch the ADSR4 Blog and the NDSB forum.

There are over 225 teams, so more than 450 people participating! Um, I am a tad nervous and anxious. Will my challenge and prize be good enough?

Happy 1st Birthday Hummie's World!

Today, January 1, 2009, is the official birthday of Hummie's World!

The upgrade of this site beginning with the transfer of hosting services began in October of 2007. There was much for me to learn in order to set the new site up, learning many new software programs.

The forum was first opened on November 13, 2007, but it was only merely installed. However, on that date, there was still so much to do to set up the Subscriber Area, record initial videos, install a gallery, work through technical matters, etc. It was not until January 1, 2008, that I made an official announcement that the site was complete and open for business. The very first subscription happened very soon after.

I cannot believe it has been an entire year already. There are now 188 videos which I have recorded during this year in the Subscriber Area and 125 downloadable folders in the Subscriber Area. Wow, it has come so far and yet I still have so much more I want to do.

Someone asked me recently in the Pingbox how long it had taken me to write all of the tutorials and videos on this site. I believe that I started writing them in the summer of 2005 and, therefore, it has taken me 3 1/2 years to come this far. My visions and ideas have a long way yet to go.

The number of hours I have put into all of the tutorials and videos is countless. I am recalling the time spent and cannot find the words to tell you what a commitment it has been. I remember a few of the written tutorials taking me 22 hours or so to write. That is just one written tutorial.

Although the videos are for the most part no longer than 30 minutes, many took several attempts to record (yes, my men and my dog will not be quiet!),the processing of the videos is lengthy, time spent uploading is lengthy, and posting, linking, and indexing them is time consuming.

I started out with a store and made a choice to close it. It was a good choice. I have had to make so many decisions in the past year to tweak things.

When I made the choice to go forward in upgrading the site to what it is today, my main goal was to simply reimburse my start-up costs which were considerable. I had to take out a considerable loan to make it happen. I was not concerned with making money for myself or with being paid for all of my time spent into the site, but merely that it would pay for itself and enable others to learn.

I am happy to say that sometime late in 2008 the site finally paid for itself, just in time for me to put forth more funds to keep it going for a second year. However, the annual costs were considerably less than the initial start-up costs and, therefore, I may be able to actual make a little money towards all of my time spent sometime later this year. It sure is a lesson of patience in risk-taking.

I see other sites having great "parties" for their site birthdays. I sure wish I could have done the same here for my site, but I am only one person and I just could not find the time to put anything together, not even a freebie.

Instead, I just want to take this time to personally thank everyone who has supported this site, whether as a Subscriber who financially supports the site or as someone who contributes in the forum making it a pleasant, welcoming, and inspirational place to be.

I want to especially thank the Subscribers who are making this happen for all. As I review the books, I am surprised that the majority of the Subscribers have remained subscribed month and month. Please know that I recognize this. Many of the Subscribers have never even made one post in the forum and yet I do recognize that you are financially supporting the site even if I have never been able to know you. I do know many are not comfortable talking online or sharing layouts online and that is okay. I do notice you there and appreciate you.

I sit here today and it all seems so surreal. I am still in the dream of making this site happen and not able to shake myself to reality that it has actually happened. My imagination wanders as I wonder what the next year will hold for this site. What will I be looking back on and being thankful for a year from now.

There are amazingly 754 readers subscibed to my blog and 2,623 registered users in the forum. Each and every one of these people have a special place in a corner of my heart.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.