Nov 7, 2008

Storage for Digital Scrapbooking Supplies


I have often read over the years exclamations of dismay from digital scrapbookers who have lost all digital scrapbooking supplies, including purchased items and freebies. Some are even sent into panic mode when they discover that not only the supplies, but layouts are no where to be found.

The most common reason for this devastating loss is that the files were kept on an external hard drive (EHD) and the EHD failed.


The lesson to be learned from other's mistakes is to ALWAYS keep files in at least TWO locations. I prefer three locations.

The options of location include:
1. Internal hard drive on computer;
2. DVD's/CD's
3. External hard drive (EHD) or possibly jump drives
4. Online backup


Choices 1 through 3 can all fail over time. Internal hard drives and EHD's that are not left on all the time do generally last longer than an EHD left on to manually sync daily. However, the bottom line is that eventually, they all fail with use. DVD's and CD's have a range of shelf life -- random and uncalculatable.

The satisfaction of online back-ups is mixed. For me personally, it was not an option. You can read my previous post of 1/18/08 here and another here. The first linked post details each of the four options with more depth.

Back in January, my personal solution was to utilize my internal hard drive and two EHD's, with one EHD to be kept at the office away from the home in case of fire (3 locations {to better serve you--sorry commercial phrasing came to my head!}).


I could never completely grasp how digital scrapbookers would run out of internal disc space causing them to place all supplies on EHD's alone -- until last weekend.

As I was moving my files from the laptop to the desktop, up popped the dreaded message indicating that the files could not be moved as there was no space left. Sigh.

My problem is different than most scrappers, however. I do not purchase or download many supplies. My layouts are minimalistic and I just do not have the need for most of the available items in the digi-world.

My problem has become my website and my church's website. Since I have started recording sermons this year for the church's website, I have accumulated over 15 gigs of files. Wow!

As I continue to record videos for my website tutorials, my internal hard drive space lessons. Combine that with the .psd files of layouts and designing and the available space shrinks even more. I've toiled for years with removing the .psd files of layouts, but just cannot seem to delete them. They are much larger files than the printable .jpg's and I probably will never need them again, but -- what if?


I had a decision to make this past weekend.

My desktop is my original desktop which I purchased in approximately 1998 and have continued to upgrade. It is no longer upgradeable, but for the most part, runs okay for its needed purposes. It just does not have a large enough hard drive at 500 gigs.

New desktops are considerably inexpensive now. However, most of them only have a 500 to 750 gig internal hard drive. This does me no benefit. I always assumed that bigger internal hard drives would keep ahead of me, but not to be so.

Therefore, I made the choice that many have already had to make before me and will be moving some files off of the internal hard drive and onto an EHD.

The FreeAgent 1.5 terabyte (TB) EHD at Best Buy that I had just been considering the week prior was on sale for a little over $200!

Of course, I HAVE to have my files in at least three locations, so I purchased two of the EHD's. My plan is to burn to DVD's and then move a duplicate copy of certain files which I do not utilize, but want to keep a copy backed up, onto the EHD's.

Of course, I am calling it a business expense as the files causing my overload problem are all ones created in conjunction with this website.


Leave me a comment!

Have you ever lost supplies?

How? Why?

How do you backup?

Do you want to change how you backup?

Nov 6, 2008

Santa and Mrs. Claus on Twitter!

How fun is this! I'm talking to Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus on Twitter!

What shall I tell him I want?

Oh....a new desktop computer for starters....'s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas....

......and its' not even Thanksgiving yet!

What's a Ning?

As I continue to be invited to more and more Nings, I am beginning to become familiar with the interface.

What's a Ning? It is a social network. It is a place to meet other people with similar interests.

Just as it took me a while to understand the interface of Facebook, it has taken me a while to understand the interface of Nings, but I am finally getting the hang of it and I like what I see.

Kayla has a great Ning called Digital Scrapbooking 101 which focuses on learning digital scrapbooking. She has done a wonderful work with it! What helped me become familiar with the interface of Ning the most is her videos regarding DS101. You can view them here.

I created a group for Missouri Digital Scrapbookers on Kayla's Ning.

I also recommend Mona's Digital Scrapbook Connection for digital scrapbookers.

I recently joined another Ning which someone recommended to me called Twitter Moms. I found it to be an awesome community with many moms of various interests. Also, what is interesting about Twitter Moms is that you can access your Twitter site right from within the Ning.

I started two new groups on Twitter Moms, one for Digital Scrapbooking and one for Photoshop Elements. I look forward to seeing you there!

Here is a video in an attempt to better explain a Ning, but my 10 minutes (YouTube limit) was up and I had so much more I wanted to say!

Nov 5, 2008

I made a new texture and here are some papers and stitched alpha made with the texture. It is available here on my blog for a limited time and then permanently in the Subscriber Area.


These papers are the same colors as my last set with my last texture.

Subscribers may download the texture itself here.

Digital Scrapbooking Magazine to be discontinued

Wow! I am in shock. I was just reviewing my latest copy of the Digital Scrapbooking Magazine over my lunch hour when I heard the news.

I heard the news from Kayla, but you can read the original notification here on Creating Keepsakes site.

Lynda Angelastro, Jenny Willden, Molly Newman and April Anderton will no longer be working with the magazine. "Jennafer Martin continues in her role as Editor in Chief for the brand, and Renee Pearson remains as Associate Editor."

I remember when CK purchased the magazine and the entire digital world was excited that a larger company was taking over as it was sure to continue to improve and ensure the future of the magazine.

There are several online publications in pdf version, but there is nothing like having a hard copy in hand. I like to take mine in the vehicle to events where I may have down time.

The hard copy version will no longer be published "after the February/March issue (on sale Jan 6, 2009).

The announcement indicates that they will remain committed and that they will be "evaluating more cost-effective ways to deliver relevant content to our tech-savvy audience, via web site and newsletter as well as possible digital delivery options."

So, does this mean they will be offering another online pdf version in the future? Sigh. There's nothing quite like drawing people into this great hobby like having the publication on magazine rack shelves in the stores.

What happens if your subscription is paid for a longer period of time? "Current subscriptions will be honored, and will be filled with CK Media product." I do not need more downloads if that is what that means. My hard drive is already full. I need inspiration and how-to's.

This just stinks.

Feel free to discuss this in the forums or at Kayla's site.

Nov 4, 2008

Color Picker vs. Color Swatches vs. Color Table

There is a new video for Subscribers only in the Subscriber Area.

Do you know the difference between the Color Picker, Color Swatches, and Color Table and how to utilize each of them? Do you know how to load swatches that are downloaded from websites? Do you know how to create your own swatches?

Here is the video in the Subscriber Area. It's 25 minutes long!

Not a Subscriber? You can read the written tutorial on this page.

The Subscriber Area is only $5.50 a month which includes many videos and freebies to learn scrapping. Details on how to subscribe are here.


Try a new journal challenge or digg up one of the old ones in the forum to inspire you!

The newest journal challenge is to journal to your furture grandchildren (or if you have grandchildren, those not born yet). Join us in this thread where you can read more about the challenge.

Did you survive election day?


Here's my "quote" for the day that I keep thinking in my head. Like your going to use this and quote me. Giggle

Elections are like birthdays, tomorrow everything will feel the same.

Election Prayer

If you live in the United States, have you voted yet today?

Let's remember to pray before we go to the voting places.

1 Timothy 2:1-2
I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone, for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.


We reflect on our sins today in a quiet moment of reflection and ask that you forgive all of our sins. What a wonderful promise you have made to us that you will forgive our sins through your death on the cross.

We pray for the national election today, that all citizens who cast their ballets will be granted a sense of responsibility and a huge measure of wisdom to make the right choice for our country. Guide those who are voting today and lead them in the way that You would have them go according to Your Will. I most especially pray these things for me today, Lord.

Protect our country today, Lord. We pray for our government and ask that you bestow on it unity in purpose to protect the lives of all citizens. Please help our people, Lord.

We pray for those that will be newly elected or reelected by the close of the day today. Grant our leaders wisdom and strength to rule us and bear the responsibility of ruling our nation. Grant our leaders godliness and cause them to respect Your will in every action and choice that they make. Help our leaders to fight against evil, uphold justice, and strive for peace. We ask that You would raise up righteous leaders who will always seek Your guidance and protection for our nation in the years that come. May our leaders live a life worthy of the calling they have received, being completely humble, gentle, patient, and bearing with others in love. (Ephesians 4:1-2)

We pray for the world today, Lord, as the decisions made today during the vote may have a great impact on the world. Please grant all rulers on the earth the attitude to always seek peace among people and to prevent war. Defend us from all evil in the world.

Lord, in your mercy and grace and Holy Name we pray.


How do you know when someone Twitters about you?

There are so many little valuable things to learn regarding Twitter.

Did you know that you can search Twitters for your name or website to find when people are talking about you? Of course, this works best if you have a unique name.

Click on the word "search" at the bottom of a Twitter page or just type in the address of ""

Enter your name or website into the search box.

You may have to continue the search for all languages.

You will retreave a page full of any Twitters with your name, whether mentioned in the Twitter or as a reply to a Twitter.

Isn't that really cool?

Now, for more fun!

Did you know that it is easy to send a direct reply? Click on "View Tweet." Click the reply "arrow."

In the compose box, change the "@" symbol to a "d." This will send a private message. Since I have my Twitters in the sidebar of my blog, most often I do not want all of my replies showing up in my blog. This is why I like the private direct messages.

The search results page has available an RSS url. Now, you can follow the search results by subscribing to this feed!

Cool, huh?

Although there are many methods of subscribing to feeds, such as tool bar buttons, let's review the method that works in my readers.

Right click on the link for "feed for this query" and choose "copy shortcut." This put the url into the clipboard.

I use Bloglines, but there are many readers. Paste the url into the applicable box in the reader to subscribe.

You will then be able to catch any Twitters about you in your reader! Are you having fun yet? I am!

Here's another great option!
Receive an alert in your e-mail inbox whenever someone Twitters about you so that you can have an immediate response time!

Go to Yahoo Alerts and click on "Feed/Blog."

Paste the url copied from the "feed for this query" link into the field.

Choose how you want to receive the alert - - either by e-mail, Yahoo Instant Messenger, or cell phone.

Just think, you can also do this for my blog! Seriously, you really do want an alert in your inbox everytime I post, right?

Yahoo alerts are cool! You can set up an alert for ANY topic of interest. For instance, I used to have an alert for any posts on "xbox 306."

Well, that's enough heavy techy stuff for the brain today, huh?

Time for a brain break! Go sit down and relax with your favorite drink.

Nov 3, 2008

My goofy son

I just wanted to share a layout I did with photos off of Facebook.

Yes, you can use those low quality images and they do print okay!

I love that I am able to keep in touch with my son who is 12 hours away through Facebook. I do not have to bug him by phone, but just pop in to his profile every once in a while to know that he is okay and to see the things he's been doing.

Sure, he may only call me when he wants money, but I still get the great joy of seeing his goofy personality. Really, is he "Comedy Guy's" son or what?

I did this for Thena's challenge using one of her poems. The title is from the poem too!
Read more about it here. Really, this is an AWESOME prize!

I am surprised the layouts are not coming in yet for a chance to win a copy of her awesome book! No scrapper should be without it!

I used JulieItIs 's October Kit. I really was impressed! She's done an awesome work with this kit! It is great for guy layouts. It's much better than the preview let's on!

Yes, some people no grow out of the fun of jumping into fresh fall leaves!

I love the one of him laying beside a chalk stick man! Do you spy it at the bottom?

Check out his natural dancing skills in this video below!

Getting the News on Twitter

As I have time, I do continue to enjoy Twitter (my account).

I most like that I can add (and read) twitters from Digsby on my dekstop, as well as having my twitter sync with my Facebook status. I do not even have to log into Facebook to update my profile. I think it is a must have setup!

I discovered that you can get news feeds on Twitter!

Here are a few that I found that may be "followed" on twitter.

I found Newstwit can be subscribed to under Breaking Stories on Twitter.

NBC News (I like this one)

Breaking News (I like this one)

Google News

Headline News

If you find some more, please do share with me and others by leaving a comment! Not all of these interest me and some filled up my twitter inbox too much, so I am interested in others you may be aware of.

Color Challenge & Quote Challenge

Candy and Julie got together to create this wonderful quote challenge with a prize to all who participate. Isn't is awesome!

I did not know they were doing this and it was quite a heart-warming surprise for me, especially that two people would care so much about the site to contribute to it.

Won't you participate?

Next, do not forget that one person will win Thena's TOTALLY AWESOME BOOK that totally rocks. Remember to do a layout with a poem.

I have a new color challenge in the forums -- click here.

Use any of these 20 colors in the papers, mats, etc. of your layout. There is a download link in the forum thread.

I made a video which is below (if you get this by e-mail (RSS) subscription, you may be missing the sure to visit the blog!) and a better quality in the Subscriber Area.

The video shares how to make a color table from a photo, as I did with this photo, and to import it into the color swatches.

There is a challenge for Subscribers only to make a palette from your own photos and, thereafter, create a layout using that palette. It is in the forums here.