Sep 7, 2007

DSD Tailgate Winner #14

Tina, congratulations! You have won Miki (Michaela Ferkul)'s choice of any Microferk Designs kit. Her stores are at SBB and SBE. (E-mail). Please e-mail her to claim your prize!

Sep 6, 2007

Rule of Thirds in Photography Challenge

The photography challenge today is to go out and take sample photos of the same object, first centering the object, and second using the rule of thirds rule.

Share your samples in any manner available to you and add the link.

The rule of thirds can be applied in so many ways in digital scrapbooking! Photography techniques is just one way. It can be utilized in layouts in the placement of photos on the page, in the placement of elements of type on a page, and in the placement of colors on a page. It is always best to have the same color in a triangle on a page. Can you share with me some more ways?

In photography, the rule of thirds uses a nine block grid. My camera actually has the nine block grid on it if I want to display and use it. Does yours?

Did you know PSE also has a nine block grid you can utilize? It can be found under the custom shape tool. Draw the shape on a layer with the mouse and resize it to either help in cropping a single photo or resize it as large as the entire layout to help in the placements of photos and elements.

Subjects placed at any of the four intersections of the lines in the nine block grid make for an artistic image. The concept is to place what you want to be the focal point on an intersection on the grid.

We so often get stuck in the rut of always centering things---get out of your rut!

Here are the sample photos I took last weekend for this challenge.

I used the Photoshop Elements custom shape tool to place a nine square grid on each photo so that you can see how the rule of thirds was applied. In the first, third, second, and fifth samples, I placed the focal point on an intersection. In the fourth sample, the focal point is within the left block entirely.

Pay attention to the placement of eyes for artistic effects. For instance, place the eyes at one of the intersections or off to one side or the other of the grid. When taking photos of people, the eyes are generally the focal point.

A fun technique in layouts is to utilize the open space on a photo that was taken using the rule of thirds by placing journaling, titles, or elements in the space next to the subject. (ie. the child is to the right with a great amount of the photo background of trees; place text in the tree area.) Another method is to use the heavy weighted side of the photo on the edge of the layout and counterweight it with elements on the other side.

As I described in my first photography challenge, remember to trick your camera to focus on the focal point in the photo. Hold down the shutter button part way while putting the brackets on the subject until the camera indicates it is in focus. Move the camera to compose the shot so that the subject is on an intersection, then press down the shutter button the rest of the way.

Of course, sometimes rules are meant to be broken. For instance, close-ups often are not applicable to the rule.

Fonts Made by a Scrapper (and my Font List)

I was excited this morning to learn that a digiscrapper had free fonts available at Dafont. I am wondering if there are others. If so, can you leave me a comment? I know that Darcy will create your own font for you and I am aware there are others for purchase in stores, but are there any other free ones?

Kimberly Geswein has some really awesome fonts available here at Dafont.

She has a blog here and a gallery here. Go leave her some love!

If you have not visited my lengthy link page yet, you need to head there! Here are the links I have for places to download fonts.

If you are new to downloading fonts, be sure to read my two tutorials.

DSD Tailgate Party #13

Congratulations, Crabbi, you have won Pixel Gypsy's $5 coupon to her store. (E-mail). Please e-mail her to claim your prize.

And once again, hubbie and I shook our heads. Why won't those low numbers pull? We keep stirring the bowl!

Sep 5, 2007

Freebie Circlet Warm Fuzzies!

I have so many to thank today! If you use my templates, freebies, or tutorials in a layout, please share them with me so that I can post them as inspiration for others.

First I would like to thank the lady who gave me a $10 donations. Each time I get one, as they are far between, it is a surprise and you should see the expression on my face when I see the notification.

Second, it made my day to be highlighted by Military Crop Talk today on her blog. I have recently become aquainted with her blog and she does a good work at keeping it interesting.

I have added these layouts to the slide show.

Tina Williams is always such a good friend to me, both of us living in Missouri. She always makes an effort to share warm fuzzies with me and she used two of my templates with her new kit.

I love the quote on this layout of Tina's and she always has just the right stash of quotes tucked away for her layouts.

This layout by Su was the biggest surprise for me! Look at all the unique ways she utilized the elements in my God's Art kit!

She blended the tags into the about that! And she coordinated the brad, rope, and tag together -- love seeing that and may have to do that myself.

Isn't her son just adorable?

Thanks to everyone! May your kindness come full circle back to you!

Themed Thursdays (Overflowing)

To become a regular participant of Themed Thursdays For Scrappers and get your link to your gallery or blog in the blogroll, just e-mail me! To put the blogroll in your sidebar, get the code here!

This week's theme is "overflowing."

Future themes are in my sidebar!
Upload your layout to any gallery or blog and add the link to where you post your layout in Mr. Linky (in the box below). It may be a layout you already have or a new layout. Late?--Add your link at any time!

Take time to visit and comment on others.

At the bottom of Mr. Linky is a link to Technorati. You can also find participants through this link provided that participants put this url link somewhere in their post:

Here is the code for the Mr. Linky above. Add it to your post on your on own blog . It is quick and easy to add this same Mr. Linky right into your blog post to watch for new participants from there.

First, if you do not have the necessary code in your html template on your blog yet, you will need to add it, but just once. Put it directly after the "head" code on a new line.

Add this code to your blog post for this week.

I was not sure what I would do for this theme, initially thinking about overflowing love or the Bible verse of the same. However, I found these photos that needed to be scrapped and took advantage of the inspiration.

Credit: Sausan's Altered Art Industry Grunge papers and Sarah's template. I initially had the papers on the layout as is, but the photos did not pop enough for me. So I added a dark layer over the background and reduced the opacity until I liked it and lowever the opacity to the square layers. I always have trouble using bright colors as I really like my photos to pop.


Designer Technique - Kim Hill (Imaginary Triangle)

I am excited to introduce to you today Kim Hill. Kim is sharing with us her technique for an Imaginary Triangle.

Make sure you scroll all the way down and utilize her 40% off coupon!

I must share that last week when by my own fault of failing to remind the designers it was their time for the Designer Technnique, I contacted both Kim and Karen at the same time because they were both overdue. How ironic that both of them would send me the same technique on the same day!

I felt that each was still unique as each lady highlights the rule of thirds in a triangle in a different relation. In addition, I was already planning on a photography challenge for the rule of thirds which I hope to get up soon.

This must be such an important technique that it will be reinforced on my blog here three times in one week! So, sit up, pay attention, and go play with it!

Kim is an amazing lady! If you have traversed the digiworld at all, you most likely know her name. Her contributions to the digiworld are numerous and we thank her for all that she does.

You can keep up with her and get to know her better at her blog called A Day in the Life of Kim. She is the mother of two adorable boys and is a professional photographer in the State of New York. From her blog you can feel how important motherhood and family are to her.

Kim is the Owner & Designer of CG Essentials and the Owner of DigiScrapping Tutorials. I have been blessed by her tutorials on both of these sites, especially when I was a newbie scrapper. She has spread kindness by the time she has put into these very helpful tutorials. Her tutorials can be found for every program available, so they universally help everyone! She even has an offer to make custom kits at a reasonable price!

She sell at ACOT and Scrapbook-Elements. Besides her kits, she has layered templates for sale, as well as the Photoshop actions for which she is well known (separate actions available for PSE too).

You can see her photography at Photos by Kim Hill and her layouts at DST Gallery to be inspired. Her layouts really are simple and all about the great photo and the journaling.

To be honest, I'm a simple scrapper.....I like to keep the focus of my pages on the photos and journaling. As much as I love looking at the cluttered layouts that others do so well, it just isn't my style. So I thought I would share with you a composition technique that is often used on most of my simple pages.

I like to balance out my layouts by using an imaginary triangle. Each point on the triangle will be a focal area within the layout. As your eye moves around the layout, you will stop at each of these points and see something of interest. In this layout, you can see that the journaling is one point, the photo is the second point, and the title is the third point. The triangle composition will keep your eye moving around the layout with a nice flow. Try using this technique on your next layout!

Hummie asked that I share with you a product of mine. My personal favorite is the Cottage Charm Kit. This kit has a soft shabby feel with bits of lace and fabric as well as weathered wood and ribbons. The kit can be found at my shop at CG Essentials.

I invite you to try out my products for 40% off using coupon code Hummie40. This coupon is only valid at my personal shop at CG Essentials and expires on September 30, 2007. Simply enter this coupon at checkout and you will see the savings in your cart.

DSD Tailgate Party Winner #12

Congratulations, Dyanna, you have won Tina Williams 's Grandma's Bedroom kit. (E-mail). Please e-mail her to claim your prize.

Sep 4, 2007

Weekend Photowalking

Hubby, Abbie, and I went photowalking over the weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed the trail that we traversed.

You can see the ones I choose to upload here at Fotki or even a select fewer at the slide show here. On the slide show is a bar of icon below the slide and you can use the scroll bar to skip to the more current photos.

I now have some photos for my next photography challenge and hope to have time to post that soon.

Goodness, there were quite a few cobwebs that we ran into on the trial and I was able to play with photographing them. It appears to me that the correct lighting upon the web needs to be in place to capture the webs.

When we first started for the trail, I spotted this baby walking stick. However, it was hanging by a thin web-like string and swinging, so I was unable to get a good focus on it close up.

It took me a long time to get a focus on the water strider too as my camera wanted to focus in on the reflection of the sky.

We also had a butterfly following us and dodging at me as if to dare me to take its photo. It won. It would not land anywhere on the trail and I was not risking getting poison ivy.

One of my favorite photos turned out to be this one of Abbie. This photo follows the rule of thirds (she is on the intersection of the nine block grid).

My other favorite which also follows the rule of thirds is this berry. I love the lighting on the leaves also.

Have you guessed that the next photography challenge will be on rule of thirds in photography? I have to put together my samples to ready for the post.

My Fall Tivo Schedule

I have never done this before, but I went through all the upcoming shows and made a list of the shows I want to tivo and when the premier or start date is --wow! Starting September 17th, I sure hope it is a week of rain so I won't be tempted to go outside and enjoy the fall weather!

These dates are in my sidebar.

TV Shows Online

I would like to thank Andrea for creating these lists. She's awesome!

As I've said several times before, I can see a trend whereby most shows will be viewable online and I am wondering if some day telelvisions will be replaced.

Here is a list of shows that you can watch online. They are usually up the day after they have aired on television. I am excited as many of my favorite shows are listed and, therefore, I can lay in bed with my personal laptop and watch! Maybe I will take an opportunity to watch some shows I would not otherwise tivo to see what I am missing.


According to Jim
Bronx is Burning, The
Brothers and Sisters
Day Break
Desperate Housewives
Fashionista Diaries
Fat March
Grey's Anatomy
Knights of Prosperity
Men In Trees
Nine, The
GH Night Shift
October Road
Six Degrees
Ugly Betty
What About Brian


Armed & Famous
As the World Turns
Big Brother 8
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (my show)
CSI: Miami (my show)
CSI: NY (my show)
Guiding Light
How I Met Your Mother
NCIS (my show)
Numb3rs (my show)
The Papdits
Pirate Master (my show)
Power of 10
Rules of Engagement
Shark (my show)
Survivor: fiji/China (my show)
The Unit
The Young and the Restless


30 Rock
Age of Love
Andy Barker, P.I.
Black Donnellys, The
Friday Night Lights
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Last Comic Standing (my show)
Miss Teen USA 2007


American DadBones
Hell's Kitchen
Loop, The
Prison Break

Smack Blogs

I had never heard of smack blogs before I read Michelle's post at Scrapability. Michelle has recently opened up Digi Scrapzine and in her post she tells us why she had decided to include the Smack Blogs in the links at her site. I believe Michelle is still getting things set up over there. I did sign up for the newsletter a few weeks back, but I have not received one by e-mail yet. I recommend her new site, however, as Michelle seems to be in-the-know.

Personally, I have no interest in reading Smack Blogs, but do find it interesting that they are out there. To publicly cut someone down is riding the careful line of a legal pitfall.

Of course, many of the posts are not about individuals, but rather things to complain about in the digi community. To me, this draws people to reading just as the news draws people to listening. Everyone knows how the news always seems to be more negative than positive stories simply because that is what the viewers want to hear.

I also find it similar to certain television programs that draw people in because they are all about controversy and juicier they are, the better they are to some viewers. I feel that some programs lately are going too far and they are actually causing me to flip the channels.

The Bible tells us to "Do everything without complaining or arguing" Philippians 2:14, which of course, is a very difficult thing for us all to do. To have a blog centered around complaining seems to be adverse to this verse and not something I would frequent. Life, of course, if full of conflicts and to be able to resolve them without arguing is something so ironic to this verse and difficult to achieve, but nonetheless, we are to try to do the same.

Besides, the Bible tells us to "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11 It also tells us to love our enemies. It is so hard to build someone up when you feel they are your enemy, to do the opposite of how you feel, but that is what I would want to do. I am human and do not always do it, especially when I am venting first, but I do it in private with close friends and then I pray and ask God to give me the power to love my enemy.

I have had my fair share of conflict in the digiworld and have had more than my fair share of ugly private messages sent to me and even publicly posted ones from people who did not even have the facts. However, I have always tried to refrain from even posting in an e-mail list negative statements regarding these people. I would not stoop so low. Most of the ugly things said to me or about me can be attributed to running a Yahoo Group and trying hard to keep advertising at bey. It is hard for me to understand why people cannot respect the rules and try to bend them and then make me into the bad guy for enforcing the rules. As Burger King says: everyone wants it their way.

DSD Tailgate Party Winner #11

Congratulations, Carrie! You have won Glenda Ketchum;s $5 coupon to her store. (E-mail) Please e-mail her to claim your prize.

Hubby and I keep grimacing each time a high number is called. They seem to get pulled more than the low numbers which were people who jumped into playing the game right away and have waited the longest! Maybe we are just saving the best for last. Giggle.

Sep 3, 2007

Motorcross Action Video

Oh, I was so excited to find this video someone made of my nephew. It's SO cool! It is perfect for reflecting his skill on his bike. Check it out!

Tailgate Winner #10

Congratulations, Kryss! You have won Miki (Michaela Ferkul)'s choice of any Microferk Designs kit. Her stores are at SBB and SBE. (E-mail) Please e-mail her to claim your prize!

Sep 2, 2007

Introducing Hummie's Freebie Circlet

A few weeks back I began sharing my own templates on this blog, but because I have included it at the end of other posts, I feel many of them were missed. So, I gathered up the first 5 templates, created a new one, and put them together for easy downloading.

I realized lately that I have not been giving warm fuzzies back to those who use my creations.

I have always said that giving to others is like a big circle. When I give to others, I hope that they would pass those warm fuzzies on by giving to someone else in another way. Eventually, the warm fuzzies will return to me from someone unexpected, in a way least expected.

I have taken this idea to create "Hummie's World Freebie Circlet." When I share templates or freebies or tutorials, you can give back to me by sharing with me when you use them in a layout, but then I can give back to you by sharing your layouts on my blog. Others can share warm fuzzies by praising layouts through comments. Ah! Doesn't giving just bring so much joy to everyone?

Just e-mail me your layouts!

My templates are rectangle, but feel free to convert them or move about or resize pieces to fit your layout the best. Use these templates as a jump start and go from there! Happy Scrapping!

Downloads expired!

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3

Template 4

Template 5

Template 6

DSD Tailgate Winner #9

Congratulations, Amy! You have won Pixel Gypsy's $5 coupon to her store. (E-mail) Please e-mail her to claim your prize!

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

Sep 1, 2007

Faithful Friday's Challenge and Tip for Creating Two Photos the Same Size

I made this layout using ksharonk's Fancy Free Mini Kit which I picked up as a freebie off of her blog and Lori Imel's freebie overlay for her "Give Thanks" challenge. The overlay has a "soft light" blending mode applied to it with a reduced opacity.

I find 4 photo templates/sketches hard to find as most will have one main photo with three supporting photos. However, I am always trying to keep the boys equal and have each have the same size photo in the same quanity if I put them both on the same layout. That makes it a bit harder to achieve balance.

TIP! To make the photos the exact same size, I actually duplicated one of the photos after cropping it and grouped a photo of the other son (control G) with the duplicate photo; thereafter merging the two layers once I resized and proportioned the photo to fit. It is the easiest and fastest way to make two photos the exact same size! I hope that tip helps someone!

O.N. Designs Challenge

O.N. Designs made their debut today at Scrapbook Graphics and I love their grungy style!

O.N. is Oliver & Nicole, brother and sister from Germany. They offer a free template on their blog and everyone who participates will get their very first kit and a quick page-album for free, so their are no losers. In addition, three layouts will be chosen to win store coupons.

Since I am a rectangle scrapper, as always, I converted the template. I did run into a snafu as the template settings were set to "pixels per cm," rather than "pixels per inch." However, once I got over that hump, I found the template and the kits I purchased to be of high quality.

Also, according to my personal scrapping style, I enlarged the frames as I prefer them to consume most of my page. I thought about utilizing a different frame because, as most of you know, bows and boys do not cut it at my house! I thought about erasing it and cloning it out. I thought about recoloring it, but decided it was not so bad and the grey was a guy color which matched the shirt anyway and counter-weighted the "space" in the photo.

The template comes complete with custom drop shadows to the frames set to multiply blending mode....great example for those not familiar with custom drop shadows.

Credit: O.N. Kit No. 6; and

Sausan Designs BoyohBoy kit's slide with the word "high" on it. I made the word "cut" with Atomic Cupcake actions to match it, using the soft light blending mode and a lower opacity to the word.

As is my style usually, I use very few elements! I could have tucked in stuff here and there, but I like my layouts to be all about the photos.

Layered Torn Text Tutorial in Photoshop Elements and a Freebie Mini Kit

As shared in my recent layout in a recent post, I have written a tutorial for layered torn text.

Go to tutorial.

I found a paper on my harddrive I made some time ago, but never shared, so I thought I'd add a few things to it to make a mini kit. I keep seeing the fall theme about the digiworld and am getting in the mood for cooler weather. There is the torn edged mat that I used to make this tutorial in the kit so that you have something to play with, but you can utilize any unique edge with this tutorial.

Download mini kit. Please be sure to read my download instructions and remember the thumbnails are ugly, so get the original sized version which is the full size file.

6th Edition Digital Scrapbooking Blog Carnival

This 6th Edition of the of the Digital Scrapbooking Blog Carnival is up!
Thanks Linda for sponsoring this round! It looks great and your blog is always so interesting to read so I invite everyone to cruise Linda's blog when you get there!

This list looks a little short this time, so be sure to get your contributions in for the next carnival to be hosted by Karen Karooch of Scraps of Mind to be posted on September 15th.

The deadline for submission is September 12th. Don't delay, start submitting now through the widget in the sidebar! Feel free to add the widget to your own sidebar for your convenience in keeping up with the carnival and making submissions.

DSD Tailgate Party Winner #8

Congratulations, Patricia! You have won Tina Williams's Grandpa's Den kit. (E-mail). Please e-mail her to claim your prize! I just got this the other day as a gift from her and it's packed full!

Psst. Patricia's link goes to a freebie, but her layout entry is on a separate post here.