Apr 7, 2007

Rectangle Brad Freebies

Here are 20 new rectangle brads in this folder. I was having fun playing again. Who knows, maybe I will go crazy with circles another day!
Please see sidebar for link to download instructions. Make sure you get the original full size file!
Have a wonderful time with family this weekend.

Apr 6, 2007

Designer Technique, Shelleyrae (Text Paths)

Please allow me to introduce to you Shelleyrae as our spotlight for the Designer Techniques this week. Shelleyrae (don't you just love that name?) is sharing with us information regarding Text Paths.

This is one thing that Photoshop Elements users like myself cannot do (that I wish we could) without the assistance of full Photoshop users. However, I did enjoy reading this and learned a few things anyway! I am thankful to be able to purchase text paths and did pick up Shelleyrae's today.

In addition, I took the opportunity to cruise through her gallery and found she has a unique style. Some of her layouts, especially those using the kit highlighted below, would be considered freestyle. This is out of my box and I am up for a challenge now that I have a great kit to work with! I made two layouts today using her kits which you can see in this post and this post.

I have only recently met Shelleyrae and have enjoyed working with her, seeing her design style, and gallery. However, I am aware that Shelleyrae is popular with the DIP users! You can find her posts on her DIP Diva's blog. I have watched her an Kimlizzy come up with some very unique ideas that have caught on in the digiworld! What new trend will they have in store for us next?

You can purchase from Shelleyrae (scrapabyt designs by shelleyrae) at her store at scrapbook-bytes.com.


I’m honoured to be asked by Hummie to share a few tricks on her blog!
I couldn’t decide what technique to share until I remembered that one of the very common questions I see is about using text paths in Photoshop. It seems that many people are intimidated by them but it’s actually very simple!

You can force text to follow simple or elaborate paths. In this case I want the text to flow around the outside of the main layout.

I’ve duplicated and merged the two layers that give the layout its shape (the arrow and patterned paper) and dragged them beneath the rest of the layout. I couldn’t merge the entire layout in this case because of the various layers.

Hold CTRL and click on the layer image thumbnail to create a selection of that shape. Then create a new layer.

For this layout I want the text to sit away from the edge slightly so I have gone to Select>Modify> Expand and chosen a value of 20pixels. This enlarges the selection, so it is no longer tight around the shape.

Switch to the Path palette and use the icon at the bottom of the palette to “Make work path from selection”.

Now choose your type tool and your preferred font, size and color. Some fonts work better than others for these types of tasks. Position your type cursor where you wish to start from and click. The cursor will appear so you only need to start typing.

Once you have finished typing, deselect the work path in the Paths palette and switchback to your layers palette.

The text path layer is a normal text layer and you can edit the text or move the text as you wish.

I’ve moved the text path layer up the layers palette so the text overlaps the edges of the shapes and can now delete the layers I merged to initially create the selection path.

If you don’t have Photoshop CS/2 then you may have some other alternatives for creative text shapes, PSE can use text paths that have been created in Photoshop, or you can fake it to some extent. Digital Image Pro/Suite has a text shape option with preset shapes. You can try these tutorials at Scrapbook-Bytes.com for options. (There are more - just use “text” as your search term)
PSP: Text on a Path
PS: Fake a text curve with PS7
PS: Making Text Fit within a shape
PSE: Warped Type
DIP : Curved text

I hope you have found this technique useful.
The layout above uses “Juno” it is part of a collection of three kits (*Mai*Juno*Juliet Collection) that work well together and each kit contains elements created using text paths. You get over 30 papers, over 80 elements, 3 complete Alphas and 3 12x12 page bytes which all coordinate to create fabulous pages!

Readers of this blog can use the following code SR_HUmmIeBLOG to take 20% off the purchase of the collection before April 14th. (NB the code is case sensitive)

(and if you need text paths)

Finally, a layout!

photos removed
I am so far behind on doing my layouts. I had caught up at one time, but then starting writing tutorials. I need to stop and do some layouts to preserve our memories. This layout is from photos from last June. Yep, if I do not hurry, I may be a year behind!
When I saw ShelleyRae's BoyTeen Tees, I knew they would be great for my guy layouts....I have to be cool, ya know. The arrow is from her Juno kit. This journaling is all about how wild we are when we go on adventures. We tend to take risks, like cruising through the Smokies, near dark, in the rain, with a van that would not restart when shut off. Note I took the photo from the van so I would not have to turn it off (see the rear view mirror in the photo?)

Greatest Act of Love Ever Known

I am blessed to have an employer who considers Good Friday a holiday day to allow us to attend services. I enjoyed our Good Friday worship today.

I decided to take some photos and blog about several of the things in today's worship and words that touched me.

Good Friday is a "blessedly horrible day." Oh, the irony in that, but it is so true! It is a horrible day as we remember how our Lord bled for us, was mocked for us, was spit at for us, was scourged for us, and was pierced for our transgressions. However, it is a blessed day for us because He did these things for us so that we may have forgiveness of sins and life forever in heaven.

I was reminded today of the curtain that was torn when Christ said "It is finished." The curtain was in the most holy place where only the high priest could come -- and only once a year --and only with an offering. The curtain came between us and God. However, the curtain was torn and life everlasting was unveiled when the curtain was torn in two, from top to bottom--all the way from heaven to the dead places of the earth.

I was reminded that the ladies with Jesus upon his death were anguishing with sadness and a feeling of no hope. Sometimes our lives feel that way. However, the last words of Hymn #159 which we sang say "Savior, teach us to rise." No matter how down and out we are, our Savior can teach us to rise.

We also sang a song "Were You There" which reminds me that, yes, I was there that day in Jesus' heart as what He did that day was for me, even though I was not born yet.

Lyrics: Were you there when they crucified my Lord? Were you there when they nailed him to the tree? Were you there when they laid him in the tomb? Were you there when God raised him from the tomb? It causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble.

I did this layout for the Faithbooking Challenge which challenged me to take photos of my church and make a layout of them. I used a kit by ShelleyRae. The kits in this collection are freestyle and I had to go through her gallery to get inspiration as these elements are out of my box.

When I look at our sanctuary, I see the three places where God comes to us, the font (baptism), the table (communion) and the pulpit (God's Word). I encourage you to make a layout of your sanctuary. If you do, please share with me.

Growing Wings

I am doing it. I have decided. I AM breaking the cycle!

Does your hair go in cycles like mine?

I usually go for a while with straight, all one length hair (which seems to be my comfort zone). Then I cannot stand my hair because it is so flat. So, I get it layered. Then, very quickly, I do not like it because within a few weeks I develop split ends that stick out everywhere. So, I get a perm. After about two weeks, my perm is perfect. Two weeks later, it is driving me nuts and I decide to grow it out straight, all one length.

I have been through this cycle many times in my life and I am going to refuse to get into it again! This straight hair is staying! I am NOT starting another cycle!

Now, I have a new problem. My bangs. I know, no one wears bangs any more as I am told by every hair dresser. In fact, some of them that are young look at me funny saying "what are bangs" because they have never heard of them! I am waiting for them to come back into style. Styles are cyclable too.

My hair, in the front, naturally goes straight forward fairly far back in the center. I realized this when my sons hair (much shorter of course) does the same thing. Therefore, my bangs are very thick because they include hair fairly far back on my head. If not, the hair is in my face which I cannot stand.

However, every time my bangs get a certain length, they begin to grow wings! So I cut them myself or get a hair cut. This time, I'm not cutting them! I am going to let my wings grow. I am breaking the cycle! And my wings are driving me nuts!

I have not decided whether I will grow all of my bangs out (as I think I would become my mother then...yeah...I think I got her forehead...and she has straight hair without bangs), but I am at least going to grow out that part that becomes wings.

So, what am I to do with my wings while they grow out? Clip them back somehow? I am not sure I want to use barrettes again and look like the same hairstyle I had when I was seven.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Apr 5, 2007

Template Tutorial and Free Template

Templates are a great way to finish a quick layout. Sometimes they can be hard to understand how to use if you are new to Photoshop Elements. I have completed a tutorial and hope that it is helpful. You can find it here.

On that page is a free template (one is layered and one is flat) for you to download.

I am always happy to be able to complete a layout while doing these tutorials and this one is for my Garden Book. If you cannot see it here very well, you can see it better in the Garden Book folder. I encourage you to do layouts with analogies applicable to life lessons (or at least enjoy mine!)

Blending Modes (Part 2)

Sue Chastain has part 2 of her blending modes tutorial up! I know many of you responded to this the first time, so you have been waiting for this! Have fun!

Thanks Desi!

I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank Desi for sharing with me!
The layout to the left can be seen here. She shared this layout with me because she utilized my Custom Shadow Tutorial. I think she did a fantabulous job! The placement of the shadows is so well thought out. Notice where she has placed the tape where the shadow is down on the page to increase the effect. Note that the custom shadows are not only on the poloroid photo, but on the outer edges of the background mat.
She shared with me this website regarding Charles Phoenix. Check it out!

Apr 3, 2007

Guy Stuff - Go Thata Way

I am trying to get a tutorial done on how to use templates, but it is taking a lot of self-motivation. I've worked the last two nights. I do have all the graphics done (which is the hardest and most time consuming part), so I do hope to have the tutorial written tomorrow. I am working so much slower than I did a month ago at writing.

Someone requested that I write it and it was one I needed to get written anyway. I hope to have the tutorial and a freebie template for you soon.

Burnt out from working all day and then working all night, I decided to take a half hour or so and zone out and create a few things to share. It always feels good to be creative and then hope someone can use what I make, we both win.

I have been told I do "guy" stuff better than other styles because I have four men.

I can see these even being used for travel or babies on the move. Use your imagination!

Please share with me if you use them. You can contact me by e-mail or upload them to the folder (link to instructions in the sidebar)

PLEASE PLEASE! If you have never downloaded from me before, please read the instructions or you will get the wrong type of file or merely a thumbnail instead of the full version. Link to download instructions in the sidebar. It is much easier than it sounds!

Happy hump day everyone!

Hey, I said "quick" because I made them so quickly!
I guess you could use them to show a quick child too!

More on Survivor

This week we see that one of the competitions is a dance competition. It is a Fijian dance called meke. It looks like fun to me! Come along and join me in practicing the dance before the show on Thursday!


It appears the the car curse will live on. That is, the person who wins the car will not win Survivor. We have been told that there is a very controversial part of the show and somehow it encircles the car. It involves Yau Man, Dreamz, and handing over of keys, and broken promises. Read more from Phoenix.


As I have heard from the start, there are three hidden immunity idols that are found. We have seen one found, but I am still wondering about the other two. Who will get them? One more will be found before the merge and one after the merge. Finally, we get to see them used and they change the game. I am anxious for this.

Have I told you how much I love Survivor and watching the spoilers?

I found another boot list at Jokers Updates. I have always trusted Fever though, but we can watch to see which comes true. This is why I like spoilers! Sometimes they are right on. Sometimes, the are wrong and the shock blows you away! It is never truly completely spoiled. Have fun!

12. Rocky
11. Lisi
10. Mookie
09. Edgardo
08. Alex
07. Stacy
06. Boo
05. Michelle
04. Yau-Man

Final 3Dreamz, Earl, Cassandra

Blog Party Winners!

I had a lot of fun with the blog party.

I would love to do it again sometime if there are interested participants.

Drumroll please!

The winners may thank my hubbie for randomly choosing their number off the top of his head!


1. FONT (.ttf format) by Terry Maruca: I'm happy to donate a FONT as a prize for the blog party! Here is a sample of my current fonts at SCRAPBOOK-ELEMENTS (list updated regularly). The prize font will be newly created for the party! This is so exciting!


2. Five Dollar ($5) gift coupon to Tina William's Store.


3. Five Dollar ($5) gift coupon to Tina William's Store. (yep! a second one!)


4. Ten Dollar ($10) gift coupon to Butternug Squash Designs store.

WINNER: Leslie

5. One set of {Juke Labels} from here!

Winner: Azrood

Sponsors and winners, please contact each other to transfer prizes!

Thank you to everyone who participated! I met a lot of new people!

Thank you Trish!

I would like to personally thank Trish for sharing with me a layout using the tags that I gave out the other day. You can see her post and thoughts about the layout on her blog.

When people share with me like this it just makes my day! I thank them from the bottom of my heart for giving back to me. I have enjoyed reading her posts on digital scrapbooking and encourage you to scoot over there and read! I look forward to what more she will write in the future.

Trish is interested in heritage. I am going to look for my writing on heritage and share it again soon.

I think it is great that Tina inspired me to make the tags and then Trish was inspired to do a heritage layout. Isn't this digiworld just one big circle that comes right back to us by way of inspiration.

I continue to read many blogs recommending various ways to get readers to your blog.

I would like to suggest that Trish is the best example on how to get readers to your blog.

She has taken the time to reach out to me and create a relationship of common interests. That time invested has not only gotten me to become a regular reader of her blog, but also to post and share with others to encourage them to read her blog.

(List of Blogs who List Freebies ) Getting New Readers Tip


Everyone is always interested in getting new readers to read their blog. It seems pointless to write for no purpose.

The purposes can vary, of course. Some people are content with just their family reading their blog and that is a wonderful purpose! I encourage you to utilize your blog to keep your family up to date and to record journaling of memories as a keepsake.

Some people blog because they enjoy helping others (ah hem...that would be me!)

Whatever your purpose may be, to get more readers is sometimes difficult. It does take effort.

I was recently surprised when I added a new widget to my sidebar that in four days time there were over 1,470 readers from 45 countries on this blog. That makes me a little nervous. Maybe I do not want so many people reading me!

One good way to increase traffic is to meet other bloggers and to join together with them on a project so that other readers can find your blog. If they happen upon your blog and like your subject areas, they are likely to return again.


Basketer has come up with a plan to bring readers together and get more traffic to his blog. He is looking for 101 participants to post 101 different ways to make your post original. He invites you to join him.


I am a babbler and I do hope my posts are interesting and original to my readers. It seems to come easy for me. I have so many interests and hobbies and I just share what I enjoy.

I just be myself. I do not try to be someone I am not -- just to get traffic.

I think about what things I am interested in and when I find new things of interest, I share them, whether it be on the topics of television, genealogy, flower gardening, or scrapbooking. Those who enjoy the same interests as me hopefully will return.

I also enjoy writing tutorials and teaching others about digital scrapbooking. All of my tutorials are original. I try to find inspiration to share with my readers to utilize on their pages.


I will share for non-scrappers who have never entered the realm of scrapping blogs how many digital scrapbookers get traffic.

In the digital scrapbooking realm, the best way to get more readers is to give out something free. I am always amazed at how my traffic increases when I give out something free. I can imagine that for non-scrapping blogs, free things would be harder to give out.

However, there are those people who would prefer utilizing their time to find other freebies for digital scrapbooking and post links to them, rather than create a freebie themselves. I can imagine this is very time consuming, but I know many appreciate their time! The ladies who take the time to do this daily really are doing their part to bring the separated blogs into one community and I thank them for that. Not only do they receive traffic for their efforts, but they bless others in their efforts.

I have wanted to give my readers a list of these blogs for a while now, but it takes time to make a list of blogs (see what I mean, we should thank them!)

Here is a list and I will update it as I find more blogs. It is easiest for me to update the post as I see. If you know of one, please let me know.

Designs by Selena

Apr 2, 2007

TV Blurbs

Just a few notes on television happenings in the tv world.


I enjoyed the show and liked the chosen winners. I hope it airs again.


Currently my favorite show (next to Survivor) and I hope it gets a new contract for next year.


The Bachelor starts tonight and Andy Baldwin has revealed a secret. He proposes to the girl he chooses. Five of the six most recent bachelors did not propose, so this will make for a great ending! Now, who does he propose to! Supposedly Stephanie is the first to get a rose and a private date, but does not make it to the end. It is possible that Amber (a not well liked girl) gets to the F4.


The AOL American Idol Poll claims that it has often been right in reflecting the true votes on who will be booted each week. Check it out! Sanjaya is in first place on that poll! Currently, Lakisha is in last place. It doesn't claim that all positions have been a true reflection, only the last position. Let us watch this poll in a few days to see if it changes.

There has been a lot of discussion on who Sanjaya's voter base is other than votefortheworst.com. Is it really the teeny-boppers' influence? Ahh, I remember David and Shawn Cassidy!

Check out the American Idol Make-overs! What a difference the before and after photos are! I wonder if they can fix it so we do not see so much of Melinda's gums and make Phil grow hair and tack his ears down. I know, we cannot judge them by their looks, but isn't that what these make-overs are all about? It seems looks does matter anyway to the public.

Here's a fun page on American Idol Look Alikes. Enjoy!


According to Fever, here is the boot list. The question now is what the order of the F3 is.

1 Jessica
2 Erica
3 Sylvia
4 Gary
5 Liliana
6 Rita
7 Anthony
8 James (Rocky) - First juror
9 Lisi (merge after her boot)
10. Michelle
11. Edgardo
12. Alex
13. Mookie or Stacy
14. Mookie or Stacy
15. Boo
F3. Dreamz, Cassandra, Earl

The tribes as they are now.
Moto: Cassandra, Boo, Stacy, Earl, Yau-Man, Michelle
Ravu: Dreamz, Alex, Edgardo, Mookie, Lisi

As you can see, three of the F4 are currently on the same tribe. They must either play the immunity idol well or form a good bond and use it after the merge.

Also, I find it interesting that no caucasions are in the F4.

Question: Who would you predict will win individual immunities after the merge? Does Michelle go on a winning streak?

According to True Dork, Yau-man is shown on here as winning the "cars"...he gets more than one?

Since Lisi is booted this week, Moto wins Immunity.... by warriers choice.

Since Lisi is exiled, Moto wins Reward....a dance competition.

Does Lisi really tell them all the idol clues, just to get booted?

Isn't Yau-Man funny! Love that he made up a fake idol and buried it. Would it not be even more funny if he found the fake one in front of everyone and gave it away, only for it to be played? Can you imagine Jeff having to tell someone it is fake? No spoiler here, just my imagination running.

It is said that no one new visits exile until after the merge.


The Amazing Race is getting boring for me. It never was one of my favorite, although I did enjoy seeing Charla as a knight.

Here's a repost from my earlier post of the boot order which seems to be coming true.

All Stars Teams ( elimination order?)
John Vito & Jill
Kevin & Drew
Mary & David
Rob & Amber
Teri & Ian
Bill & Joe
Uchenna & Joyce
Danny & Oswald
F3 Charla & Mirna Dustin & Kandice Eric & Danielle

Garden Journaling - Planting

I enjoyed working in the yard again yesterday, although I missed my husband out there working with me, but then again not. I missed him doing some of the work for me! But I did not miss his making noise and chatting near me as it was so quiet without him there that I felt in tune with the sounds around me of birds and squirrels and wind. It was so peaceful.

I spent a lot of time planting some summer flower bulbs which I bought over a week ago. I just now had time to get them planted.

There is just something about burying these dead things and then watching them come to life. I never remember where I have planted them and, therefore, it is such a surprise to watch them pop up out of the ground.

I put all the Gladiolus in my new wooden container and carried them around that way. I rather enjoyed the feel of the leather handle as I carried that box around. I was going to plant flowers in that box, but I just might change my mind and use it as a tool carrier. What is it about tactile things in the garden? There is also nothing like the feel of dirt in your hands and under your nails. I found quite a few earth worms while planting.

My Wild Sweet William began to bloom yesterday. They are not in full bloom yet, so I am anxious to see them today. The bright color purple is always one of the most beautiful flowers for me to see. I love them! I need to take the time to spread those flowers as I cannot get enough of them.

Well, here it is Monday morning and my Outlook is messing up and it is frustrating me and I got nothing done this morning. What a way to start out a week. I hope the day gets better.

The boys are on Spring break for more than a week now. I wish I got a break that long. I will continue to pray for responsibility for them and hope they show signs of it while they are home this week.

Have a great week everyone.

Apr 1, 2007

Gentlemen, Rev your Engines!

I'll play the Glad Game again! I am glad my son is mowing the lawn without being told to do so! What a surprise to hear the lawn mower going!

God is good and answers prayer. My prayer for them to have responsibility is beginning to be answered. I shall keep praying though as there is still a long way to go. The other two show no signs of improvement yet.

Goodness, the grass was mowed one week ago. That fertilizer sure is working well! Look how much it grew in only one week! The lawn mower keeps choking and shutting off.

Gentlemen, rev your engines! Lawn mowing season is here!

Prayer Journal

I decided it was time to start a new prayer for my sons. I am now going to pray for them to have ambition. Here is my layout, I hope you can read the journaling which is my prayer for them. If not, click on it to go to the Fotki folder.

It is hard to do a layout with no photos! I used Amanda Rockwell's Back in Black Fun kit. I also used her coloring technique which she shared on the Designer Technique a few posts below this one. This kit has a great piece of cardboard in it!

To do the title, well, I'm not sure how I did that! I used Laribie's "Earwig Factory" font. It is a font on fun blocks. I selected the text, reversed the selection, the used the paint bucket to fill a new layer in black. Next, I used a feather of 100 px and made a rectangle selection around my text, reversed the selection, then hit the delete key to delete all but the rectangle of text.

Next, I played with blending modes, changed the lightness and darkness of the layer, and played some more until I came up with this. Have fun playing!

Please share with me if you do a prayer journal layout.

Free Internet from Google!

Wow, this is unbelievable! Google is offering free internet service...it's in Beta...you have to check this out! I have always wondered would be next in technology!
Click here to go to Google TiSP.

Freebie Tags

I think the digiworld is awesome with regard to inspiring each other. It only takes seeing one little thing to set my mind in motion to utilize what I have to make something new. Tina has a freebie tag here with a flower on it. It inspired me to do something with some of my flower photos.

Now, my tags are totally different than hers, so you have to go see hers too! Her skills are better than mine and she has a great unique style.
Well, I enjoyed playing with these and, as always, learned some more about my program while playing to try to make these. You can find them at the end of this folder.
If you have never downloaded from me before, please see the link in the sidebar for important instructions or you may download incorrectly. Also, if you make something with these, please share with me too.

Designer Technique - Amanda Rockwell (Coloring Cardboard & Making Stitches)

I introduce to you today Amanda Rockwell. I was blessed to have met Amanda Rockwell at DST. I had seen and heard of her designs through ladies in my Yahoo Group who always gave her designs high praises. Word of mouth really works! (and she had know idea people were talking to me about her) However, because I do not purchase much (cause I'm a poor person), I never did take the opportunity to look through her store.

One day a few months ago I replied to a thread of hers at DST. The next thing I knew, she was sending me a private message with links to download not one, but all of her Back in Black II kits! Wow, what a shock that was for me! That just sealed the deal on what type of person Amanda is and the quality of her designs. So, spread the word! Amanda is an awesome lady! She is so generous and humble and sweet.

I wanted to give back to Amanda, so I made two layouts using the things she gave me. You can see them here and here. I can tell you these will be some kits I will use over and over again. The black is perfect for my guy layouts. I think Amanda's kits are also great for those ladies who scrap well using patterns and for those ladies who like to make their layouts look like realistic paper layouts.

Amanda has given us two tutorials. First, she shows us how to color cardboard. The use of cardboard is a trend right now! What a great thing for her to show us. I note some of the kits I have of Amanda's have cardboard in them.

The second tutorial teaches us how to make stitching. Have fun learning!

You can find Amanda's kits here.
My first designer technique will be coloring cardboard.

This is a plain cardboard heart. The pictures are in psp 10, but this can work just as well with photo shop.

Take a circle brush and make the edges soft. You can use any size, you could even decide you want a grungy brush instead of a circle brush.

Paint the heart however you'd like, just stay on the cardboard. Make sure you paint on a NEW layer.

Go into your blending modes and select soft light.

You can leave it like this as shown on image 3.

Or you can duplicate that layer to get a darker look like image 4. It's pretty simple. This technique can be used for a lot of things. Just a good thing to know for scrappers who want certain colors on their cardboard elements

I'm going to start you on making your own stitching. This is a really simple way, I usually do more steps and different things, but this will get you started. I wanted to leave things open so you could put your own touches on things.

You will get your pen tool and draw a line (any length stitch you want, I did a medium length).

Then you will get a circle brush the same thickness as the line and round the edges out.

We will now be pinching the ends off the stitches. You don't HAVE to do this, but it can be a nice touch. You will select your warp/liquify tool.

You will pick the contract option and pinch your edges till they look like something in image 4.

After you do this you're going to want to put a slight bevel on your stitch. Then you need to texture it. There are many textures you can use and it really does vary by the designer. You can see a really simple texture in image5.

Now we're going to add holes. Another thing that you can do the same or differently. Just get your circle brush, soften the edges. Make sure it's slightly bigger than the edges of the stitch. Make a new layer under the stitch and stamp your circle. Then duplicate your stitch and move it over like you see in image 6.

Just keep doing this until you've reached the length you want.I've included a preview in image 7 of 2 other stitches I've done. Just examples of straight stitches that I've put my own twist on.

I really hope you guys found these mini tutorials useful and easy to understand!

The kit I would like to highlight today is Emma Jo. It is a kit I'm selling for my friend Jo. Her daughter needs some lung therapy. Maybe it will help generate more money for her. You can read more about Emma Jo in the description of the kit.

ACDSee (shopping experience)

I wanted to update you on my investigations with ACDSee since my last post.

I did go to three local stores to see if I could purchase the program. Goodness, I was shocked! There are almost no software programs available, even at Best Buy. I was told that anything that was not compatible with Vista was cleared out of the stores. I guess they need to restock now.

The online version of ACDSee is available for Vista, but I suppose it has not had enough time to make it into the stores.

I decided that since my old version is not compatible with Vista, it is probably best I get a newer version anyway. So, I recommend shopping online for once!