Jan 7, 2007

When does R H = O B?

When does R H = O B? The answer: never!

Oh, what an evening. I was so excited for the two new programs on t.v. tonight, only to spend most of the evening either sweating or freezing as we struggled to get the new thermostat installed.

First, the heater came on when it was on "cold" and the air conditioner came on when the "heat" was on. Whew, it was getting cold in here!

So, we switched two wires and it appeared to work and we thought the stress was over. Wrong!

So, next thing we knew, it was 78 degrees and rising in the house! The heat would not shut off for nothing! It showed on the thermostat that it should shut off at 72 degrees, but right above that it showed it was 78 degrees in the house! What to do! What to do! We turned the whole thing off and started reading some more while waiting for things to cool down.

After many tries of various things over many hours, we finally discovered that the R H wire was hooked to the O B connection. Yes, R H really does = R H, even if it has a wire going over to the R C from it too. Yes, two wires under one connection really does work!

Sigh. I hope this is not a bad sign as to how our week will go.
In the end, I hope that this new tool will save us on energy bills.

The Apprentice & Grease

Everyone knows I'm a huge reality t.v. geek, so I though I would start posting sometimes about t.v. (with a new label).

I am finding that Yahoo TV is really expanding and becoming a great place to visit. Did you know that you can watch 24 minutes of tonight's Apprentice before it is even aired? With no commericials, you nearly watch all but the ending! I watched it last night. It's going to be a great season. Anyone want to post a comment on who they feel will be booted before it airs tonight?

I understand that the Apprentice and the upcoming Survivor somehow did the same twist while filming. Isn't that odd? It appears they will both be sending some to poverty and some to riches for accomodations. We will watch and see.

I am also anxious to see what the new reality show of Grease will be like. will it be great or fail? I loved the movie.

Digiscrapping Blooper

I was going through my P4D e-mails and you should have seen my eyes when this one first jumped out at me! It took me a moment to realize that it was not really a "crapbook."

I know that people share bloopers that they see in church bullitens and newsletters and such and I just could not resist doing the same with this one. Oh my, what a formating error can do!

I've tried to crop it so as the shop's name is not visible (I be a good girl).

Meeting distant cousins

Well, here it is, my first post for the new genealogy label.

I've been searching genealogy for years now and I must say that it is very rewarding. What is so rewarding about a bunch of names in a list? Nothing.

What is rewarding is when I meet distant cousins and relatives online who know about my family line and can give me stories to bring life to those ancestors in my family tree.

I have met several through the Rootsweb mailing lists. I am subscribed to those with the surnames I am researching and also the counties I am researching. This is by far the best way to begin researching.

I have also made contact with distant cousins through the websites I have created for each surname. Rootsweb mail lists and websites have been my most successful methods of meeting people.

My second most recent contact was actually all the way from Ireland! She was so wonderful. She even went out that day and took photos of the homestead and the roads and the lane my great-grandfather would have traveled down as he left Ireland. I so want to go there and meet her in person. What a great lady, friend, and relative.

Last week I was contacted by someone else related who found one of my websites.

I have been subscribed to these lists for a long time and I do get behind in reading the e-mails; however, I eventually take the time to read them all for some clue or connection. I have my Outlook configured to sort them into folders so they are not mixed up with other e-mails.

I have other stories I can share as I babble on the blog!

Jan 6, 2007

It all comes down to poo....

Oh my goodness, I have never watched Scrubs, but this video sure did make me laugh. It's so silly, how can you not laugh? Enjoy!

Here's a sneak peek from the SCRUBS special musical episode that airs on January 18 on NBC! ... (more)

Sending Layouts and Photos by E-mail through XP

Oh my goodness, I saw this on someone's blog or on a social news site (one of them in my blogroll) last week and thought about how I needed to share this tip with the digiworld, especially as I saw it when everyone was telling me how fast I got my layouts in for the "First To's" game the DSS Yahoo Group plays.

This also made me think of how so many ladies say that they save two versions of their layouts on their hard drives, one in the normal large size and one in a small size for e-mailing (or uploading to galleries). I never did agree with using up extra hard drive space for two versions of the same layout. If I made a smaller size, I always deleted it after using it. This trick really makes saving smaller sizes useless.

Now, I need to mention, as I often see everyone in the digiworld copycat, me included, that I got this idea somewhere else. I'd give you the blog where I got this idea from, but I lost it. I've looked, but cannot find it. Shame on me. But I must comment that I've already seen someone else copy this idea and not give credit. How many times do I see ideas circulate in the digiworld and catch on and people do not give credit and post the ideas as if they are their own? I just shake my head. I see a new idea and then suddenly, it's everyone's new idea. I'm here to say, even without a link, I stole this idea.

So, if you want to e-mail quickly and you work in Windows XP, try this trick!

Right click on the file in your folder and choose “send to” and then “mail recipient.” A popup box will appear and, if needed, choose “make all my pictures smaller.” Click okay. A compose box in your default e-mail program will open up with the photo already inserted as an attachment, in a reduced size.

New Techy Finds

This site is pretty cool. It is called Digg.com. It is a place to keep up with all the lastest news, videos, and podcasts that people are 'digging' --what an 80's term! You can view the podcasts on their site or download them instead if you choose. Sort by popularity to see what is most interesting. I did have to register, but it was painless.

Very Funny Commercials - I did spend some time here, some good laughs.

Jan 5, 2007

T-Shirt Folding

I am SO tired after the stressful day yesterday with my son coming home on a very long trip with no sleep. God took care of him and he is home, safe in bed this morning. But my husband and son get to sleep in and I have to go to work. He got home around 1 a.m. and chatted until 2 a.m. I am so thankful that it is Friday. This weekend holds a tutorial writing marathon for me.

I am so tired it makes me wish for more "easy button" gadgets like this t-shirt folding gadget. I may have to get me some cardboard and just try this out some time. It sure looks like it works!

Jan 4, 2007

Product Recalls

Just a short note as I am busy today. I am trying to stay interesting though so you want to come back to read!

So today I am going to give you another one of my favorite e-mail subscriptions. I have been on this list a long time.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission sends out e-mails whenever there are products that are recalled. It is not a high volume list.

I am just now noticing that they have RSS (since I'm SO getting into RSS now), so I may have to subscribe to it with Bloglines and test it out).

Jan 3, 2007

Cheering Tally!

Yeah, I feel like dancing on my head (rather than kicking myself in the head as in my earlier post)! I got one more tutorial done finally. Can I get another one done today?

I added my tally to the sidebar. I need a cheering team to keep me motivated!

This guy spins on his head 93 times. Yes, you can find anything on YouTube if you just do a quick search.

Focusing on Goals

Everyone knows I love taking photos with my digital camera and scrapping them digitally. Neatorama has selected 13 photos that changed the world. do you remember them? It got me thinking about how important it is to keep snapping photos. Although my photos may not change the world, they may make a difference in someone's life. I hope my thoughts inspire other digiscrappers.

Lego offers a free software to create lego structures on the computer. It sure beats having a bunch of blocks all over the floor.

And I feel like doing what this guy does. That is, kicking myself in the head. Here it is, January 3rd, and I have lots of time over the holidays, and I do not have one more tutorial written for my classes. I need to stop finding great things to post on my blog and stop chatting so much in the DSS Yahoo Group (and making freebies) and make it a goal to work on the tutorials first thing every morning.

By the way, this guy kicked himself in the head 60 times in 38 seconds. By the way, we know what the guy is doing, but what is that person doing with their arms in the background?

Jan 2, 2007

Long Day

Dreams, 2007 Wishes, & Free Brushes

Just a quick post for today. It has been a really long, tough day.

The ladies in the DSS Yahoo Group really made me smile a lot and helped me through the days when our sons were gone. The teasing about guy layouts in pink and flowers and the de-PANK-ulator was side splitting. Thanks so much ladies!

Bridget shared a dream she had about me that really made me smile. Imagine that? Someone dreaming about me? I think this may be a first for me. What an honor! Here's her dream:

"LOL......no but I did dream about Hummie the other night. Don''t ask me why but here's the dream.........

I was in a department store and there was this lady who looked exactly like Hummie. So I said, " Oh my forgive me for asking but you wouldn't bee Hummie?"

She whispered, "Shhh! I don't want anyone to know."

Then one of her coworkers overheard our conversation and about died because she too was in the group and didn't even know that hummie was "hummie". lol

Anyways....we had a DSS reunion there in the store. I think maybe the dream is from when Hummie was worried about her lives colliding. LOL....but that was SO long ago and my dream was right before Christmas."

Beth sent me this Happy New Year wish which I thought was unique with irony and made me smile, so I am sharing it too!

May peace break into your house
and may thieves come to steal your debts.
May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills.
May love stick to your face like Vaseline
and may laughter assault your lips!
May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires
and may happiness slap you across the face
and may your tears be that of joy
May the problems you had forget your home address!
In simple words......
May 2007 be the best year of your life

And finally, I want to thank Misty Cato for sharing this link to these brushes. obsidiandawn.com I cannot wait to play with them. I was not sure the brushes would be compatible with PSE, so I downloaded the .jpg versions to make my own brushes. The terms of use are fairly open as long as credit is given, so that's cool! I can do that! There are also four nice tutorials on the site. Digital Scrappers, have fun!

Jan 1, 2007


I ran into a great post this morning regarding typography and thought that this would be a great subject to share with my digital scrapbooking readers.

Of course, I will share with you my links page first, where you can find links to download free fonts.

Typies appears to be a new blog with interesting articles about typeography. This post has 15 tips.

Typetester.com allows you to test a font (size, etc.) to see how it looks on the screen.

DaFont.com is my favorite place to download free fonts for digiscrapping.

Identifont is a fun site to cruise. I can see this site being useful if you see a font you like in a layout in a gallery and credit is given to a font, but you do not know where to obtain the font. On this site, search by font name to find information on copyright and where to obtain a font. Search by font name to find similar fonts. There is also a page for downloads of free fonts. Put in a subject for a picture font to find one that meets your needs. Search by designer name or try clicking on the publisher link.

Thinking with Type is a fabulous site to better understand typography with its fab samples. It is a virtual textbook learning place.

If you design your blog or a website, I found this toolbox website interesting.

Happy New Year

I just wanted to pop in to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

I found this video on YouTube. They guy has a unique sense of humor in his videos that he creates. On this one, he makes a play on the political incorrectness of "Happy New Year," such as the world seems to be doing with "Merry Christmas."

I read something in the past few days that brought this topic into perspective, but I cannot find it now. Basically, it questioned whether or not God would really care about politically incorrectness. Isn't there much more important things in this world? For instance, our personal relationship with Him and all the hurting people in the world.

I hope you have a great day.