Jul 14, 2007

Organizing Actions in PSE

I am an avid advocate of using Atomic Cupcake actions.  BriAnna Schultz has some awesome talent which she shares with us through her actions.

However, she has offered so many, it was getting difficult for me to use them.  I could not tell what I had, much less find anything scrolling through the long list of actions under my effects menu.

So, I spent the morning organizing and I am happy that I did.

From my tutorial on plug-ins, you will recall that actions are different than layer styles.  Actions are created in the full version of Photoshop, but can be rigged to work in Photoshop Elements.  In order to rig it, a .psd file with an icon of the action must also be included in the Adobe folder.

Also remember that actions are placed in a different folder than layer styles under the Adobe folder.  So these instructions are only for actions, not layer styles or other plug-ins.  Actions have a .atn extension.


BriAnna, of course as would be typical, places her actions, .psd file, instructions, and TOU in the same download file.

I took the time to copy and paste and separate all of these files into separate folders.

I had to rename all of the instruction files to be applicable to the individual actions before placing them all in one folder for instructions.


I observed BriAnna's own categories for her actions on her site and created Folders to match:

AC Edgers, AC Metals, AC Other, AC Paint, AC Tears, and AC Textures.


I placed the same actions, along with the .psd file, in each of the folders as BriAnna had categorized on her website.   These files must be taken out of their individual folders (no sub-folders) and lumped together in the group folder; otherwise, they will not work.

Remember, there are two files for each action.













Follow BriAnna's instructions for installing the actions in the Adobe folders, including deleting the cache files.  Drop these six folders of actions in the appropriate folder under Adobe.


When you reopen Photoshop Elements, the actions will now show up in groups to make them much easier to find!


As I download new actions as they are offered, I can simply drop them into the appropriate folder, delete the cache again, and reopen PSE.




I took the organizing a step further by taking the time to go into Atomic Cupcakes site and copying and pasting the previews of each action into six .psd files to create contact pages of each of the six folders of actions.  These are easily updated as new actions are offered.

Now, I can see what the actions do and know exactly where to go find them in the appropriate group quickly.

I am so happy to know what I have so I can actually play with it!

I do not spend much money on digital scrapbooking supplies, but I recommend spending the money for these great actions.  BriAnna, thanks!


Colette said...

Ditto to the love for Brianna - I love her actions too!! Thanks for the tut Hummie - will have to make time to go back and reorganise! :)

scrapgeek said...

I really need to organise my actions - thanks for the tutorial :)

Lisa Joy said...

What a great way to organize the actions! I love my Atomic cupcake actions, THat would make it so much easier to use.

Kayla aka The Legacy Lady said...

I love your blog - there is always something new to learn here - thanks so much for the ideas in organizing and also for the post on the office dates - you rock! :)

grambie said...

Thanks for info regarding organizing your actions in PSE. I joined and got her Effects for PSE along with a few actions. I noted that your directions applied to earlier because I have used that routine. Does it apply to PSE-5? That is my main question? I also thought she had layer styles because it was listed, but I found out that was an error. Great for the info on copying the photos from her site. I notice now that I have opened a few, that they all do not have the file included. You know the gif that was included in some files. She also had the info for Photoshop CS etc within the folder that I thought was for PSE. No info for PSE, so I thought I had made an error with my download. So thanks again for sharing your substitute for that image. HUGS!!!

Katie said...

I have PSE3. I downloaded the chipboard action from Atomic Cupcake. I've tried to load it into my photoshop but it doesn't quite work. It appears under my flyout menu but there is no icon of the action to click on. I've tried contacting Brianna but no response. There is no .psd in the download. Do I need that? Is that the missing piece? Can I create a .psd file and put it in the folder. I am new to PSE. Thank you.