Sep 23, 2010

Blogroll Code for Digital Scrapbookers

The blogroll has been migrated and there are now new codes!

This blogroll code was first published on July 20, 2007. It was hosted with at that time and rose to a high count of 758 listings! On May 27, 2009, it was finally moved to be hosted with bloglines. Dead links and blogs without posts over 6 months were removed. The new list begins with 487 blogs. Since bloglines will alert me to feeds that are no longer working, in addition to sorting from newest to oldest posts, I can better keep the list current.

On September 23, 2010, the blogroll was moved to Google Reader as Bloglines (owned by was closing the first of October. The list contained 806 blogs.

This universal blogroll code can be put in your blog just by copying the below code. (I understand it does not work in the free Wordpress blogs as they do not accept javascript.)

Having it on your own blog would make it easy for you and your readers to quickly find someone else's blog. In addition, the posts are set to sort with the blog most recently to post at the top. What a great way to just waste some time visiting other blogs right from your own blog!

E-mail me if you are a digiscrapper and would like to be added to this blogroll. Please know that keeping up with this blogroll has become quite a task and often it takes me a long time to get to the e-mails. The name you assigned to your blog will automatically be the name on the list. I will attempt to edit some names, but please be aware that you may be listed accordingly. Please do a search of this list (Control F) to see if you are already on the list before requesting to be added. I often get duplicate or triplicate requests for the same blog.

You can edit the code to fit in your sidebar by changing the width and height. IF YOUR SIDEBAR IS NOT WIDE ENOUGH, change the width in the code to a smaller number until you see the scrollbar.

If you would like more of the blog names to be visible, change the height.

If you would like the whole blogroll to be visible as in the below example, delete the height code all together.












1. Copy the code (highlight and press control C)
2. Go to the "template" tab in your blog settings.
3. Go to the "page elements" sub-tab.
4. Click on "Add a Page Element"
5. In the popup box, choose "HTML/JavaScript"
6. Paste the code (control V)
7. Save Changes
8. If desired, move the element down the sidebar to where you want it within your other items on your blog.
9. If needed change the height and width of the code. (Is the scroll bar showing?)

1. Go the TypeLists tab and open it.
2. Create a Typelist using the the Links kind of TypeList. If you haven't done it before see here: Creating a New Typepad List
3. Click on Add Item - Try reading Adding a New Item ; Cut and paste the code.
4. If you have 3 column setup which seems to be what most of us have, then each sidebar is 200 pixels If necessary, change the width so in the line that reads width:190px; height:200px, to 100 so it reads width:100px; height:200px
5. Click on Save and republish you blog. :-)

The PITA free version of Wordpress does not support javascript.
Thanks to Michelle for writing the Wordpress instructions!

1. copy the code from the box
2. log into WP admin
3. click arrow next to appearance
4. click widgets
5. add as a "Text" on the side (puts it at the top of the widgets)
6. click "add" next to text
7. click edit on the new blue "text" bubble to the right.
8. enter code into the large box
9. enter "title" into the small box
10. click done
11. click save changes


ladyNred said...

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Thanks so much, I put it up right away on both my blogs! You have done alot of research here.... thanks so much! Hugs!

Ruthie said...

It worked on my freebie blog fine, but on scrapperdesign.... it doesn't show any part of the list. What am I doing wrong?

Monique said...

Hey Hummie! Thanks so much for adding me to the list, seems I'm on there twice! Could you remove the Monique's Scrappin' link and keep the Monique's Scrappin' Blog link? It's a long enough list without Thanks for doing this for everyone! You rock!

mariquita said...

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Mariquita from Argentina

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The Red Head said...

This is a terrific library of blogs all in one place and I thank you for putting it together!

Sandie said...

Thank you so much for this incredible service to us!! I have been trying to maintain lists everywhere of the blogs I like to visit sometimes, and now I don't have to do that anymore thanks to you!! I have no idea how many hours of work went into making this happen, but it is one of the best things that has come digi-scrapping's way in a long time! THANK YOU!!!

June F. (Jae) said...

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Annie Banannie

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Bunny Cates, said...

Hi hummie.

I dont know about blogs, but I host wordpress from my site, and it works fine there.

to put it in the sidebar, just past the code into a widget.

if the theme doesnt use widgets, then go into the theme editor, and paste the code on the SIDEBAR where they want it to appear.

Laura said...

I added the Blogroll to Both my Blogs
Could you add me the the roll?

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Thank you for these instructions. Even this old tech-challenged granny was able to follow them and get the blog roll on my blog!

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Grunge Berry said...

hi hummie, I think my blogroll code is broken. It shows my last blog post was in October but I have posted a lot since then. Can you check it for me please or maybe the link at your end to see if it is the same. Did I even give you the new link? I am such a bird brain these days, lol. Thanks!

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bizee1 said...


i dont know if its blogger, me or the blogroll, but I went to change to your new code and it doesnt do the list on my blog, what it does is turns from my blog into a different page with all the blog listings, I am going to try it again in a bit just to see if its blogger or me, but wanted to give you a heads up just in case..thanks for listing me

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Love this blogroll..lots of my favorite places are in it...thank you very much.

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Snuggle Berry Pie Designs (Gabs) said...

Is there a way to get the blogroll back as being the most recently updated blogs at the top? It seems like it is now just an alphabetical list... or is there a setting that I need to change or something?

Hummie said...

The blogroll settings were something Bloglines offered...I can't see how to do that in google RSS reader.

I would if I could.

Snuggle Berry Pie Designs (Gabs) said...

What a shame. Thanks for the quick response.

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