Aug 4, 2015

Aug 4 . . . a Tuesday

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When I woke up, finally, my lock screen had changed.  Actually, I had been awake for nearly an hour and was scrolling on my phone in bed, so actually, when I finally turned on my computer.  I got the settings to work last night.

I tried pushing myself to finish the template.  I managed to get the rectangle one done and convert them to .tiff, but was mainly spending most of my time trying to fix the printer settings.  Since Windows 10, I've been getting error messages.  I don't have time for this stuff!  I get so tired of it.  I went around and around, installing, uninstalling, reinstalling, running repair programs, but I think I may have finally gotten it set up.  We'll see.  At least a print came out of my printer.

When I left for work, my car still smelled of sage.

Hubby sold our pool and our old air mattresses.  Now my "new laptop fund" is up to $85.  It's a start!  I think I have one of the 1960's Coleman stoves sold, if the sale goes through as planned later this week.

Hubby made some ground beef for tacos for lunch, but I had no tomatoes.  The man just does not understand how a taco isn't a taco without tomatoes!  lol  And cheese!  We were almost out of cheese!  We made do, nonetheless.

After I returned from lunch, hubby had gotten the mail and our camping refund was there!  Wow!  Unbelievable!  Let's hope it clears the bank.  You can see what I replied to hubby above.  When I showed it to a co-worker, she said the same thing and then I showed her what I had said and we had a good laugh.  So this saga will finally be coming to a close soon.  I need to notify the bank dispute department.  I may finish the graphic I started just to show you all anyway.

So evening came and evening went.

You don’t have to appear wounded on the outside to actually be wounded on the inside.  I refuse to be in a permanent state of wounded.  I refuse to let others see.  I like being happy.  I like spreading smiles.  I am naturally optimistic, but some days it just gets defeated for a little while.

Bow Pillow

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Isn't this bow pillow in gingham just too cute?  There are directions on the image source link, but you have to use a translator to read them.

Have you been exposed to hacking?

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I took the quiz on the New York Times website.  It is interesting to see what sort of information about me that may be stored in the underground about me.  I'm sure this is not the only information gained.  It's almost futile to stay safe now, even for those who are not on the web, as companies do store information on the web regardless of whether you are on or not.  I did sign up for a free monitoring which I got through Anthem for a limited time just last week.  I'm curious to see what reports it will generate.

Forgive Me, Lord

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Forgive me Lord
For the wrongs I have done.
For anger I shouldn't have
Against anyone.

I know I'm weak Lord,
But I love You, I really do,
And in spite of my weakness,
I know You love me too.

Forgive me for not reading Your word,
And for the times that I stray.
Forgive me for just being too tired
When I don't take the time to pray.

Give me the strength, Lord
To do what I should each day.
Let Your love shine through me
So others will follow Your way.

Even though I've failed You Lord,
I know You'll forgive me,
And this I promise Lord,
A better Christian I will be.

For Your presence is in me
Filling my heart with Your love,
And I have Your reassurance
You're guiding from above.

I love You Lord, and thank You
For the blessings You bestow,
I will tell others about You
So Your goodness they too, will know.

Author Unknown

Aug 3 . . . a Monday

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Hubby returns to regular schedule and life should get back to normal.

I'm feeling a bit down the last few days.  I know it is time to get back to working on stuff with the site because schedule and that I should have more time, but the thought of doing things for people and so few actually using it brings thoughts of the past, as well as a tough time motivating myself, making me depressed.  I usually delete things when I'm depressed, like posts on Facebook.  I deleted all the emails within Mailchimp and paused the emails.  There is less than 400 subscribed and 99 of them had not opened one of the last 50 emails.  I may do something different for a while, such as manual emails.  We'll see.

Do you ever feel like your mind is a warzone?

I spent some time teaching him how to post onto Facebook to sell items.  We discussed the various items that we could sell and prices.  It is time consuming to get rid of things.

Lunch together was a bit odd as we do not have anything defrosted and I am running out of fresh veggies.  I had a corn on the cob and a salad. He had a sandwich.

After work I worked for over an hour at my son's house in the yard.  It has gotten neglected.  He did not like the way the sage had spilled over into his patio area, so we cut this huge bag of it.  My whole care smelled of it!  I know some people would have paid money for this much sage.  I felt like I was wasting it.

My son helped me work on his yard and we got a lot of trimming done and weeding.  We filled two of these bags and left a huge pile in his front yard for hubby to come to get tomorrow to haul off.
I was sweating as it sure was hot.

Then there was the cleaning job.

It was late by the time I got home and I watched some t.v. after I made some tea.  My feet were hurting.

Miss Tizzy cracked me up.  Can you find the doggy?  I think she needs just a little bigger blanket, don't you?

Aug 3, 2015

Monday Morning

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6/10/13 Arrow Prayer:  Lord, I come to your throne of Grace where  I can find mercy and help.  Help me as I return to work this rainy Monday morning and guard me of becoming lazy toward my duties and keep me a servant of Christ in all that I do, doing the Will of God.

GAME Ask Me Anything

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