Sep 2, 2014

Google's Teapot Error Page

I love tea!  So of course, I find the Google 418 teapot error page fun to play.

Apparently, So what's this 418 error? You may have noticed HTTP status codes like 404 (page not found) or 403 (forbidden). There are many other 4xx error codes, but 418 was only used for an Easter Egg. "This code was defined in 1998 as one of the traditional IETF April Fools' jokes, in RFC 2324, Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol, and is not expected to be implemented by actual HTTP servers." Here's the text from the document: "Any attempt to brew coffee with a teapot should result in the error code '418 I'm a teapot'. The resulting entity body MAY be short and stout."

Pastor, The Bird

Some Churches Want A Minister With:
The Strength of an Eagle,
The Gentleness of a Dove,
The Eye of a Hawk,
The Industry of a Woodpecker,
The Attractiveness of a Peacock,
And when they get such a bird,
They expect him to live on the food of a Canary

Author Unknown

Creating Grunge Brushes Tutorial & Brushes for Sale (Commercial & Personal Use)

Lesson 19 of the Designer Class shares how to make grunge brushes from your own photos.  It is easier than you might think!

Don't want to make your own? Purchase my CU brushes in my Etsy store for only $2.

Using Text on a Shape files / Get mine in the store

Lesson 16 of Course 2 contains a video on how to use text on a path created in the full version of Photoshop.  Even if you know how to make text on a path in the newer Photoshop Elements (10 and above) or Photoshop, these are a great time saver!  I would even go grab one of these than create a new one.

You can find some text on a path in my store, but you should still learn how to do this technique just to learn how the tools utilized work! It’s really cool! I’ve applied it to other things than text too! Get creative!

Someone asked me for a rectangle/square version and it has been added to this set in the store, so there are actually 6 in the download. SURPRISE!

Twitter Round-up | August Week 4 Part 2

August 26 Ria and Tizzy say "hi!" to #NationalDogDay and wonder if you have a treat for them.

August 26 Corvettes! I have no idea which ones to take photos of for hubby. #capegirardeau I snapped a lot of them, but there are over 400!

August 26 The train was kind of fun with the corvettes.

August 26 Corvettes dear!!

August 26 Interesting. IHOP coming to old Pasta House building in Cape Girardeau.

August 26 So fun. I'm an extra in the scene at 44 secs, but can only tell where I was standing. lol ttp:// (new TV spot) #GoneGirl

August 27 Tip of the day: I've always used the "don't attack policemen or rob stores" philosophy and it's worked really well so far. (saw on FB)

August 27 A leaf bug graced my broom handle! Fun. I don't know what it's really called. (it's a katydid)

August 27 From hubby! Flowers, tea, wine glass, iPad, speaker, candle in rose petals, note to relax, book, soap, bubbles

Don't I have a grand guy? Surprise from hubby! Flowers from yard , tea, teacup, tea spoon, wine glass (wine in refrigerator), iPad & speaker (for relaxing music), candle in rose petals, note to relax, booklet, smelly-good soap, bubbles. Nothing purchased! Stuff gathered from around house. Some surprises are sweet.

August 27 I was going to work tonight, but maybe not! Thanks hubby

August 27 Obeying hubby! No work! First up, leftovers in a cup and Bible study with iPad Bible on outdoor couch.

August 27 Forcing myself to leave the great outdoors - welcoming relaxing Pandora music inside & bath. Stress free moments!

August 27 Rose petals from my garden with candle. Enjoy life's little things.

August 27 Life is not a sprint, it is a journey.

August 28 Ria and Tizzy are *finally* napping next to me and letting me scrap. Play time exhausted them.

August 29 Two turtles have been see free from their forever life in brick box. May they enjoy great world & be safe from harm

August 30 From overgrown waist high weeds to astro turf. Whew. What a job! This sweat sure made lots of progress.

August 30 Dinner, shopping, tilling, raking, grass seed and straw. What a productive day! Now for next project tomorrow.

August 31 Home from church and found a surprise gift of beautiful tomatoes on my porch. Sweet! Thank you whoever you are!

My tomatoes were from a neighbor (he's never given me any before, so was a wonderful surprise).

September Template Challenge by Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie is always so generous to do template challenges for us at Hummie's World, just to contribute to the site to make it more fun to hang out.  She surprised us with a great "September monogram" template.  You can find the download link and share your layout in the forum (it is in chatter area, so anyone with one approved post has access to thread).

I think I finally have more time to scrap myself and am anxious to try this template.  She's given us some awesome templates over time.
Here is her fabulous layout with the template.

Sep 1, 2014

A Few Messages from God

When the time is not right, God says "Slow"

When the request is not right, God says, "No"

When you are not right, God says, "Grow"

When everything is right, God says, "Go"

Twitter Analytics Available to All

Previously, Twitter Analytics was only available to business accounts which paid to promote posts, but I received an email about a week ago that it is now available for everyone.  I could not quickly find it from my Twitter account, but the link is easy to remember just adding "analytics" (if you can spell it) before

I always find analytics interesting, but with so much else to do, never really have time to follow it.  I am sure I'll peak in every once in a while to see what is happening.

I do like that it shows the impressions per tweet.  I suppose I can see the effect of different types of tweets, such as which hashtags get the most views or what time of day.

I'm a bit shocked that in the last 28 days my tweets were seen 15,600 times!  Seriously?  With few actually replying or liking my tweets, I'm amazed that they still show up in people's streams so much.

71 of my links were clicked on in the last 28 days.  Interesting.  I wondered if anyone ever clicked on those links!

227 "likes"  (way more than it felt like, but mostly my hubby!)
114 "replies"  (really?)

Interesting stuff, huh?  Well, now I've passed on that bit of info to you so if you use Twitter, you can go and check out yours.  What are your figures like?  Leave me a comment below.  I'm interested!

Here are some figures from information regarding my followers.

Polka Dot Paper Packs (in my Etsy Store)

You can purchase the below papers made in these videos in my Etsy store.You can see how I made these papers in these videos.
You can see what I did with these papers on my blog.

Film Grain Photoshop Filter Tutorial

Lesson 21 of the Filters Class is a review of the film grain filter in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  How can you use it on your layouts and photos?  

The class is free, so I invite you to join us to do all of the challenges in the Filter class.