Apr 18, 2014

Easter - Hallelujah

Kelley Mooney's spiritual lyrical adaptation of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is amazing!

the holes..hands...feet...side, now in our hearts.. to save us from ourselves..Hallelujah.... http://youtu.be/guhr0Vh2hE0

After being beaten, Christ was nailed to the cross, and hung there slowly suffocating to death. The average man wouldn't have made it to the cross, they would have died during the flogging. Proof that Jesus was true God and man all at the same time. Thank you God for your sacrifice for me, a worthless sinner.

Apr 17, 2014

Still He Walked

He could hear the crowds screaming "crucify" "crucify"... He could hear the hatred in their voices, These were his chosen people. He loved them, And they were going to crucify him. He was beaten, bleeding and weakened... his heart was broken, But still He walked.

He could see the crowd as he came from the palace. He knew each of the faces so well. He had created them. He knew every smile, laugh, and shed tear, But now they were contorted with rage and anger...his heart broke, But still He walked.

Was he scared? You and I would have been. So his humanness would have mandated that he was. He felt alone. His disciples had left, denied, and even betrayed him. He searched the crowd for a loving face and he saw very few. Then he turned his eyes to the only one that mattered. And he knew that he would never be alone. He looked back at the crowd, at the people who were spitting at him, throwing rocks at him and mocking him and he knew that because of him, they would never be alone. So for them, He walked.

The sounds of the hammer striking the spikes echoed through the crowd. The sounds of his cries echoed even louder, the cheers of the crowd, as his hands and feet were nailed to the cross, intensified with each blow. Loudest of all was the still small voice inside his heart that whispered "I am with you, my son," And God's heart broke. He had let his son walk.

Jesus could have asked God to end his suffering, but instead he asked God to forgive. Not to forgive him, but to forgive the ones who were persecuting him. As he hung on that cross, dying an unimaginable death, he looked out and saw, not only the faces in the crowd, but also, the face of every person yet to be, and his heart filled with love. As his body was dying, his heart was alive. Alive with the limitless, unconditional love he feels for each of us. That is why He walked.

When I forget how much My God loves me, I remember his walk.

When I wonder if I can be forgiven, I remember his walk.

When I need reminded of how to live like Christ, I think of his walk.

And to show him how much I love him, I wake up each morning, turn my eyes to him, And I walk.

-- Author Unknown

Blending Mode Tutorial - Soften a Photo

Lesson 30 of the Blending Mode Class is a texture and video for softening a photo using blending modes.

On the lesson page is also the before and after photo of the below image.

As always, we would love to have you join the blending mode class in the forum and share what you create and be inspired by what other students are creating.  It's free.  You cannot get any easier than free, so what are you waiting for?

Breathe it all in

Another Class Accomplishment

Please help me leave some congratulations in the comments below for Parouse (Pat) for completing the first set of the blending mode class, which is 20 awesome images changed into a whole new art using textures and blending modes.

Twitter Round Up - April Week 2

April 8 Ria dog had panic problems about her back side for hours last night; I could find nothing; finally put on flea $ tick drops; exhausted tired

April 8 First Adobe Cloud and now Vaio are installing updates and slowing down my computer; how am I to get anything done this morning?

April 8 Starting today, Twitter is rolling out its new Facebook-like profile redesign

April 8 I'm super duper de-duper excited that a handyman is working on building a new awning for our patio today! Praying that he does good work!

April 8 Goodbye old metal canopy. You served us well for maybe 12 years and gave us many hours of enjoyment.

April 8 I had dinner out with friends, nice evening, but it was going on 9 before I got home. The evening gone fast!

April 9 I am beyond excited! He's here to work on our new patio cover! I wish I were able to stay home today. It's beautiful weather too.

April 9 Well done!! No Orange left behind! lol So that's where my breakfast disappeared to!!

April 9 Signs of happy happy happy!!

April 9 Getting there!! My new outdoor haven!!! I've got to figure out how to snaz it up when it's done.

April 9 #Survivor Why isn't anyone wising up to how good Woo is at outsmarting and outplaying? I'm rooting for him, but why don't they see threat.

April 9 A great F3 would be Kass, Woo, and Spencer. I wouldn't know who to vote for.

April 9 #Survivor thought: Tony is being too much of a "leader" and it's going to be his demise.

April 9 stats are those that play the "middle" "on the fence" go home as seen last week. Kass needs to use her brains.

April 9 Dumb people for voting out Morgan. Wasted vote. Strategy gone wrong. (but if you look, I predicted this last week!)

April 10 Why am I awake at 2:45 am? Always amazes me that I can hear downtown Cape Girardeau trains from this far away.

April 10 The Heartbleed Bug is stressing me: http://heartbleed.com/ .

April 11 This is a lesson in patience.Trying to upgrade forum again; script runs a while, then I'm locked off site for an hour. #godaddy 4th attempt

April 11 I'm on step 5 of 9; I'll try to wake up at 1:30 a.m. to see if I can get it to finish the upgrade. Been at it 3 hours already, going on 4

April 11 It's going on 2 a.m., but the forum upgrade is complete. It shouldn't be this hard and stressful, but when I wake up, it will be fresh day.

April 11 Miss Tizzy likes the tulips. #flowers #toyfoxterrier #dog

April 11 My bridals wreath bush is beautiful this year.

April 11 Red Buds are blooming. Gorgeousness.

April 11 Love my variegated tulips. They are screaming out God's glory.

April 11 This is one of those Friday afternoons that just creep along.

April 11 RT @HummieIsMe If I haven't said it lately, I appreciate you! You work so hard and put so much time into this site. You are awesome!

April 11 I am learning that I really like antique teapots from the Sadler brand in England. So beautiful. I want one.

April 11 How do I get a job where the uniform is pajamas

April 11 Happy #NationalPetDay ! Here's my two precious pets, Ria and Tizzy! #toyfoxterrier #PetDay #dogs

April 11  GONE GIRL - Official Trailer Sneak Peek (2014) [HD] Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike http://youtu.be/_TaW5J3UuV4

April 12 I woke at 4 to sound of water fountain outside window and birds chirping & now 6 am-Don't they know it's Saturday?

April 12 I would have loved to sleep in until 7 a.m. I don't remember the last time!

April 12 I am super excited to watch #colormecape today! My son and roommates have a team and I have my camera! http://colormecape.com/

April 12 Check this page to see if you need to change your password for particular sites and when: https://lastpass.com/heartbleed/

April 12 We love Cape Canine Cruisers!! @buschpetproduct

April 12 Lost my debit card. Frustrating.

April 12 A Good Samaritan just found my debit card and tracked me down on Facebook to send me a private message.  If only it was not blocked now.

April 12 Here's my favorite #colormecape runners!

April 12 What great fun at #ColorMeCape (got lots of photos of complete strangers)

April 12 I'm gonna be a Grandma again.

April 12 RT Over 2,000 people participated in the first Color Me Cape 5K in downtown Cape Girardeau on Saturday. Were you one of them?

April 2 How crazy and awesome! 2,000 runners at the #ColorMeCape 5K run today! Amazing!

April 13 Happy windy Spring day Palm Sunday day to take note and enjoy.

April 13 I'm so excited about the window we hung on the patio. It was in house. Yellow and blue make green.

April 13 Gonna have a Patio-Party--- every day!!!

April 13 Ferns are up!! It's starting to feel cozy out here!!!

April 13 The birdhouse has a new home -- see @digiscrapfun

April 13 Wind chimes have a new home and are doing their chiming business again.

April 13 The hanging of the greens-grout on kitchen floor, sealed grout around tub, not as much done as hoped, but progress.

April 13 Every day this week is going be the same backwards:4/12/14 4/13/14 4/14/14 4/15/14 4/16/14 4/17/14 4/18/14 4/19/14

April 13 Torrential rain and the patio is leaking like a dumped bucket. The construction guy needs to seriously fix this. I hope he is a man of his word.

April 14 Could be better, could be worse -- so I'm okay.

April 14 Awesome ideas are everywhere just start daydreaming ~~~~Hummie

April 14 There's no guidebook to ideas; just show up; open up; and remember to make notes. #quote by Hummie

April 14 I get thru cold snaps knowing hope of promises of warmer days; I get thru life troubles knowing hope of promises of Jesus.

April 14 Love seeing the first Gone Girl trailer! I spy a scene at 1:14 and where I'm standing, but cannot make me out. http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/fox/gonegirl/

April 14 Ah! It's on Youtube: Gone Girl trailer. http://http://youtu.be/esGn-xKFZdU Love seeing Cape Girardeau throughout the trailer (and my scenes)

The first trailer for Gone Girl is out:http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/fox/gonegirl/ At about 1:13 you'll see her flipping us off (I got to watch her do that many times) and at about 1:14 you'll see this scene and I'm standing within where I've circled, although I cannot quite tell and maybe never will be able to. I was in another scene in the daylight, so I'm anxious to see the movie. It's really neat to see all the locations around Cape Girardeau area in the trailer.

Apr 16, 2014

Thorns and Roses

Thorns make roses more precious. We treasure God's providential care more during trouble than at any other time. Remember, it was a crown of thorns that Jesus wore so we might know His love. Don't resent the thorns.

"My God, I have never thanked You for my thorns. I have thanked You a thousand times for my roses, but never once for my thorns. Teach me the glory of the cross I bear; teach me the value of my thorns. Show me that I have climbed closer to You along the path of pain. Show me that, through my tears, the colors of Your rainbow look much more brilliant."

Praise Him for your roses; thank him for your thorns!

Author Unknown

Template Class Set 2

The Template Class, as in all classes, is divided into sets of 20.  Complete all 20 and you are rewarded an icon by your forum name.  Set 2 of the Template Class is now available. 

Look for the SUBSTANTIAL COUPON on the Template Guide to purchase all four (Sets 5, 6, 7, 8) of Set 2 of the Template Class at a nominal cost.  I cannot make it any cheaper or I will be paying costs!  Another option it to purchase them individual, 5 templates for $3.

I look forward to seeing you in the forum to see your layouts.  Many people have already done these templates and you can see their inspiration in the forum.  My samples are on the guide pages.
These templates may be purchased on Etsy:Template Set 5

These templates may be purchased on Etsy:Template Set 6

These templates may be purchased on Etsy:Template Set 7

These templates may be purchased on Etsy:Template Set 8

Class Accomplishment

Please help me congratulate by leaving a comment:

Magmichael who has finished the first set of the blending mode class.  That's 20 amazing, beautifully blended images.

Riandei (Eileen) has also finished the first set of the blending mode class.  That's 20 amazing, beautifully blended images.

Deleting and Turning Off Google Web History

Click here to delete individual items manually from your Google history or see your search history.  I found my history had been being kept since 2012 and that made me uncomfortable, especially since it even logged the time of the search.  Do I really need someone to stumble upon all my "diary" of work?

A better method is to click here and turn off web history and use the link to delete all Google search history.

Apr 15, 2014

Easter Quote

"It is not Jesus' absence from an empty grave that convinces us, it is his presence in our empty lives."
~ Frederick Buechner