Feb 1, 2015

Chatter & Layouts Feb 1 - 7

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    An InLinkz Link-up

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1. Link to Flickr or a blog post on linky.
2. ONLY add links to layouts of lessons or challenges at Hummie's World. You can add any layouts to the gallery, of course.
3. Begin title with the lesson/challenge name & number.

Happy February all!  It's the LOVE month!

I am excited about the participation using the blog and seeing all the images added to the January linky, and we only started half way through the month of January.  If we get too many images on a linky, I may have to create two a  month rather than one a month, but that would be a good thing!

I look forward to chatting with you this week in the comments below.  Chat about anything!  How is your day today?  Any new finds in the digiworld?  internet?

Jan 31, 2015

Chatter & Layouts January 25 - 31, 2015



    An InLinkz Link-up

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Chat below in the comments.
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2.  ONLY add links to layouts of lessons or challenges at Hummie's World.  You can add any layouts to the gallery, of course.
3.  The title should begin with the lesson/challenge name & number.

THIS is what happens when.... (Bathroom Babbles #11)

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*First published 6/11/08
THIS is what happens to my walls when I give Abbie Rae a bath and don't get her outdoors fast enough!

She rubs up and down all of the walls, the stove, the refrigerator, etc., leaving hair behind! More work!

Where's that bottle of wine?

EDIT: Geez! I just realized this is another Bathroom Babbles! What's up with me always blogging about my bathroom! And why did I feel the urge tonight to give my dog a bath just to see if it was easier to do with my new detachable shower head spray?

God never promised this life would be easy for me. I need to look past daily troubles and onward to what He does promise me.

Romans 8:18 18 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

February DigiHop Colors are Up

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Click here to visit the February DigiHop page for more information.

The February palette is up on the blog. Do you like it? We invite anyone to join in creating something small or a whole kit for this Digihop. The more we have, the more fun it is. I'm hoping for more participation so that this hop can continue.

It needs you!

You do not have to be a designer or even have a blog to participate.  Your direct downloads can even be on the linky.  If you enjoy creating and sharing to for the fun of it, or if you are a designer wanting people to find your designs, you are welcome.

New Challenge! - Scraplift #23 Carrie

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Twenty Fourteen
(click on image to see credits on Flickr)
This layout is so pleasing to the eye with all the white space and art journaly / whimsical elements. It is well grounded and the eye flows from top to bottom with ease.

Upload your layouts to Flickr and add the link to your image to the linky at the top of the blog, begin the link title as "Scraplift 23" You can use any products.

You do not have to do all the challenges to do this one, but we certainly welcome you to find other inspiration in the challenges on the guides, do them, and share those in the linky too.

Question of the Day - Superbowl Pick

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Just comment below on the blow.  Who are you rooting for to win the superbowl this year?
New England Patriots or Seattle Seahawks?
Maybe you are just rooting for the commercials?
Maybe you are just rooting for the snacks?

What kind of snacks do you have planned?

New Challenge - Scraplift #22 - Brenda Roberts

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(click on image to see credits on Flickr)

I saw this layout and was immediately inspired by the rays of circles going out and the blending from filtered photo at bottom to realism at the top.

Whatever inspires you with this layout, go with it!  Scraplift all or a portion of this layout, upload to Flickr, and add it to the linky (begin your linky title with "scraplift 22" so we know it is this challenge).

Have fun!  I'm anxious to see what you do.

I invite you to do all the scraplift challenges or pick and choose those that inspire you.

Just saying . . .

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Just saying, if I get one more of these error emails, I'm going to . . . to .... to. . . scream in my head out loud!

I cannot get stuff out of the forum fast enough.  Right now, I'm focusing on saving things to my laptop from the forum, as loosing the information and layouts is scary and I can always work on adding them to the guides later.  I've been working behind the scenes, but this will take a long time to do evenso.

You see the MySQL in the error?  That is the database that holds all the information.  If it should die, it all dies.  I cannot do this fast enough, but I have so much else to do in life too!  I pray it all holds together until I can retrieve it all.

I'm just thankful I am not yet once again trying to get help from vBulletin to solve the problem.  I've wasted enough of my life with them and this software.

#biblejournaling #illustratedfaith Energy, Connection, and God's Perfect Timing

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Phillipians 2 12 and 13
(click on image for credits on Flickr)

Here is my layout for Week 5's His Kingdom Come | Digital Faith Art | Take Me Deeper.  This week was to utilize my "fitting pieces" technique tutorial.  Last week I was amazed how Tricia immediately saw a connection between the swirly arrow technique and the Bible verse.  I picked out these tutorials at the very beginning and it is amazing to see how God is bringing the verses for the week together with the technique.  (psst, if you cannot see what is linked above, you may need to create account at HKC & join the groups).

I think this week, it happened for me!  I was inspired by the technique to use the words "stay connected, even when apart" as it relates to Paul's text to his readers being "away from my presence," but "much more in my absence."  As long as we are connected to God, we can stay connected with other believers, even if we are not with them in person.

In addition, as I am at this time trying to diet and work out, I was connecting to the second part of the Bible verse in relation to my own current thoughts.  Isn't it cool how God's timing is perfect?

If you take on this challenge to use the Fitting Pieces tutorial inspired by this Bible verse, please do link up your layout on the linky at the top of the blog.

Adobe Photoshop Error: 1 }Finally fixed!

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I had this error when trying to open my Photoshop CC.  It was random, but sometimes more days than not, I would have to restart my computer, immediately after starting it up in the morning.  It was so frustrating! It really hate wasting my precious time, especially in the morning when I only have so much time before going to work.  Often, it kept me from getting my goal for the morning done.

"This product has has encountered a problem which requires that you restart your computer before it can be launched. If you continue to see this message after restarting your computer, please contact either your IT administrator or Daboe technical support for help, and mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen. Error: 1"

First, I feel special because I always got the first "#1" error!  Second, do you see the typo of the double word "has?"

I'm happy to report that I think I resolved the problem!  I had a saved shortcut that I was opening the file from on my desktop.  It must have been a bad shortcut.  I navigated to my computer/local disk (c)/Program files/Adobe/AdobePhotoshop CC 2014.

I scrolled through the folder and found the .exe file and right clicked to create a new shortcut.  I also pinned it on my taskbar.

I noted that there were several .exe files in various folders, probably from other versions as Adobe CC updates often.  So I may have to in the future go and get a new .exe file again.  For instance, this one has "2014" in the path, so maybe it will change to 2015 on an update.

Now that I am aware that the path may change, next time it happens, I won't have to wait 6 months or more before I can fix it!  Hallelujah!